PC not Booting


Hi guys,

My PC recently started giving me booting issues.

I only see the motherboard boot screen in the start and it hangs there.. if i restart it then it boots
Today it wasnt even booting on restart ,... i restarted like 3-4 times and then it booted

I have reconnected all cables, ram etc... tried different ram slots and still facing this issue.

I also got a black screen after the boot page today with just "A9" written on it

My PC Specs are
FX 8350
Asrock FX990 Extreme 3
Seasonic X650
Corsair 2x4Gb XMP ram
hw monitor.jpg


not a newbie.....
Seems like either a mobo or PSU problem. Maybe you can try using a different psu and see if you can get to the bios. Other wise it is definitely a mobo problem.


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check if the heatsink on the CPU is fitted perfectly, it could be that(had happened to me). Try booting without RAM too and if possible try to switch RAM and check. And also dont use TDF attachments, they dont work.


It's your hard disk.. A9 error has something to do with hard drive firmware issue

K cool

I anyway purschased a 250GB SSD and was too lazy 2 format my pc and install it :p... will do it and check if it still happning

but why is it getting hanged on the Bios page????


I changed my Hard drive and its tottaly fine now... I also found my CD drive sata cable was broken... maybe it was coz of that not sure
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