1. chavo

    how can i get V-MODA BASS earphone?????

    hey guys...... i have finaly decided to buy V-moda bass earphone. so now please help me how can i buy them???? and where i can buy them???? i stay in mumbai. can i find them in Lamington rd.??????? please help me guys....... thanx for all the sugessions....... waiting for ur replay......:p:)
  2. saipradeepg

    King of Mp4 Players for Sale (4GB) @ 4k!!!

    Update : SOLD Hi All, I'm planning to sell off my Meizu Mp4 player.(6 Months old) Just see the below links for brief product comparision with Ipod.
  3. hullap

    My Bose Triport Around ear Headphones Review

    Source: My Blog Bose Triport Around ear Headphones April 26, 2008 Recently my aunt gifted me a pair of Bose Triport headphones They look like this Sadly these headphones didnt have noise cancellation, but if volume is...
  4. gurujee

    Problem with my ATP3

    My ATP3 was running OK till yesterday. But today when I powered on the speakers, and played a movie, the woofer is full of distortion though the satellites sound perfect. Then I brought the bass level to zero, but still any sound from woofer is sounding like a wet tabla. I felt the bass is gone...
  5. D

    2.1 speaker

    can someone suggest me nice 2.1 speakers for 5000 , it should have good bass and clarity .
  6. Kiran.dks

    Hi-Fi Music: Bass & Treble Controls

    One of the top company namely "BOSE" believes pure music reproduction is reproducing music how it is recorded. They don't believe in putting those controls. For them it is like changing the way music is supposed to sound. Hence most of there systems don't have Bass & Treble controls. Some...
  7. D

    Speakers below 5000

    People please suggest me a nice speaker for both my computer and dvd player the sub woofer should have nice bass output . my uncle has bought phillips sp-090 for 4300 which has nice bass output . can someone suggest me something on the same line .
  8. R

    My Review of Creative EP-630

    I got Creative's in-ear noice-cancellation earphones from the IT Mall,Lamington Rd.,Mumbai for Rs.975(earphone+an exhaust fan). u'll get them in most shops but the intial price is 1k everywhere then it depends on your bargain skill. For the Test-I conducted the test using my bundled 5300...
  9. D

    Psp Music

    which are the best available headphones or earphones for PSP To increase its volume and bass performance. price range around Rs 2000. Please suggest asap. thank you all.
  10. dreams

    Walkman Vs Walkman 2.0

    Hi Guys.. Last wk I changed my mobile frm w300i to w580i. I go for SE for the awesome music quality esp. BASS. Astonishingly I see a major diff b/w w300i and w580i. w580i lacks the BASS. I play 1 song in both mobile and feel the thump in w300i whereas nothing in w580i. Does...
  11. napster007


    hi guys, i want to buy good quality earphones for under 2k. can you please suggest me a model. i prefer creative. They should be inear and have good bass effects. i live in delhi so please quote the price also. thank you
  12. xbonez

    earphones needed

    guys, i need to buy earphones for use with my MP3 player (Transend tSonic 610). powerful bass output is very important. budget ir rs.600 to rs.800. please suggest.
  13. kumars

    Headsets..Creative HS-400?

    I am planning to buy a portable headset (may be earphones too) for a price upto 1000k. I was looking at HS-400. Seems to be good. What would you guys recommend. I am looking for something which gives me great bass and clear sound with isolation.
  14. insanekiller

    The "Earphone and Headphone Buying Advice" Thread

    I finally bought the T610 1GB. It's great, but the earphones are - PATHETIC.. No bass at all. Now I really need a good pair of earphones/headphones.. I would like to clear a doubt first.. Are flash based players supposed to be used with proper speakers and big headphones?? Is there any...
  15. goobimama

    Bose Companion 3: Gave em' back

    My dealer recently had a sale which included the Bose Companion 3 speaker system for 6k (second hand of course). Anyway, I immediately went over there to check them out. Thing is, the dealer only played the 'demo' songs which includes the songs perfect for this system. I wasn't floored, but for...
  16. xbonez

    good earphones

    i recently bought an mp4 player and am now interested in getting good earphones. bass is very imp. budget of rs600-700. plz suggest
  17. R

    Need Good Headphones

    Hey guys, need a good pair headphones for my PC .Budget is around 1200 to 1500. Could you guys please suggest a good pair within that range.Here's what i'm looking for ; Good bass amd treble,good for music and gaming ,cover's the whole ear. Any suggestions ???
  18. Shasanka_Gogoi

    Earphones/Heaphones Again! Help Me..........

    Hi everyone,few days back, I posted a thread about good earphones for my Transcend T-Sonic 610 MP3 Player, unable to figure out anything I decided to visit my local Sony Dealer and also frantically searched the net untill I settled for the Sony MDR-E829V, which cost around 900 bucks. I searched...
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