1. I

    need a substitute for xps15z. advice please

    hi, i'm ishteyaq, class XII pass out and m going to buy my 1st lappy. i was actually really excited bout the dell xps 15z. really liked all the features that dell offered on that notebook. but its a pity that the lappy is no longer in production :'( and i'm really confused on what to get myself...
  2. R

    pc upgrading suggestion

    my current config:- i5 2400 asus p8h67 m corsair vengeance 4X1 gb some 500 gigg hdd dvd drive powercolor ati hd 6790 gs800 psu tell me only the necessary upgrades my budget is least possible as i haven't asked my dad bout the upgrades yet, and i don't want him to get reluctant as...
  3. K

    Nokia Lumia 710 Thread

    everythng bout nokia lumia 710 :D
  4. arjoonpk

    problem with battery notification

    guys... i hv this problem with ma power notification on the system tray... it doesnt show up at all.... on the customize window it says the notification isnt currently active....!!?? pls can anyone help me out here... m using vaio cb35... its js been only a mnth i bout d lap.... pls can anyone...
  5. A

    AlienWare M17x 3D

    Hi all... I was planning of buying alienware laptop ... getting it from U.S coz its kind of half the price thr as compared to here...ith all th cool specs... but was confused bout the custom tax n stuff ... can ny1 give ur views bout it :?:w.... r else should buy th Dell XPS17 here... which...
  6. P

    My New Rig under 55k

    Ok guys, heres what im planing on getting... Processor: Intel Core i5 760 @10k Motherboard: any H55 board @5k Graphic Card: Sapphire HD 6870 @15k Ram: Gskill Ripjaws 1600Mhz 4GB DDR3 @5k Hard Disk: Seagate Barracuda 1TB @3k Cabinet: CoolerMaster Elite 430 @3k SMPS: Corsair...
  7. K

    8GB mem card help

    i have a nokia 5320XM ... planning to buy an 8gb mem card ... few questions 1. does it slow down the fone drastically ? ... i plan to use bout 5-6gb for music (bout 1200 songs) , 5-10 n-gage games , few themes , bout 25 apps , 500-2000 SMS msgs , 10-20 20min videos 2. do i go for SD or SDHC...
  8. G

    ip address doubt..

    hi guys.. could anyone plz explain to me what actually the term network id means in the discussion of ip address classes..when i was goin through the online resources,i noticed that they all have discussed bout it but none have a clear description of the term.. What does it mean by class A has...
  9. harryneopotter

    need info about anti depressents !!

    Hey guys... i am in a serious trouble ...i am very depressed these days nd dont want to live any more .... . . . . . If u were looking a post something like the above mentioned line, then i am sorry to crush ur hopes :D:p:)). Actually my friend is in serious tension(he thinks...
  10. B


    Hey guys, I'm currently doing my third year bachelors in computer applications at a reputed college in Goa. Right now i m confused about what to do after my bca. i am thinkin of doin mca at goa university 4 which i have 2 answer an entrance test. if i do not get admission for mca i m planning 2...
  11. V

    Vodafone launches Mobile Connect 3G USB Stick

    got the news in mail * pricing 5500/- no details bout the rental.
  12. H

    cant decide wat to buy....i'm upgrading again :D

    Hi ppl... its been a loooooong time since i last upgraded my current rig (config in sig) is being sold by next week end. i've bout 41k (at max 50k but its better if i keep it within 42-43k). 1st i thought i'll get Core i7 920 by December but from wat intel i got bout pricing,its gonna...
  13. P

    Plz help me 'bout graphics card

    Plz suggest me a graphics card I hav Intel 865G chipset, 3.06Ghz P4 processor , 1 GB DDR1 RAM (pretty ancient i know:D) Can anyone tell me 'bout a graphics for my pc my budget is Rs 5000 remember 865G does not supports PCIe. THANX
  14. Sumeet_naik

    Sony Ericsson K630i

    Has anyone got anything to say, good or bad, bout dis phone. Check it here: *
  15. H

    Sud i get a HP DV3005TX

    hi ppl i'm in 4 a new budget is bout 50k.max that i can do is 53k.i was thinking of buying the HP DV3005TX whihc comes for bout 53.5k. cudnt get the price of Asus G1S and good r Asus lappies as compared to HP?r they easily available?wat bout the price? Primary uses: 1>Movies...
  16. MoksHa

    wanna know bout scanf()

    I have heard many weird things bout fflush() function in c (like undesirable effects). Can anybody suggest an alternate..
  17. aytus

    Changing Graphic Card in XPS 1530

    hi guys i was thinkin about ordering an xps 1530 from dell.. but was thinkin bout wheather it will b possible for me to change the gfx card later ?? i know the ram can b easily changed.. but im not sure bout gfx card. also can i find a laptop graphic card in the market.. ?? thanks.. :confused:
  18. H

    which is better 17"->1280x720 or 1440x900

    hey guys i'm thinking bout buying a new lcd. i'm looking for a 17" widescreen.i've 2 options: 1>17" wide with 16:10 aspect (1440x900) 2>17"wide with 16:9 aspect (1280x720). both cost bout the which 1 sud i buy?
  19. H

    max range of WiFi

    wats the max range of a WiFi router? is there any way to cover a distance of bout 300-400m? my frnd stays bout 350-400m away frm my house and he has an unlimited 2mbps i thought if i cud share his net connection from his place to my place thru wifi.
  20. mad1231moody

    Sata HDD jumper

    Hey friends is there any difference between jumpers for sata and pata HDD's. I want to operate my seagate Sata II in 150 MB/sec mode. Please guide as to how do I go bout it
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