1. L

    spyware or virus?

    i hav this problem whenever i connect an external memory device such as a pendrive,memory cards...a dialog box pops up.this dialog box can never be does not let the other programs to be run unless the cancel retry or exit button is clicked.i scan the system with mcafee security but does...
  2. F

    3 new NFS games - None for PS2.

    Need for Speed game series with three new games in to three different genres. These new games will cater to gamers in action, simulation, and arcade racing genres. (source:Techtree) I feel like kicking the mofckin ass of whoever decided at EA not to make games for my beloved PS2. they r makin...
  3. soyab0007

    Nokia N70 4 Sale

    i am Selling my Nokia N70. without Warranty Keypad Has Been Rough Accessories: Box, Data Cable, Manual and Charger
  4. R

    A A bad dream!! Search Function Error in WinXP

    Hi, Guys, My system runs on WINxp Version 2002 SP2, Intel core2 Duo 2.0 GHz, 1GB RAM, 135GB HDD, LCD screen HPL1706, I mean it's a branded HP system and a part of Domain Network in an organisation. Since a few days I've a problem with the Search Dialog Box. As I click on the start menu for the...
  5. NewsBytes

    Panasonic unveils 1-inch thick HDTV

    Panasonic won the day with its unveiling of the Z1 Viera TV. This super thin set — thickness of a mere inch — is also a wireless TV. What this means is that the TV has no inputs. Instead it comes with a set-top box which has the requisite ports and connects with the Z1 Viera...
  6. B

    For Sales:Apple Iphone 3G 16GB Unlocked 9000 & HTC Touch HD

    Details Item :BlackBerry Bold 9000/Blackberry Storm Unlocked Price :$300 Currency :USD Condition : 10/10 Includes :Box and everything included in box. Yahoo Chat:yvonne_mobilephones_store Selling Details Contact: ( Notes:Also in stock 3G phones Samsung i900...
  7. S

    Nokia e51 +2gb all accessoriex and box 8 months old.

    Nokia e51 +2gb all accessoriex and box 8 months old. Price reduced--lokking a quick s Hi all i want to sell my e51 with all its accessories and box plus an extra handsfree.. no scrach on screen as it was always protected with screen guard. few scraches on the back side. many applications...
  8. gopz

    FS: Nokia E71 - 2.5 months old

    Location: Bangalore Price: Bought for 21,760 + 350 for screen protector. Expected price: Please suggest. Condition: As good as brand new, with box, bill, warranty, and also free Nokia BH 101 bluetooth headset.
  9. S

    Virtual Box upgrade from version 1.5.51 to 2.0.4

    Hi All, I am getting error(pls see attacment) after upgrading the Virtual Box ver 1.5.51 to ver 2.0.4. I first uninstalled the ver 1.5.51 then installed ver 2.0.4. OS is Windows Storage Server 2003 with SP2 32 bit edition. Need Help. Thanks Subhashish
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