1. saurabh.sauron

    Linux Laptop under 40k

    I am looking for a laptop which will be used to run only Linux (specifically openSUSE). I am currently looking at the following specs: 1.) i5 Third Gen processor 2.) 8 GB Ram 3.) Integrated Graphics 4.) Preferably one without heating issues 5.) FreeDOS as the base OS 6.) Wireless Drivers...
  2. F

    ZEB-L2012 external tv tuner to cpu

    hi all , Bought ZEB-L2012 and don't know how to connect with cpu for watching tv and doing work in computer. what is pip mode ? and how this hardware will help in both watching Tv and browsing net . I already have internal tv tuner card and was using that , now the cable tv operator asked...
  3. H

    Assassin's Creed movie coming 2015 starring Fassbender as Altair

    Assassin's Creed (2015) - Box Office Mojo *
  4. sygeek

    Candy Box! - Very addicting ASCII game

    Candy box ! You have to be patient.
  5. H

    Post awesome box art here.

    Post your favourite box art in this thread as long as: 1. It isn't Chin Down, Eyes Up("90% of hit video game covers") 2. Isn't generic hero walking away/walking into the frame.(CoD, BF) 3. Isn't posing with a weapon with a air transportation in the background.(Crysis 3) Dark Souls...
  6. D

    Want to connect SETtop box toLaptop HDMI PORT

    hello i recently bought the HD settop box .Now i want to connect it to my laptop.. could any one help me doing that i have HDMI port on Laptop. Things i have done. 1)Connected the Antenna In cable on setop box. 2)inserted the Card for accessing my account 3)connected power cable...
  7. B

    need buying adviseHOME THEATER IN A BOX

    i wanna buy home theater in a box. my budget 30k my preference-50%movies,50%music i have dragonfly usb DAC. i wanna play well my flac collections. my choice 1-denon 1312xp 2-yamaha 196 3-pioneer 071 pioneer got avmax 2012 best product award. plz compare above 3 side by side
  8. A

    [Views] PrimeABGB Expereince with Buying a Tablet

    Hi, i am Aditya I purchased Intuos5 Small Touch PTH-450 from PrimeABGB at 9th April 2013, and got delivery on 10th April 2013, Fedex Docket no. 802619853840. But as i opened the box inside product was PTK-450 instead PTH-450 and its not plastic wrapped as it should be plus box from inside...
  9. D

    Super Crate Box

    Super Crate Box is a small and free 2d game. It can be downloaded from the official website or from steam. let me tell you, it tests your patience and is very challenging game. you'll probably get stuck in level 1 forever. but at the same time you don't want to rage quit but try again.. it's...
  10. J

    Home PC with wireless enabled at 25K

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Browsing – 60%, Watching 1080p Movie/Video(Mostly file...
  11. M

    Videocon D2H Query

    I want to know how many input and output ports are in Viedocon D2H HD Digital set top box. Please Give me details of each and every ports.
  12. Sarath

    Nexus 4 (16GB) Price details - Import - Post 1st March

    Many people are looking to buy the Nexus 4. I just ordered one and thus sharing my experience regarding Nexus 4 import and hoping to clear some of the confusion about the recent rise in customs duty. To start with, the total cost of getting a Nexus 4 (16GB) in your hand in India is Rs. 23726...
  13. kg11sgbg

    Discussion on MILAGROW MT07/7.16 PRO (8GB internal Memory)TabTop/Tablet...with others.

    Hello all,@TDF Friends! Very recently I was Gifted/Awarded a MILAGROW HUMANTECH 7.16 PRO(MT07) TabTop/Tablet ,8GB internal memory, by Milagrow HumanTech,obviously for FREE. Those of whom don't know about the event may see HERE AT Chit-Chat SECTION PLEASE BEAR THE PATIENCE TO...
  14. L

    problem with portal 2

    When i start the game it just come with the image and a pink and blue box and stays still. I am like :hissyfit::wah::pullhair::deadbored::banghead::cryeyesout::newgun::aaargh::eeksign::eeek::conspiracy::duh:
  15. z3rO

    The Orange Box Issue

    I had purchased The Orange Box from Flipkart a while ago when it was available for ₹499 there. Today when I tried to activate the product key on Steam, it refused to do so saying that it is a "Duplicate key" :shock: and someone has already activated that key.:-x How can this be possible? I...
  16. sumonpathak

    Seasonic Eco 600W unboxing and preview

    Well hold of an Seasonic Eco 600W and decided to do an un boxing and (gasp) review of it. now before you go all rambo with me just read the post and then take your decision. Now that i have your attention let carry on with the unboxing..shall we? The PSU in question Seasonic Eco 600W...
  17. N

    Which is the best DTH services in Chennai ??

    Hello Experts, I am planning to buy to HD LED tv (SONY EX-330), not FULL HD. I have some confusion and clarification about the DTH connections. 1. Which DTH services is best in Chennai West. SUN DTH,TATA SKY ??? 2. Buying normal DTH setup box is enough for HD Tv (or) buying HD DTH setup...
  18. K

    how to use internet in android os in virtual box...its urgent

    Please tell me to use internet in android os in virtual box...its urgent
  19. A

    Which HD DTH is the best ?

    I recently purchased a HD LED TV and am planning to buy a DTH. I would like to know about the HD DTH providers, the cost of the Set Top box.
  20. E

    DTH Connection for 32" HD LED

    I recently bought a new 32" Panasonic Full HD LED tv for parents. Now I need to get a new DTH connection for the TV and considering Videocon D2H based on reviews. But I am wondering whether to take SD connection or HD connection/ STB box. The thing is only parents are going to watch TV as I am...
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