1. L

    stb to laptop via hdmi

    hey i just got a new videocon d2h set top box and my tv gave up on me and i just wanna know can i connect my hd set top box to my laptop directly via a hdmi cable and watch tv
  2. Soumik

    Best LED/LCD TV less than 29"

    Best LED/LCD TV less than 29" Hi, Am in the market for a new TV. My current one is almost 20 yrs old, and the picture tube is causing problems. (Sam. Used to love that TV). We had created a wooden showcase around the TV along the wall. So, essentially, i cannot get a larger TV that the...
  3. R

    Can I subscribe to Normal SD package while using HD STB

    Hey guys, I have a DISH HD Set top Box. I would want to know can I recharge with a SD monthly package?
  4. B

    [Want to Buy] Playstation 3 with Box,Bill & accessories

    Hello members, I am looking to buy used or new "Playstation 3 Super Slim 500GB (Azurite Blue)" in excellent mint condition with Box,Bill & accessories. Inbox me your best prices. It is available at UK : PS3 500GB Blue Super Slim +2Pads Boxed . If anyone having knowns in UK & coming to India in...
  5. Anorion

    India has the world's most advanced pizza boxes

    A Pizza Geek Discovers the World's Smartest Pizza Box | Wired Design | the only other place to get them is Dubai update: official web site *
  6. rhitwick

    Share your experience of help you got from total strangers!

    Hi everyone, in our daily life we seldom see an event of humanity or kind deeds people performing for each other. Many of us stopped expecting help from even persons we know leave alone total strangers. But, I want to believe something else....I want to believe that humanity is still alive and...
  7. sandynator

    Cowon's Open Box Clearance Sale...

    Guys Cowon is conducting Open Box Clearance Sale of few DAPs Here is the condition mentioned by them "The player listed is open box unit used for demo or samples. There are minor scratches on the body of the player. Cowon India will offer a 3 months product functioning warranty...
  8. kartikoli

    [Query] Is it possible to claim/varify intel processor warranty without bill and box

    Can i claim warranty without bill and box for i5-3470 also is it possible to check the duration of the warranty
  9. aal-ok

    lenovo 3000 g530 problems

    I've got a lenovo 3000 g530 laptop with Ram=2gb processor=Intel pentium dual core t3200 @2.0ghz 250gb hdd Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family @812MB OS win 7x86 please suggest some games, and can I run burnout paradise the ultimate box on it it crashs on startup and I am planning to...
  10. D

    FREEPP error

    Dear digitians I'm using Ipad4 and i've installed FREEPP software. it was working fine before, but now i cant type(compose) in msg box. plz help me to solve this issue. thanks
  11. B

    HTML and Javascript for percentage calculator

    Hi , I am looking for code of a percentage calculator i browsed internet and got codes but i couldnt include the functionality i was looking for though mine was more simpler approach , i was not getting the coding can someone help me out from it. in the code the functionality i want is...
  12. sumonpathak

    Unboxing the Maximus VI Formula: the gaming baord with an overclocking gene

    Hey people! Presenting the Maximus VI Formula from Asus. The ROG board which is mainly for gamers. Am not a gamer per se, but I had an immense amount of fun with last formula Board. Standard ROG box. All red with a flap and with all the information on both sides. And here we have the...
  13. bssunilreddy

    Discussion: Warranty Service: Retail CPUs Purchased New In Box

    Hai TDF, Warranty Service: Retail CPUs Purchased New In Box Step 2 of 4 – What is Not Covered by Warranty? AMD is not liable under warranty - if through testing and examination - it is AMD’s reasonable opinion that the alleged defect or malfunction of the CPU has been caused...
  14. Skyh3ck

    [For Sale] 3.5 CH RC Helicopter with Box and Rmote

    Hi i want to sell my RC helicopter with remote and box. the helicopter is hardly used, just played with it for couple of times, originally bought for my son, but he is busy with studies. hence selling it. The Helicopter is in great condition, the blades works normally, the only thing is that...
  15. M

    TV Tuner Issue - No Audio slots

    I want to connect my set top to my Desktop PC using tv tuner box. but the problem is that my tv tuner box only has slot for video pin, no slots for audio pins. Will it work without connecting those two pins. Details about my Desktop: CRT Monitor, Intel Pentium 4, Windows XP, No graphic...
  16. Harsh Pranami

    Need advice for tv tuner card for laptop

    Please suggest me a good external tv tuner card for laptop. I won't be using it with fancy hd dth operators. I'll use it with the set top box provided by the local cablewala. It should be reliable and cheap. Thanks. EDIT: It will be better if it supports recording too.
  17. S

    CPU Box within 60k - 70k

    I need a PC for high-end multimedia and gaming within a range of 60k-70k only the CPU box. I've all the accessories like keyboard, mouse, monitor, sound system etc. Please suggest me configuration on intel based motherboards and nvidia graphics card(can be in SLI)
  18. D

    Online linux box.. where i can try some commands for practice?

    i have been using SQL box in w3schools for sql practice, now i need to find a place to try linux commands on net without installing additional plugins.. as i am planning to practice it with offc pc.. no admin privs to install plugins/freewares.. do we have any websites where i could possibly...
  19. ankush28

    TV tuner for 1.5k

    hey guys my cofiguration not in siggy new one.... Asus p8b75-m lx, Dell IN2030M, Reliance digital tv standard set top box (not hd) and I want one TV tuner card for 1.5k max no recording capturing needed just want to watch tv with good clearity, coz currently using 14" videocon DABBA 12year old...
  20. saurabh.sauron

    Linux Laptop under 40k

    I am looking for a laptop which will be used to run only Linux (specifically openSUSE). I am currently looking at the following specs: 1.) i5 Third Gen processor 2.) 8 GB Ram 3.) Integrated Graphics 4.) Preferably one without heating issues 5.) FreeDOS as the base OS 6.) Wireless Drivers...
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