Intel screen while booting pc


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Hi Guys,

My PC many a times while booting freezes on the Intel page. Even if I restart it from the CPU the computer starts and then it is stuck on the same page. Then I have to turn off the ups and the main power supply for few seconds and then it boots up fine. What is wrong with my PC? Another weird thing, my usb keyboard gets a windows was failed to recognize this device or something like this error and sometimes it works great. I think both these problems are related. The specs of the pc are P4 processor, 1 gb ram, Intel motherboard, ATI Radeon graphics card and windows xp. I use this pc only to listen to songs and access the internet. I cannot afford to buy a new one. What should I do?


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My keyboard is at fault, when the wire is straight it works well, but even if there is a little bend then the pc can't recognize it.
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