1. aaruni

    Thunderbird Backup

    I will be upgrading my HDD and do not want to download all of my backed up email (3GB). Is there a way to back this all up except by taking a backup of ~/.thunderbird/*.default/Mail ? Like something which will produce a big dump, which can then be imported by thunderbird on the new install using...
  2. R

    Android buying advice [unusual requirements]

    Hi guys, I currently have a motorola atrix 2, which has now started sucking (read lagging) after two nice years. So I'm back at digit asking for advice for my next phone. REQUIREMENTS: Big screen (minimum size of 4.3", my moto has made me a sucker for big screens) Awesome music quality. I hate...
  3. Raaabo

    The Big Bang Theory, in all seriousness!

    Given the past behaviour of some members, I figured might as well start this thread in Fight Club... In case you haven't already read about it: Stephen Hawking claims victory in Big Bang bet - Telegraph...
  4. dashing.sujay

    Where can I get original Kensington lock ?

    Any idea ? It's not available anywhere online. Can check Nehru place (Delhi), but it's too big a place to look for such a peculiar product. Thanks
  5. M

    Got the G400s but find it to be too big.

    I got my Logitech G400s today. I have been playing some FPS games with it. Although, I quite like the tracking, I think the mouse is just too big for my hands. I am also more of a claw gripper and find the mouse to be uncomfortable for my style. I think I would have to change to the palm grip or...
  6. N

    4 monitors into one big screen.

    I want to connect 4 monitors so that at looks like a big screen. How can I do it?
  7. N

    Best Android Phone for Senior Peoples

    My father asked me for a new phone which should be somewhat smaller. It should not be too big. I prefer Android phones but unable to pick one. Any recommendations?
  8. N

    15.6 or 19 IN LED Monitor

    I am looking for a 15 or 19 inch LED monitor for my laptop. Is there any good 15.6 monitor? I am not interested in big displays because of height issues.
  9. P

    questions about xperia m.need help from experienced user!!

    1) does it support 3g? 2) Ive heard the available space for usage is just 1.5 gb....I plan on installing a few apps like whatsapp, chrome, gmail google maps, hike and a few games...will it be a problem?..i have no problems transferring my music , pics and vids onto the sd card. 3) the...
  10. P

    Online Shopping!!!

    Hey Folks, I am a regular online buyer. And i m prone to flipkart for gadgets. Well i was about to buy a mobile and my max budget is abt 20k. But when i was comparing prices on different sites i found Ebay gives damn big big discounts best rate for xperia sp there is smwhere abt 20k but in store...
  11. M

    need mobile buying advice

    hello . i have a budget of 15-16k max . and I am looking for a new mobile phone . I presently have a 1.5 yr old NEO V . these are the features that i want . 1. big screen . atleast 4 " but defintly not very big like 5" 2. decnt display and a good audio support. 3. budget of 15-16k max. 4. dual...
  12. R

    Cabinet within 6-7k

    I need a cabinet within 6,000-7,000 bucks. It should be big enough for GTX 670. Any suggestions?
  13. T

    Suggest cheapest range of WiFi enabled LED TVs

    It should be 21" or above but not much big. Built-in WiFi is preferable.
  14. Gtb93


    Anyone here , has any idea how to bypass Cyberoam security? not to 'hack' it or anything, just that it restricts a lot of sites in my college and is a big pain.
  15. amjath

    Wrestlemania 29 fever - Discussion

    Hi guys, Lets discuss everything about upcoming Wrestlemania 26 [April 7 2013] Like Vince said "We make everything BIG", WWE had a big match on RAW [25 Feb 2013] for #1 Contender for WWE championship. Thanks to d3p for...
  16. S_V

    Please Give your Opinion on this TV Samsung Plasma E550 51"

    Hello Guys, How are you all? Cousin and me planning to Buy Samsung E490 3D 43" HD Ready (41,500 with Blu-Ray player) and SAMSUNG E550 3D 51" FULL HD (67,500) Respectively. Links for Specifications : E550 and E490. Please feel Free to give your opinions only If you know exactly what you are...
  17. 101gamzer

    Sony is making its own phablet?

    Digi-wo has posted an image of what appears to be the front of a Sony device. More precisely, it just might be the working model of Sony’s own phablet, a 6.44-inch beast with 1080p resolution. Details on this device is scarce, but Sony might have something planned for the Mobile World...
  18. sumonpathak

    AMD Performance Edition 1600Mhz Ram review

    Hey there people! how's life going? First of all a very Happy New year from the team and lets hope we can bring you more exciting reviews this year. Today on the test bench we have a new kits of ram from AMD. Its a Mainstream kit running at a modest 1600Mhz Cl8. Lets see how it stacks up...
  19. sumit_anand

    Are 4K and oled tv the next big thing in display market?

    Looking at the launches at the CES 2013, pretty much it looks like all the major brands like Samsung, sony, lg are more focussed on 4k and oled tv's unlike last years CES where the launch of 3D tv was the main highlight for every brand. So what you think about the next big thing in the display...
  20. furious_gamer

    LG Optimus L9 - Short Review

    After the LG Optiumus One phone, i never seen any good reviews about LG Droids.Still, I recently bought this phone for my sister, as she liked the phone very much. After looking at this phone, i thought of using it for few days, and to be frank, i am quite impressed with this phone. I am using...
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