1. Ironman

    ADSense - a Nonsense Question

    I recently applied for adsense just after creating a blog and my application was denied ... Now i want to know that do i have to ask for permission to google in every website or blog i use the google ads ? or just only once i have to aquire a approved adsense account and then Voila i can...
  2. H

    How can i improve my blog???

    How can i improve my blog??? this is my blog I amNikoncoolpix Pls help
  3. theserpent

    How do i make my blog better and Popular?

    Hey guys..Can you please suggest ideas to make my blog better and popular and get many many hits a2graphics WELL now it has many more review!
  4. P

    Copy Blogspot template, How ?

    I came across a blog (e.g, I really liked the template. In Firefox, I go to Tools > Web Developer > Page source. Copy all the content & save it in notepad. Now I will open new blog & upload this code saved on notepad. Will it work ? I tried it with no success. Can...
  5. S

    Not able to add the Facebook Fanpage to my blog

    Well hi this is kinda like my first post(if you ignore the introduction thread)! Hi I want to add the Facebook Like Button on my Blog(The one that says - Like this Facebook Fan Page Dedicated to this Blog) The Facebook generated the HTML/Java code to add just after the body tag...but that did...
  6. Shah

    My New WP Blog

    I have just created a wordpress blog with a domain. I need your suggestions on how the theme looks and more. I have posted only one post so far. Here's is the link of my blog.
  7. comp@ddict


    Feedback required. Manipal's Photo Blog And I need some help too: 1. The images I upload are 1600x1200 but the viewed version is much much smaller, less than 800x600 actually. I'm still fine with that, but how do I add a "DOWNLOAD" button there so that people can download the original...
  8. aroraanant

    Develpoing a website,need help!!!

    Hi guys... I m new to this section but not so new on TDF and not so good in programming. I m planning to make a website like gsmarena which will contain specifications and reviews and prices and a lot more info about mobiles,it is my final year project. I m very good in HTML, CSS, Javascript...
  9. Neo

    Blog suggestion.

    Hello. I want a blog but I'm not sure about the topic. Either I create a tech only blog [which I already have,refer to my signature] or The blog will be about me, I mean the books I've read or the movies I've watched or the places I've visited or anything else. I will also be putting up As-Sense...
  10. rajsujayks

    Monetizing a website/blog!

    At last, I have my website up and running! It's here at: | Please check it and give me feedback. My main question though is: Which is the best way to monetize a website or a blog..? :smile:
  11. R

    Working on my passion!

    Hi, I just had a re launch of my blog, it was/is my passion to review and write about mobile phones, I am trying hard to work on it and become one of the top mobile blogs. Hopefully, i will be there someday! Meanwhile, you can see my blog and just pass me some reviews, like how did you like...
  12. varuog

    Earthquake in Sikkim

    Hi friends, I was looking for a thread on this topic but didn't find any. So decided to create one. How many of you experienced yesterday's tremors? Do share your views about it. As for me, I was in my hometown Siliguri when the quake took place. I was watching the movie "Mere Brother...
  13. ssk_the_gr8

    Movie Critics

    I know a lot of you'll are big movie buffs here.. so tell me who are your favourite movie critics and why? it need not be a famous movie critic, it can be some random blog too. (also do post for which newspaper/ website / blog they work)
  14. Garbage

    For all those who are planning to join BIG IT companies

    Read more ...
  15. U

    Template Suggestion

    Hello Guys! I am a Blogger from New Delhi blogging at UrbnGeek: Tech Blog I want to know- Is my Blog's Template good? Or do i need to change it? If you want me to change it, then please suggest some good blogger template which should match with my blog's content and topic. Here is the URL-...
  16. U

    Suggest a Tech Blog Domain Name

    Hey Friends, I have recently decided to transfer my old blog UrbnGeek to a self hosted Wordpress Blog with a Top Level Domain. Is UrbnGeek a good name for a Tech Blog? Plzz drop your suggestions. If you want to suggest another domain name, then PM me. ASAP Thank YOU.
  17. U

    Blog It!!!!![Only For Bloggers]

    Have a New Blog Post? Just share it here!!! The Format Should Be>>> <Blog Post URL> Description Here <Blog URL> Get Traffic to your blog and increase visibility, start posting now! And do visit my blog- UrbnGeek
  18. abhi.eternal

    Patent blog - Need feedback!

    Hi. Me and my friend launched a blog related to Intellectual Property. My friend is a Patent Analyst and we could not actually find anything like this when she was studying for her course, hence we came up with the idea. It is just the beginning but we would really love your feedback and...
  19. U

    How Is my Blog?

    Here is my blog - UrbanGeek please visit it and let me know whether the theme, logo and name is good or not.
  20. W

    Need a Tech Blogger

    Hello, I need a technology blogger who has to blog along with me on my unstarted blog. If intrested PM me to get more details Thank You Web
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