1. sling-shot

    Reddit India - is there a way to get an explannation for a ban/get it revoked?

    I have had a recent misfortune of getting banned on Reddit. I am new to Reddit and been using for the last few days only. I got one of my posts deleted for being not totally India specific (they will take only India focused posts) but after that suddenly I got a message that I was banned but no...
  2. sushovan

    OnePlus gets banned from selling devices in India

    After Xiaomi it's OnePlus' turn in India to face the banhammer. The Delhi High Court has banned the Chinese company from importing and selling OnePlus One in India. Although the ban comes shortly after the Xiaomi case (which has been temporarily resolved), the two are for very different...
  3. CommanderShawnzer

    What if India had a Game Rating Board?

    I wonder :chinscratch: Would every game be censored or banned?
  4. H

    Android May Get Banned In India Says Government

    Android May Get Banned In India Says Government Dear Mr. Sibal, Regards dead5
  5. funskar

    Android X-rated Apps May Get Banned In India

    Apparently Kapil Sibal wants to ban porn apps on Android in India. Somebody save us from khangress:evil: Android May Get Banned In India
  6. aaruni

    Banned from Server

    Hi! Today was the first time I played online CS at the server: . After I disconnected I could not reconnect the next time. My console says that I have been banned from the server. Need help...
  7. Alok

    TDF "BAN" thread

    Hey guys ! I noticed many user having banned as their sig.:-D post here your ban record, reason and duration. And this thread is meant only for fun, don't take in wrong way, please. Here's mine= Times banned - never reason - probably i don't troll ! duration - N/A.
  8. dashing.sujay

    Getting banned all over!

    Well this is a weird problem i'm facing since months. I dunno why, My IP is banned on following forums jhonnyguru, corsair, pcmech, and many more of which i don't even know names, though i had never visited those. Just used to visit jhonnyguru seldom. I also contacted admin of pcmech, he told...
  9. Extreme Gamer

    Just came back from ban, but my Infraction is not listed?

    Ok mods, I saw that I had been banned and my ban would be lifted on the 28th of August 2 AM. I open my User CP to see who banned me, and guess what? The infraction is not even registered in my account! WTF?! Is this a forum bug or something? EDIT: Whoops wrong forum! Was gonna post this in...
  10. Skud

    Please help!!!

    I don't know why this happened but I am unable to login to my account. In user control panel its showing the recent subscriptions but if I try to see the unread visitor message or post comments to thread. I don't know the proper section to post this so mods please help. Am I banned? Just...
  11. Vartul

    Why MODS shouldn't be GODS.

    When was the last Time you were annoyed by a Mod? He Locked your thread(after having the last word)? Banned you coz you were an Honest self-respecting Troll? Posted pictures of himself bathing in a sticky thread? Banned you just before you were to be promoted? All these,and many other...
  12. Vartul

    The Big Banned Thread! (Repeat Telecast)

    Ban the person above you! For a Valid Reason. For a Reason. For no Reason! With so many of us getting banned, this is the right time to restart this Thread! Alright Digitians, Ban your way to Glory!
  13. G

    Banned 4 No Apparent Reason

    My id Goten was banned for 3 days and I was given this reason. I dont understand why was I banned....I did not abuse any1 as such nor did i spam...As i m most active in gamerz, community disc and fight what so useful posting can I do there except more of chatting. I was really...
  14. F

    New cracks any website?

    I'll never talk about piracy on ThinkDigit forums because now I know that I might get banned. :oops:
  15. max_demon

    Why freshseasons seasons was banned?

    One reason why????????? was he spamming? was he breaking forum rules? was he posting offensive messages? was he fighting with ninjas? ....the answer is no to all the questions above , then why this happned ? i remembered why praka123 (with that avatar of the cat whith attitude ) was...
  16. yippee


    why is he banned???
  17. B

    Downloading torrent banned help needed

    Downloading torrent files have been banned in our college is there some way to download torrents even after this, any software or trick?
  18. Worried From Bugs

    Google Earth Should Be Banned!

    I got this news via Newspaper, but I don't think it should banned, How many of you think it should be banned for broadcasting map??
  19. toofan

    How many times get banned?

    Friend this thread is to know that that how many times you have been banned and if you can mention the reasons its always good? And If any one get permanently banned and appeared with new ID feel free to post. Name: I haven't been banned yet but my one friend toofan_nainital got permanently...
  20. Faun

    EA's forum policy...lolz

    Now don't say EA's customer service sucks :D soucre: * well its taken back too after some negative feedback. Well but it's still in their TOS :rolleyes: soucre: * More lolz at...
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