1. Z

    Query: PC shuts down while booting

    Hi, I have been using this PC for 3-4 years with no issues, It was disconnected and not used for 2 weeks and after that i cleaned my PC and reassembled it, after that it start normally but will shut down on its own while booting windows (you can say it runs only for first 30 sec). farthest...
  2. K

    New Ram not working in Asus p5g41tm-lx3

    I bought 2x4gb of transcend 1333mhz(Ts512mlk64v3h,u-dimm) ram for my Asus p5g41tmlx3 and the pc is not booting with the new ram but it works fine with my old ram(2x2gb)Ramaxel 1066mhz.
  3. A

    [HELP]Moto E 2nd Gen stuck in Booting loop

    Hello Folks, Returning to TDF after a long time :razz:. Need some urgent advice, My Moto E 2nd Gen is stuck in a booting loop at the Motorola Logo, I tried the hard boot and Factory reset but it goes into the loop again. The phone is 4 months old and is still in Warranty, Any suggestions...
  4. jkultimate

    Can I Install 32 bit and 64 bit OS in same computer..?

    I currently have a 32bit processor, and a 32bit OS Windows 7 In order to play GTA 5, I want to install 64 bit OS. So without formatting my current 32 bit OS, can I install 64 bit in one partition..? While booting, it should ask 32 or 64. How to do so? Please help..?
  5. B

    Intel screen while booting pc

    Hi Guys, My PC many a times while booting freezes on the Intel page. Even if I restart it from the CPU the computer starts and then it is stuck on the same page. Then I have to turn off the ups and the main power supply for few seconds and then it boots up fine. What is wrong with my PC...
  6. F

    PC not Booting

    Hi guys, My PC recently started giving me booting issues. I only see the motherboard boot screen in the start and it hangs there.. if i restart it then it boots Today it wasnt even booting on restart ,... i restarted like 3-4 times and then it booted I have reconnected all cables, ram...
  7. S

    Need help in both booting of linux and windows

    Windows 7 and ubuntu 12.4 is installed in my current system.Currently windows 7 is very much slow.So I have decided to reinstall the windows 7. But if I reinstall windows 7 then linux bootloader will be deleted.So there will be one boot option To make duel booting as now what should I do...
  8. gohan89

    DVD-RW Drive Not recognized in BIOS Boot!!!!

    I have a Abit IP35e MoBo (6 years old and running without faults). Recently my computer got stuck at the MoBo Logo Screen at boot multiple times.So I opened up the cabinet,swapped the RAM pieces (one 2 GB DDR2 and 1GB DDR2 800MHz).It got over the Boot logo but I received a black screen saying...
  9. S

    Dual Booting Query: Sharing HardDisk

    Hey recently i have been thinking a lot to dual boot my PC with XP and Kali Linux.. But i want to make sure if i can use the same hard disk for both the OS?? So anyone out there pls help:-)
  10. B

    My PC not getting on

    i tried a lot , but pc isnt booting 1) few months ago , it had this problem, but then automaticaly it started. 2) but now more than a month i waited , but the same, pc isnt booting. pls help.
  11. adityak469

    PC not booting, not able to format

    I bought a new HDD(WD Blue) yesterday and installed it. After installing, the PC isn't booting and i removed the HDD, tried booting, all in vain. I tried to format it, but the screen is stuck at starting windows after loading windows files. What to do ? Please help - - - Updated - - - and when...
  12. D

    Need Help.

    Hi. I have a Chinese tablet. It is now stuck in bootloop. I need Help.!! I just rooted my tab and its not booting now. It has android 4.0.4. PLEASE HELP!!
  13. A

    taking much time after booting.

    My laptop hp g4 2049tx taking time about 5-10 minute to be in a workable state. 2-3 days before i was defragging my hdd's E(3rd) partition(total 3 partition), which was showing 6% fragmentation. Unintentionaly i shutdown my laptop and when i restated it, it took 5-10 minute to be in workable...
  14. evewin89

    Abnormal CPU/Chipset Error No Booting & No POST

    Evewin LakraBIOSTAR Mobo And AMD CPU. No Booting Sound is coming,No POST. 6 days back I got into this problem & I still Don't Have The Solution To Fix This issue. My Biostar Pc is not booting........(No Booting Sound is coming) I tried everything I know. but its not letting me to even enter...
  15. RohanM

    One Day with GTA 5

    In the beginning of Grand Theft Auto 4, Niko Bellic was just trying to live a normal life. The first few missions were all about getting set up in America, maybe going on a date, and essentially laying low until everything blew up. It was boring as sin. Within a few minutes of booting up GTA 5 I...
  16. Akintex

    which ram should i buy fo cq50.?

    which ram should i buy fo cq50.? i purchased ddr2 800 2gb but it is not booting. tell me solution.:confused:
  17. furious_gamer

    PC not booting after power cut.

    Last Friday, after power cut, my PC is not booting up. The motherboard light is on, but CPU fan is not spinning. Now, what are the things do i need to check?
  18. Allu Azad

    PC takes long time to load even BIOS

    PC is taking a very long time for loading even bios . ( 1 minute 6 seconds when I last counted ) Checked hard disks with HD Tune Pro , they are fine . Tried booting without external hard disk , but same result . (1.6) Tried booting after removing RAM . But the mobo took around 1 minute 4...
  19. A

    Samsung Mobile not booting

    hi experts, I have samsung SGH-780D but unfortunately it dropped in water and now it is not booting whenever I charge the battery it is only charging and sometime show the booting screen but again keep charging and nothing happening.Pls advise wht I can do so that my mobile will be...
  20. M

    I am in deep trouble,please help

    I am in deep trouble, need help. So, here's my story: I know its long but please bear with me. I was in my neigbour's house and was using his PC. I found it to be painfully slow. I installed an antivirus, scanned the PC, found virus and cleaned it. It was much better than before. I proud...
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