1. A

    Another "Need Suggestion" thread for IEMs around ~7k

    1.What is your budget? Ans: Rs 7000 (+/- 1000) 2.What is your need for buying headphone? ( like Dj/ gaming/for mobile phone…. etc) Ans: Music. 3. What kind of Headphone do you require? Ans: In ear Monitor 4.What is your source? (like Laptop /cd player/mobile phone…etc(please specify the...
  2. R

    I want a 2.1ch speaker system under 3000rs

    Suggest me 2.1 speaker under 3k. Bass control knob wanted.
  3. sujoyp

    Need a 2.1 for under5k

    Hi guys, I require a simple 2.1 system for my laptop and playing songs from USB and phone. My laptop's speaker have become very tinny after 3 years :P I checked some speakers like 1. Logitech 443 2. F&D A110 3. F&D 550x 4. Creative some model. I loved the out of this world design...
  4. Ronnie11

    Looking for IEM with budget of 2000-2300

    Hey guys, My Klipsch in ear earphones finally gave away after 3 years. I am now looking for a new in ear earphones for a budget of 2000-2300. My priority over everything else has to be excellent music quality. Not a heavy bass fan. So no Sony earphones pls. Good mids & Highs.Could you please...
  5. Zangetsu

    Need IEM under 1~2k

    Hi Guys, Want to buy a new IEM please suggest. so far I have shortlisted SoundMagic E10c at 2.2k Buy SoundMAGIC - E10C In-Ear Headphones Online in India - Headphone Zon let me know if any other IEM fills my purpose. I want : 1.Crystal clear sound clarity with some Bass (not Boomy Bass)...
  6. S

    Audio-Technica ATH-IM50 personal impressions

    *Constantly editing* Place of purchase: Amazon Price when purchased: ₹4100 Playback devices: Ipad Air 2(primary), Galaxy S7 Edge, Dell Precision 5510 Source: iTunes purchases and Apple Music. Backstory: I was looking for a replacement to my Sennheiser CX-300ii and Sony XBA-H1, until a few days...
  7. quicky008

    Selecting a decent 2.1 speaker with rich bass output within 4.5k

    I'm interested in buying a decent 2.1 speaker system for my pc primarily for listening to music-currently i have a set of creative speakers which are not capable of producing deep,punchy bass-therefore i'd like to replace them with another system which has reasonably powerful bass output that...
  8. 7shivam9

    [QUICK] Sennheiser CX213 vs. Mi In ear.

    Hey digitians. I'm looking for inear headphones under 1,000. I have chose Sennheiser CX213 and MI in ear headphones. Both priced at Rs. 999 I listen to almost everything! They'll be also used for watching movies. And i enjoy good bass. Ive been using sennheiser mx270 for over 6 months...
  9. A

    Really good 2.1 speakers with wireless connectivity

    Hi Guys, A friend asked me for a suggestion about some good 2.1 speakers with wireless connectivity. His budget is 15k approx. I did some research online but couldn't find an appropriate match. Creative T4 was one but that doesn't seem to be available in India. Could have suggested him Sony...
  10. A

    Need a new earphone

    My old earphones have just died so i'm thinking to buy a new set of earphones, This time little cheaper, saving money to buy new headphones. I just want to buy a new earpiece under 500Rs. can you please suggest me some. I have been looking and came across these.How are these - Philips...
  11. H

    Suggest headphones to use with laptop

    Mostly for watching movies and gaming. SQ is important and it should not be bass heavy. Max budget is 4k. I have these in mind Buy Audio Technica ATH-M20X Professional Studio Monitor Over-ear Headphones (Black) Online at Low Prices in India -
  12. ithehappy

    Suggest an AMP please

    I use an E11 now, absolutely LOVE it. But I need something better, something with better dynamism, and the most important thing has to be the battery life and charging mechanism. The E11 can't be charged while used, and that is the reason why I don't use it always even when I want to. I don't...
  13. sujoyp

    IEM under 2k

    Hi Guys. Yesterday my 3 years old Sony XB30 died partially :D its one side not working. I would love good bass as XB30 . I use it both on laptop as well as with mobile phones for movie and music. I have tested Soundmagic ES18 and found low on Bass. XB30 had great built quality and I...
  14. Y

    is mi piston 3 for bass lover?

    Hi guys I need a new iem under 1k. I am a bass lover.1 year back digit members suggested me to get denon ah-260 and I liked it. Now I need something new. so should I get piston 3 for bass?
  15. S

    Want to buy decent pair of heaphone under 7k..with bass of course

    Recently had a sony mdr v-55 , and they sounded awesome from thumpy bass with warm notes and all . . also the clarity was awesome good..but gone side not working anymore.. So want to buy a good and decent pair of headphones with right amount of bass i am not a hardcore...
  16. Z

    NEED IEM under Rs600 {BASS FREAK HERE}

    Hi,I'm looking for Good IEMs for my LG G3, I have previously owned COWON EM1(which were also suggested by thinkdigit forum nd they ROCKEDD8 -) :-D ) Now , I'm budget contrained and have to settle for ~600 earphones I found PHILLIPS SHN7500 earphones for rs600, market price around Rs2000...
  17. S

    Bass heavy Headphones upto 5k ( urgent ...need to order today )

    need a bass heavy headphones for around 9k for my friend......He , like me is a huge fan of edm music and like songs of tchami , tiesto , skrillex , oliver helden. etc etc......So he wants Bass as his main priority along with voice clarity.......He is currently using Philips shl 3300 which has...
  18. M

    Best 2.1 speakers!!

    I know many would have asked this, i am confused reading all the reviews and stuffs. Need a straight answers from ppl who have used it. Best 2.1 speakers in India? I am not more into BASS, i am looking for clarity of the sound and i need it to be clear and effective. My budget is less...
  19. T

    Need IEM like Soundmagic E10 2 to 2.5k

    Hey guys, I had an accident and broke my 1 year old Soundmagic E10's jack and now I need a new IEM that has a similar soundstage as E10. I loved everything about the E10s. The feel and the sound output and they are very well balanced as they are not bass heavy at all. I need a similar IEM...
  20. sam_738844

    IEM with Heavy Bass within 5K

    Guys, You already know this, done before. Just help me out once again, Need a durable IEM with heavy bass (not compromising clarity) within 5000 Rs. Thanks in advance :)
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