1. coolendra

    Which is the best game you have ever played ?????

    hey !!! how bout this thread... i thin the best game i have ever played is maxpayne 2 how bout u guys.................. :D [/b]
  2. coolendra

    Is Sony Ericsson w800i worth buying for Rs. 25000 ?????

    hey guys how bout this poll ..........
  3. D

    burning trouble

    heh i m new here,,, i ve got a problem burning my cds.. actually all the movies that i wanna burn are more than 700mb in size so i unable to burn using my nero sftware the sizes r lik 730mb,,720mb.. so can u guys offer me a free software to compress or cut the files.. i ve a demo version of vcd...
  4. S

    google desktop search 2

    i think its cool, what bout u
  5. QwertyManiac

    FC4 Install Disk bootup ERROR !

    Plz hlp me, i try to boot the installatin disk and afer hittin enter i get an error message after the uniform cr-rom revision 3.20 load that the installer couldnt find the mounted image at (8,3) block of the memory, then i get some rubbish bout kernel kill, kernel helper and more bout some...
  6. adit_sen

    laptops choice....

    thx for all ur advice. i guess the aspire 3002 will be a gud buy. but of late i luked at plenty of ads in mags bout laptops for lesser known companies. for eg, twice digitale, which is offering a laptop with pretty decent specs for 28000. also, another company, millenium systems is offering...
  7. gauravakaasid

    partitionin drives...

    i got an 80 gig hdd,single partition with win98.i wana create partitions w/o losin the data currently on the disk,any tool which can help me in dat? know bout fdisk but dunno how 2 use it.any other freeware availble?shud b simple 2 use.
  8. anispace

    ///suggest a good INTEL pc config///

    i want to buy a new pc and was lookin for a good config This section is full of AMD configs so no prob bout that but i wanted an INTEL pc config to get a decent idea bout the prices. My budget is around Rs. 45k The machine is gonna be used mainly for 1.)Gaming 2.)Connecting my Sony...
  9. wraj

    Which CD writer is the best available in the market ???

    im pondering to buy a cd writer (not combo) for occasional bakups...can anyone pls suggest me the best brand available n afforable too...wat say bout ASUS??? thanks in advance aamit wraj [Edited Batty]
  10. R

    processor purchase : help needed

    i want 2 make a comp with my current 478 pin P4 1.8 GHZ and a mother board supporting intel 915G chipset which can also support a 775 pin P4 socket. is there anything which can be done, or wil i have 2 buy a new processor..? also plz tell me bout the latest and cheapest prices of P4 775 pin...
  11. Aniruddh

    Need suggestion...Mobo,Processor,Pci-e Card,laptop..???

    well guyz i wanna know bout few thins-i want a laptop which shud not b more then 60-65k max.and i wanna laptop in which i can play the latest games.plz do temme da config of da laptop u suggest.I can spend bout 35-37k for 19'' flat moni,mobo,processor,pci-e i want 2 know for which brand...
  12. D

    Which is your favourite game developer?

    Mine is Blizzard. 100% strike rate. Every single game has been a smash hit. EDITED as neo_reloaded and nemesis have pointed out later, i forgot to include ubisoft and id. sorry bout that
  13. H

    Which is the best RTS game?

    Eh? How 'bout it?
  14. S

    yahoo booter

    Can any body tell me bout any software for stopping the booters on yahoo messenger?
  15. mohit

    What is ALIENWARE ?

    hey guyz... please tell me what is ALIENWARE all about .. I have heard that name a couple of times but dont know a thing bout the company ... someone plz enlighten me on Alienware and its products etc.
  16. B


    hey ppl. i'm a class x student of a reputed school. i wanna pursue a career in biotech. can u tell me bout its prospects...and since our school does not offer biotech as a subject wat should i do
  17. A

    airtel net @200 pm

    I heard that airtel is givin away internet conn @200/- pm with unlimited download and hours of usage. From here (kalyan) i am not able to get the proper info bout it. Can anybody help me out on that one.
  18. A

    Which amd 64 should I go for ?

    Hi I want to buy : CPU RAM:512mb*2 ddr 400 kingston/transcend/corsair(whichever is cheapest) MB:nforce 3 250gb PS:400watts ps DVD drive I have 28-29k and will get bout 4k by selling my old configuration. Should I go for 754 socket or 939 socket,details in performance and in prices?
  19. F

    NTFS encryption

    i recently formatted and reinstalled windows XP pro on my i cannot access the encrypted files on the NTFS partition on the drive.i had used just the basic encryption that XP provides with do i go bout recovering the files??
  20. C


    Best Onboard Graphics!!! I wanna know which is the best onboard graphics?? either Intel's GMA 900 or Via K8M800 graphics. And What bout best onboard audio. Intel HD audio or any other??? Tell mee yaar
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