Full HD TV + Android Smart TV Box for Music, Videos and Light Game --- Need Suggestion


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Hello Guys

The summer is on and school will close soon, I have two kids age 9 and 5, we never had TV in home ever, even i grew up without TV.

We only bought second TV just to watch Cricket World Cups and once its over, it was sold again, this continued every time.

Now I wish to have a Full HD TV and pair it with a Good quality Android Smart box, so we can use our home Wifi to access youtube and other online content, also will have some games for kids to play.

I dont wish to have a Cable or DTH connection, its waste of money when Wifi is there, also i dont want to buy a Smart TV, as they are buggy and costly. Money is a problem, but i can manage for TV and Adroid BOX

I need you help to find the best option for TV and Smart Box.

I have shortlisted Samsung 22F5100 TV as its the cheapest and is Full HD with HDMI.

No I need an Android Box which has good hardware, software.

Please give your thoughts and idea on this.




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Go for Google ChromeCast. I am using it with Vu 32D6545 TV.
Its perfect to watch online content and there are tons of extensions available for chrome to watch offline content from Laptop/Android too. Google provides regular updates for Chromecast.


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I would suggest this I know its not full HD but bigger tvs are always better and this one is awesome tv within your budget.
Buy Philips 32PFL5039/V7 81 cm (32) HD Ready LED Television Online at Best Price in India - Snapdeal

Getting 22inch tv is like watching tv on monitors.But what is you budget?


Getting 22inch tv is like watching tv on monitors.But what is you budget?
As said above 22" would be too small.
Atleast get a 32" LED TV set.
And kindly mention ur budget so we can assist you accordingly.
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