1. shaurya.malik88

    Security flaw in Samsung Smart TV

    I was just browsing the tech section of 'Times of India' and I was shocked to see a article which claimed that there is a big flaw in samsung smart TV where hackers can watch you and hear your conversation as well by the camera and mic installed in it. It;s quite shocking to hear a flaw like...
  2. TechnoHolic

    HTML Help...!!

    Anyone please tell me how to wrap display properties in html <tell me the code> HTML project looks odd in different resolutions or monitors...I'm making it on a 1024x768 monitor..Definitely It will look different in my Sir's monitor and he will awarded me with a big zero...Please...
  3. ashutosh_jain

    Should Big Boss be closed.

    While surfing the net few days, I noticed a thread which demanded serials like Big boss to be closed down as they show vulgar contents and leave a bad effect on the public.... What you think about this guyz.... Here is the link of that thread...
  4. A

    Budget Speakers for my 40 inch Television around 5000.

    Few months ago, i purchased my first big screen LED- 40 Inch Samsung D5500. Everything was great, except for the sound which sucked big time. I connected my computer speakers, Creative SBS A300 immediately to check the difference, it was awesome. I never thought i would require sound system for...
  5. Desmond

    Valve reveals gaming headset/teaser on Big Picture

    According to this article : On a side note : Apple....Learn something from Valve you douchebags.
  6. rider

    windows update error

    Hi, my laptop starts showing an error in which it get disconnected automatically after sometime it shows cross bar in which no network access is available but it is available as my other devices with wifi works fine. After turning off and on it starts working, its a big issue because I cant do...
  7. D

    Pls Suggest WhatsApp supporting Mobile below 8000/- with Best Camera Quality and Big Screen.

    Dear All, I am in need of a WhatsApp Messaging supporting Mobile Phone. My Budget is around INR 8000/- My basic use will be transferring and receiving Camera Pics via WhatsApp. For which I need a mobile handset having best camera quality and big screen within this budget. Pls guide me...
  8. K

    Best android games you have played.

    Apart from angry birds here's some list. Asphalt 6,7 Assassins creed Big Win Soccer Modern Combat 2 nova 2,3
  9. H

    Word on Gigabyte GA-Z77P-D3 Motherboard

    Can someone tell me more about this board how will it perform with thrid gen it's a big bang for the buck Need a small review u know pros n cons :)
  10. pritamonline

    Suggest a phone for 60+ year old person

    I want to buy a new phone for my father who is 63 yrs old and currently using Nokia 3110c (having big numeric buttons keypad), Aircel has launched a new offer wherein we get Iphone 3Gs for Rs. 13000. Father's main use would be just calling/receiving calls and sms (reading only; he doesn't...
  11. cacklebolt

    ebay... trustworthy?

    I was check out prices of sony phones on ebay and to my shock the sell it at throwaway prices.. SE xperia mini pro @ 8990 Sony Xperia Sola @ 17k SE LWW @ 10k my noob question is despite being such a big brand is ebay that trustwothy or is flipkart better?? what are the risks regarding...
  12. P

    is xperia Neo V better?

    I will buy a phone next month my budget is strictly around 15 k primary use is music, videos, Gaming, offline GPS. android 2.3 or higher. Front camera is prefarable. Big screen 3.5 or higher inch screen. Long battery back up. Considering NEO V. Is there any better option
  13. A

    why Plasma Sales are falling compared to LCD?

    Plasma is said to be great technology, unrivaled picture clarity, colors, blacks, viewing angles. Besides all this, its price also seems to be lower but then why its suffering with low sales? why big companies have abandoned it? the only major problem is burn in.
  14. R

    Online Shop : TIM

    hello all , Can any suggest me a online shop which sells TIM Big package [like Big syringe so i can apply to Many PC's [~20+] and dont need High Performance TIMS [but its oke] I tried following website smcinternational Flipkart it wares but couldn't find TIM in big package ...
  15. vickybat

    E3 2012: Sony next big surprise?

    Sony has claimed that it has a big surprise this E3 and its not playstation 4. :shock: Source
  16. Empirial

    Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 Extended Error

    Hi, Yesterday I download this software without any issues but the problem is that whenever I click setup.exe, a terminal windows pops up for a second which says 'Program too big to fit in memory' " & then nothing happens. There is more then enough space available in my HDD so what is wrong...
  17. M

    mesh for cabinet

    hi guys i am thinking of modding my own cabinet plus friends nxzt gamma i am from mumbai i am looking for proper mesh for cabinet window or fan holes but unlucky all the time can any one tell me where to look for it tried and ended up getting big speakers mesh which not so good for pc :-(
  18. ax3

    MTNL woes ! ! !

    any1 facing problem download from web servers [rs,fs,mf etc] ??? for few days downloading from these sites is a big pain 4 me ...
  19. R

    Which Brand

    Hi, Plz guide me to choose the right brand.... Should i buy MSI or ASUS... Requirement: big screen, ddr3 ram, DOS, @below20k... Thanks in advance
  20. R

    How to adjust 15 Amp plug in 5 Amp switch

    Hello, I stay in India and got XBOX 360 few days back. We have a 5 amp power supply in front of TV. Check the image: But the power supply plug is big ... Its a 16Amp plug.. check the img. Also check the power ratings of XBOX. So how to adjust this 15Amp plug in the 5 Amp plug .. I...
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