Need help in both booting of linux and windows


Windows 7 and ubuntu 12.4 is installed in my current system.Currently windows 7 is very much slow.So I have decided to reinstall the windows 7. But if I reinstall windows 7 then linux bootloader will be deleted.So there will be one boot option To make duel booting as now what should I do now.Please suggest.


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These links will help you -

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First of all your GRUB (Linux Bootloader) won't be deleted, just be overwritten by the Windows Bootloader
You can easily do it with a software called EasyBCD. Install Windows like you normally would and then install EasyBCD. Go to Add New Entry>Linux/BSD. Select GRUB2 and select the partition where you have your Linux installed (EasyBCD would have labelled it for you!). Rename your entry (You don't want NeoSmart Right?) to Ubuntu. Here's what it should look like!
Now you'd have both entries listed in Edit Boot Menu. Click on Save Settings. Now reboot your PC to find the Ubuntu option listed there. Select it to boot to Linux Bootloader
Hope this helps!
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