Copy Blogspot template, How ?


I came across a blog (e.g, I really liked the template.

In Firefox, I go to Tools > Web Developer > Page source.

Copy all the content & save it in notepad.

Now I will open new blog & upload this code saved on notepad. Will it work ? I tried it with no success.

Can someone tell me what needs to be done ?


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Well it won't work like that, because CSS and Javascripts are not written inline. They are linked as a diff. page. So you need those CSS for that theme.

And for blogspot blogs may be they keep it in encrypted way (Not sure)


Check if template name is mentioned in the end of the page(footer),google it
you can also try asking the template name from authors
But it can also be self-made template


:( Huh, This is just sample theme & I know & can see download button.

Similar theme is modified somewhere & someone has used on their blog. I want to use that template of live blog.
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