1. mikael_schiffer

    RAM for HP G6 2005AX laptops

    1) I dont know how to check CAS Latency Blah Blah etc etc tech stuffs of my Laptop's RAM 2) My budget is Rs3000 3) Will be buying online since local computer shops are cheats! 4) After buying, if i just fix the new RAM to the empty slot will it register? DO i have to do anything extra like...
  2. Harsh Pranami

    Need info about bsnl BB

    Hi friends. One of my friends was thinking of subscribing to bsnl broadband. He is interested in 800 inr plan. Can anyone tell me what will be the total initial cost for setting up the broadband (landline broadband security deposit, installation charges blah blah). Also will it be better to buy...
  3. B

    Need a tab within 5k...for a starter!

    hi all, i want a tab within 5k just for having a starter experience of tablets...i need the following:- 1.atleast 512mb ram 2.atleast 1ghz cpu 3.ics os 4.good screen resolution 5.decent battery life 6.dongle support 7.and all other basic features... I would like to buy from a decent...
  4. kARTechnology

    Migrated from BSNL to Fiber , Need new router or use existing?

    Hi, I was using BSNL Cr@p 4MBPS Plan upto 20GB and 512 kbps for Rs.1350/month after that, it worked for few months and speed dropped verrry low, that can even browse, can't complain as they don't even bother to pick the phone, or if i go to office, they will not be there(will go for lunch...
  5. GhorMaanas

    GTX 580 - Severe Driver Crashes!

    Hello everyone! i have an MSI N580GTX Lightning, bought in late 2011 (and highly underused, as not played games much on the PC). of-late (since past 2 months or so), am encountering a never-seen-earlier issue with the display. the driver crashes randomly, screen goes blank for 3-4 seconds, then...
  6. TheMost

    Max Payne 3 resume after fresh windows

    I recently had to clean install windows due to some problem ... I have copied "Rockstar games" folder from my Documents and the one from programming files from C: .... My install directory is on another drive -- that is safe When i installed Social club and when tried to start max payne...
  7. S

    15K budget advice for good phone.

    hi fellas, need a very good phone. budget strictly 15K. plz pour with all your valuable advices here. I already checked some phones and confused. xperia U looks good in this range. but i checked S Advance,xperia Sola,xperia Go,Galaxy S Duos,HTC One V blah blah.... that in case if I wait for...
  8. mohityadavx

    Bandwidth Issues

    If I am having a connection of 512kbps so 64kbps is the max speed i get ? Also if i am getting like 40kbps is it reasonable can the company say that 64kbps is max speed u will get and 40kbps is due to heavy load it will go away blah blah
  9. mohityadavx

    Hex/ ASCII to normal text

    Hey I have forgotten my college wifi password it saved on my laptop and the network connects automatically. It uses WPA 2 Enterprise with AES encryption. Now I tried googling how to recover my password but I cant see my network key, show character etc on opening connection's properties. I...
  10. F

    win xp hal.dll error

    i am trying to boot to my win xp pro (sp2 64bit) but a message comes that "<Winnt_root>\System32\Hal.dll missing or corrupt: Please re-install a copy of the above file." and when i try to boot another version of windows the same message appears i m not able to go to setup menu . also after...
  11. cyanide0007

    laptop Under 45K

    1) What is your budget? 45000 INR 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? d. Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? a. Like:Asus,Sony,Lenovo,Toshibha,HP b. Dislike:Dell,Acer,Apple:evil:(hahaha i...
  12. braindead

    Notepad++ regex help

    eg: i would like to replace the following text How to write a regex that selects from Work phone till Home country i tried this (Work*)(Country) ie select everything in between work and Country but that doesnt seem to work.Tried googling without any satisfactory answers. Please help.:cry:
  13. P

    Most graphics intensive PC games for year 2012

    Hi guys, As my earlier post suggests, i am thinking of buying new card. But my question is which games are going to release in 2012 which will really tax our beloved platform ( not because of bad port but because they are real graphics powerhouse) Last game we had was Battlefield 3 which has...
  14. Sarath

    Fraudulent "service" subscription / activation discussion | | Airtel, Vodafone, Docomo, BSNL...

    Many of us face a similar situation, no matter where we live, which mobile carrier we use or how careful you are. This phenomenon unites us and makes sure every Indian in atleast one respect is treated equally. Subscription to some odd service you never subscribed to, never knew about and...
  15. pramudit

    New Android Phone

    finally i am gonna have an android.... :D so i need help of you guys... 1. Budget? 9k 2. Display type and size? Touchscreen only and 3.2inch or more preffered 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? no preference 4. Preferred choice of brand? no pathetic Indian companies please...
  16. Freedom.Forever

    PS3 buying then jailbreaking

    My friend wants to buy ps3. He will only run backed up(forum rules prevent me) games(knowing its illigal and blah blah). I want to ask that if he gets a new console from flipkart or letsbuy, would he be able to jailbreak it??(I mean geohot method only works for firmware v3.55) he never wants...
  17. varunparakh

    Verdict Needed : Phone under 20k!

    Hello everyone, After doing lots of Google and looking in plenty of threads here, have kinda shortlisted a few of them. 1.SAMSUNG NEXUS S(Less availability & No Flash) 2.Xperia NEO V (Not a great CAM/slow boot up time/ICS update) 3.LG Optimus 2X(It's LG so din check a lot bout it...
  18. mohityadavx

    Ubuntu wont boot

    i am using Ubuntu with dual boot with Windows 7 on my home PC. Now when i came this time Ubuntu wont boot is showed some message like init/root/ boot failed blah blah So i dont have any clue what to do?
  19. Neo

    Ubuntu me.

    hi pals i'm not able to use UNITY on Ubuntu 11.04 on my first boot after installation, a dialog box said that you hardware does not support unity and blah blah blah. My computer's configuration is as follows: Intel motherboard [dunno which version] GPU: nVidia Geforce 8400 512MB...
  20. sygeek

    What's your first HaXperience?

    What's your first experience with hacking? Whether you installed a keylogger into someone's computer, a vnc or even peeked onto his keyboard while he/she was logging into his account, share it all! Here's mine When I was 10, I visited my grandmother's house during my summer vacations. They had...
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