1. P

    Wanted - Web Designer

    Dear all, There is a requirement of Web Designer (company/freelance/anyone) to design a website.. Major use of the website will be a BLOG. Main page redirecting to blog would be fine. Few of the requirements are below: Will it be possible to use hosting of (its from Google &...
  2. varuog

    Why is my blog not getting adsense approval?

    Hii friends ... I begun writing my blog TechRav a few months back. However, when I applied to Adsense, it got rejected without specifying any reasons. I don't have the slightest idea about what's wrong with it. Please review my blog and help me resolve the problem. Any other...
  3. montsa007

    My Own - Make Money Online Blog + Forum

    Hi Peepz, I have started my own make money blog + forum to help others make money without spending a dime. Here are the links. blog - - Le Resources and Information. forum - - Le Resources and Information. Feedback appreciated
  4. rhitwick

    Cisco plans to buy Skype

    Read full story here
  5. M


    hi i wd love to give some of the licenses--just post your comment in my blog.. would like to give these licenses to you guys...
  6. P

    Hands on the Motorola Droid 2

    Take A look at this blog: :roll::roll::roll::roll:
  7. confused

    Google Analytics gone cold! Any suggestions?

    Hi guys, I am part of my college quizzing club and we run a blog on blogspot. Well I have been at the helm only since a month or so, and am quite new to Google Analytics. But still it gave good feedback as to how sharing a new link on FB, etc affected our readership. But since the last 8-9 days...
  8. jayantr7

    All wordpress.ORG bloggers here

    hey wordpress bloggerzz can you'll suggest a good wordpress theme[mean looks gorgeous]and it should be free .....or suggest a website for searching them[except] AND REMEMBER IT'S A DISCUSSION THREAD.... #post your blog quiries #your blog links and different ways of driving...
  9. TheHumanBot

    I need Lots of suggestions about my blog

    all solved can be removed now.
  10. bhushan2k

    Top must have and impressive toolbars for your blog

    On popular websites like, you might have seen they use toolbars on their sites for different purposes such as sharing posts on social sites, chatting, social sites updates integrations. It results in good impression on your blog. Visitors can do many things with toolbars so easily...
  11. desiibond

    Writing a blog post on Ubuntu 9.10. Need your comments

    Writing a blog post on Ubuntu 9.10. [mods. please lock this] Hey Digitians, Recently I have moved to Ubuntu 9.10 on my desktop PC (as a primary OS). I am putting my experience and thoughts on this in my blog. And I would like to have your comments on Ubuntu 9.10. 1) NO Discussions please...
  12. anshul

    How to get my adsense approved

    I applied for adsense for my blog but my application got rejected. Though there is nothing objectionable on that.(Its about engineering college to be more clear). It got rejected, reason being unacceptable site content. I have a shoutbox on that page from other website added via java script...
  13. vamsi360

    Use Vista as it is....

    Hi friends, You can use Vista in a way you donot need to depend on other 3rd party utilities and unofficial tutorials too. Here is how to do it: This is just my attempt to write a good blog post. Please rate it.
  14. pr.itdude

    Hows my blog ??

    Hey guyz.... just 4 fun and to express myself...i have created a blog, actually two...:lol: Below is the link...... have a look and tell me hows it ?? How can i improve this....flow in ur suggestions....!!!:-)
  15. Plasma_Snake

    Blog problem

    A few days back, I created a blog in order to rake in some moolah through Ad-Sense. After creating it, I tried to register it for Ad-Sense. After a day I got this e-mail from Google. site is What did I do wrong?
  16. H

    Thinking of starting a blog

    I have been thinking of writing a blog since years, but don't know how to start.Can anyone help me on this because i ain't know nothing about it.
  17. S

    wordpress blog hacked.. help required

    Guys, today morning when I tried to log in to dashboard of my newly created blog, I was not able to log in. then I thought that it might be because of yest day's drink and I might have changed it ;) but then i tried to recover my password and to my surprize there was no user in wp-users table...
  18. thewisecrab

    How'z my blog?

    I recently launched my blog [If you count 5 months back as recent, then cool] (select my profile ->view homepage OR copy paste link from siggy, wont key in the blog here as I'm already getting phenominal amount of spam) Anyway, I was looking for some opinions. Not that n00bish kind of way, like...
  19. ritesh.techie

    How To: Move from Wordpress to Blogger

    WordPress though is a good platform for starting a new blog but it limits its user to avail facilities like using JavaScript and Ad sense, which are only available to premium blogger. Have you ever wanted to move your WordPress blogs over to Blogger? But didn't find how to do that, and left...
  20. mohammed_intekhab

    Please vote for me

    Hello all, My blog is nominated for best technology blog :) Kindly vote for me to win
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