1. borax12

    Facebook vs Google plus-great take

    not an orginal content from me.Took it off from this blog post Techturning The focus on social networking as a medium of conversation beyond the 'hello dear ' and 'bonjour' took shape when myspcae brought out musical talent through the network and orkut provided a big boost to group...
  2. B

    Big fonts in some windows

    I am facing annoying big fonts issue in some of software windows. For e.g Winrar & Vmware Workstation. Screenshot is attached herewith. I have installed Win 7 Ultimate 64 Bit. I tried Ctrl+scroll, Ctrl+'-' but in vein. Pls guide
  3. socrates

    The Big Ben is leaning!

    The Big Ben, the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster in London, is leaning and its tilt is now visible to the naked eye, engineers have claimed. In fact, they claim to have found that the world's largest four-faced chiming clock at the British Parliament has developed a tilt which is...
  4. the.kaushik

    All About IPhone 4S Siri- Is it copied from Android?

    Found this nice article and thought of sharing. Apple announced speech recognition for the next iPhone. Big deal. Android’s had it for more than a year. Apple is just playing “catch-up” and the feature’s not really earth-shattering anyway. Right? Wrong. Everything in that opening paragraph...
  5. lywyre

    Suggest me a good DTH

    Our cable operators has gone crazy and is giving a mad mix of useless channels (thanks to TN CM and Arasu TV). My parents want Sun and Vijay TV for the daily soaps and I want my assorted channels. I don't need HD, standard will do. List of channels: Tamil SunTV, Kalaignar TV, Vijay TV...
  6. Alok

    Big indian comic collection online (for both mobile & pc)

    Hi Comic Lovers!! I found a really big collection of indian comics for online reading. "There are all publisers and all characters , and every character has most of his comics." NO RAPIDSHARE OR BLOG.....;-) free from everywhere. Go check yourself and if you like then reply here...
  7. MatchBoxx

    LG Optimus Two???

    According to this phone might just turn up to be the big brother of the highly successful Optimus One...if price is acceptable, this one should be a big hit too! Gingerbread-running LG Univa E510 leaks, is it the Optimus Two? - news
  8. V

    GreenManGaming - a new source of digitally downloading games

    Many of you may not have heard of this but GreenManGaming, which is a London-based new competitor in the field of online game seller, is giving some competition to Steam. Few days ago, I decided to check out this website after I heard of some very cool discount. To my surprise, GreenManGaming is...
  9. arko1983

    gaming mouse

    my logitech mx518 is having some stuttering problem.So i am thinking of buying a mouse.budget is max 3k .(no razer plz as those mouse are quite big for my hand,if ther r small models then razer is ok. i am talking about deathadder.)
  10. d6bmg

    price tag confusion

    To my surprise I just saw this: EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti DS Superclocked Price – Rs.12100 :shock: Source: Here If anyone can confirm the 'real' price of this card, it would be great for me. I'm a big fan of evga made nvidia cards, and that info is kinda dream come true for me.
  11. E

    need a display

    hey guys i want to buy a new display.but i am confused between dell st2220l and Benq much difference is there between these two lcds?i know its 3 in but is how exactly big is the Benq G2420HD?i will use the moniter for daily uses,watching hd movies and playing lot of games.i need a...
  12. V

    Cabinet Issue

    Hi I want a Cabinet for my MSI R6950 Twin Frozr III Power Edition/OC Graphics Card. Is CM RC430 good ? Will it be able to hold such big graphics card. Or suggest something else with a good airflow. What about cabinets from NZXT...
  13. vickybat

    PS3 10% Ahead of 360 This Year Worldwide, 'Strong Contender' to Take Second Place

    Yes guys you read it right. Finally ps3 is set to prove what it committed in the start of this console generation. From its initial lackluster sales to a huge exclusive base, the ps3 has come a long way. Many critics doubted the ps3 in the beginning and big developers like VALVE even cited...
  14. ss max

    Want a laptop under 60k ?

    I will basically using it for:- 1. Running applications like MATLAB , CAD etc. 2. Internet Browsing. 3. Playing games like NFS , Mortal combat , Tekken , Prince Of Persia , Counter Strike etc. 4. Mobility is required therefore will be avoiding very big screen size but it will be good...
  15. Omi

    Hardware Shops in Mumbai

    Guys can you tell me any specific shops in Mumbai who provide Hardware at low costs? I heard many shops are there in lamington road, but the area is too big. will be going to mumbai soon, planning to buy a rig. I currently live in Nagpur where the prices are pathetically high
  16. V

    Did Pc go blind?

    On 6-7-11 i bought sapphire radeon HD 4350 1GB card & installed on pci-E slot. After installing its drivers system has slowed and hangs after few mins. I rebooted many times but nothing changes & also in device manager did not show any incompatible. Now i tried to update the ati catalyst...
  17. dharmil007

    AMD PHENOM II X6 2.8GHz 60+°C

    i Have a bIg problem of temprature here, guyz can u pls. help me out. All of the Components of my system are always hot &temprature goes upto 60°C i DOnt know what to do, it affects adversly on performence. Due to which my PC is very slow. i Have :- AMD PHENOM II X6 2.8GHz GIGABYTE...
  18. N

    Check out my youtube channel Need Feedbacks

    YouTube - ‪WebTutsHD的频é￾“‬‏ Please visit and let me know about what i can change and how i can make it better i am planning to go big on youtube !
  19. N

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Developer: Bethesda Game Studios. Publisher: Bethesda Softworks. Engine: Creation. Platforms: Consoles & PC. Release Date: November 11, 2011. PjqsYzBrP-M Looks darn good. This might be Bethesda's big release after Fallout 3. A new engine in an already awesome series is a big win. This might be...
  20. R

    crc errors

    I have a series of rar files (.r00, .r01, etc. - I do know how to work with such files). When I try to extract the one big file that's stored in these file, I get "CRC error in .rxx, file is corrupt" there a way to fix these CRC errors?
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