1. vivekrules

    Want Symbian 60 Seriez Gamez, Application..

    hey hi frenz watz up ?? i wana sumz gamez, funny application, nd themez 4 "symbian 60" so if anyone knowz bout tat ... plz do reply !! .. thx regrdz vivek !
  2. B

    Mobile for females

    Hi guys... well wanted 2 gift my mom a new cell on her bday... bt cudnt decide.... first tght bot gifting da motorola rozr Z6.. nw m thinking bout Nokia N73 ME I 2 hv da Nokia N73 ME ... n as is a gr8 fone.. bt den both will hv da same fone... cud u plz suggest me wat wud b...
  3. J

    samung D840

    guyz how bout the samsung d840?? is it any good???
  4. Ray

    Best Se Phone Under 10k

    please suggest the best sony ericsson phone under 10k.i am confused 'bout which phone to buy please include current price.
  5. assasin

    FS:6600LE 256MB DDR pci-e

    i'm selling my gfx card for 3k.its bout 5months old. any1 interested???? bout 2yrs 6months warranty is left.its a Chaintech card.
  6. A

    Counter Strike

    hey all the guyz who luv to play CS....can discuss about servers and everything else bout CS..........
  7. X

    How many mobiles u possess ?? - NEW

    Ya also do tell some specs + rating from 1 to 5 below too. U may not go ravin bout how much ur family possesses cos that wud just be so varied.
  8. A

    thermal compound,,

    have a packet of 3x1mg tubes of antec thermal grease..... its not the silver thingy but white in colour...... see this link for pic.... .....quote ur prices..... its bout a month old nd i have stored it in ma fridge.......
  9. assasin

    Need Help in buying lcd monitor

    Hi Guys! Need ur help again I'm gonna buy a lcd monitor in bout 10-12k.My requirements r: 1>Sud hav DVI input. 2>response time sud be bout 4ms - 8ms. 3>Sud hav a wide viewing angle. 4>Sud hav good color reproduction and good brightness 2 contrast ratio. So plz suggest some good models. Thnx in...
  10. A

    HDTV games......

    Are there any actual HDTV comp games...... am really quite confused...coz.....i know wat hdtv is....... nd i think that hdtv gaming wud mean that we can actually play games on HDTV screens with better quality nd frame rates........ nd have heard that half life 2 actually does good on HDTV...
  11. S

    cheers!! Vista s relzn on jan30 wat bout halo 2 vista

    cheers Vista s relzn o jan30 wat bout halo 2 vista ... when s the imaginary date guy...s
  12. assasin

    Sud i Upgrade?????

    Guys my rig's config is: AMD Athlon X2 3800+ Asus M2N-MX Hynix 1GB DDR2 667 (OC to 800) 160 GB WD Caviar SATA II Asus 6600LE 256MB PCI-E Bought it bout a month back and i'll buy DX-10 gfx card when d prices drop a little. My OS is Windows Vista RTM and i play all d latest games. Sud i...
  13. blademast3r

    Awesome fifs 07 tricks

    Hey guys this is a thread to post all the awesome fifa 07 tricks and vids of the same..i jus got to kno bout this awesome trick usin ronaldhino...chek it out
  14. dOm1naTOr

    cheapes ctreative 7.1 sound card??

    Which is the cheapes cretive 7.1 sound card???I heard somethin available for bout 1.6k??nd 5.1 costs 1.4k. Then which would be better for my Creative T6060 5.1??? Please give some details bout those 2 cards also.. Is there any other cheap cards(from intex, tech com, zebronics) which sounds...
  15. keep_it_rl

    Best software to make vcd from divx

    Hello hommies which one do u think is the best software to make vcd from divx file. and tell bout the one u dont like and why
  16. I

    yahoo mesenger using 100% CPU

    hey all the wits here , my yahoo mesenger is showing 100% CPU usage .....can ne1 tell bout how to fix the problem.........!!!! (reinstalling ain't working)
  17. teknoPhobia

    Price of second hand 6630

    What is the proper price for a second hand Nokia 6630 (bout a year old)?
  18. G

    software information

    i hav heard bout software named GHOST it will copies the windows to another blank system in just 15 minutes i want some information bout that software and also tellmethe linkfrom where i can download it
  19. coolendra

    What is Slipstream ?????

    Recently i overheared some ppl talking bout slipstream and was curious to know what it acually was....... does any1 has a complete idea bout what it actually is ????
  20. D

    Case Modding...

    does anyone know any place in Mumbai where I can get my computer rig modified ? (im talkin 'bout UV light, LEDs,Lasers, cable sleeves, transparent side panels with ecthing, etc....)
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