Make your own passive laptop cooler.


So my laptop was going too high during long gaming sessions (~81 C). Finally I decided to make laptop cooler and here it is...
This will be completely free!!! Zero investments except half hour of your time.
Steps for making laptop cooler from scrap box.
  1. Get old laptop box
  2. Look at the back of your laptop and cut vents pn box.
  3. Cut side of laptop diagonally - keep that angle between 10 to 30 degrees. I found 10 degree has more ergo feel.
  4. Finally cut some vents on back for good air flow.

Numbers - My temp reading now never go beyond 73 C while playing gams.
Further upgrades - I am planning to add one cheap LED fan - Deepcool XFAN80L - Deepcool:

If this dont bring the temps beow 70 C then I've to buy come good branded cooling pads like Notepal L1


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Re: Make you own passive laptop cooler.

Why not buy a good cooler at the first place.
FYI 81° during gaming is absolutely normal.
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