1. bajaj151

    Net Banking ??

    I want to open a new savings account only for net banking purposes. Which bank has the best net banking services ?
  2. B

    SMC Intl. is trying to cheat me.. please suggest.

    Hi All, Recently I have bought Logitech Z623 speakers at Smcinternational dot com and have paid through the bank transfer method they asked. The total amount was 5850. After a couple of days, I recieved a mail from them and told that the price of the speakers is revised and asked me to...
  3. N

    i5 2400

    sorry i don't know where to post this.. i just ordered i5 2400 to smc,, but i did not pay yet,,this is my first trading online... is this safe ? they called and said "pay us" then we will dispatch and will give u a tracking link.... so now i have to pay through kotak mahindra bank m i...
  4. wwwescape

    Help with AlertPay and

    Hi, I am very much interested in linking my bank account with AlertPay and to receive funds from abroad. I have been trying for a while now and have not been able to successfully link my bank account with either AlertPay and as both service require...
  5. H refund.

    Hi, This is very shocking for me, that i purchased an item through payment gateway. the product have 30 days money back gaurantee, so i applied for refund and i recieved an e-mail from that a refund issued to your account and money is sent back to your bank...
  6. User Name

    Is it real or a ............

    I gotta this mail this morning is it real :?: I don't think so... what do you think
  7. escape7

    Questions about PayPal

    Hey guys. I've started a company and was thinking about using Paypal for transactions. Is anyone using this service? How is it? Is it possible for me to transfer money from my paypal account to the company's bank account here in India or in the UK? Thanks in Advance -Adi
  8. V


    Hi fellas, I am a registered ebay buyer and i do lot of shopping sometimes on it requires paypal money,It gets very hard to transfer the amt from Bank to Paypal a/c.Now i own a IDBI International ATM cum debit card and it does have 3 digit code but no expiry date.I tried to add...
  9. i_am_crack

    Resuming local bank withdrawals to India

    PayPal Dear ***********, We have been diligently working with the RBI and our business partners to resume Indian bank withdrawals for the thousands of Indian businesses who depend on PayPal to sell their goods or services in the global marketplace. Today, we are happy to announce that...
  10. blademast3r

    Which is the best bank to cash international checks?

    Hey guys... id like to know which bank is the best to cash international checks? in terms of time taken and fees on the transaction? also.. do i need to have an account in that bank to cash a check?
  11. iinfi

    Free ATM era ends on Tuesday

    Free ATM era ends on Tuesday this was on the cards ....
  12. clmlbx

    which bank is best for online work ?

    which bank is best for online work ? In least charges & better service ... online means from paypal,netbanking and all I was looking for SBI,Axis How is this both or share some more better
  13. Cyrus_the_virus

    Phishing on Indian Shores

    Nope, if you though I was talking about fishing on the shores of India, you're wrong, this is the Internet world and here you do phishing. With phishing out of control in major developed parts of the world and with majority of them attaining some knowledge about what they are, the phishers are...
  14. piyush.ml20

    pnb bank site doesnot open in browser other than IE

    the pnb bank site is designed to open only in ie. can it is possible to open it in other browsers like mozilla etc. ?
  15. NucleusKore

    Deadly perfume

    Source: * Thirty-four people went to hospital and dozens were treated for sickness after strong perfume was sprayed by a woman in a Texas bank. Two workers initially complained of having chest pains and headaches. The bank then announced...
  16. NucleusKore

    Inexpensive Thin Printable Batteries Developed

    Source: * For a long time, batteries were bulky and heavy. Now, a new cutting-edge battery is revolutionizing the field. It is thinner than a millimeter, lighter than a gram, and can be produced cost-effectively through a printing...
  17. NucleusKore

    Now Smoking is injurious to your bank account

    Source: * A US man was charged more than $23 quadrillion for a pack of cigarettes that he bought at a filling station using his Visa card, a TV report said. When he checked his online bank account...
  18. garfield_56

    nfs: UG-2 : help in drag race!!

    just started playing nfs - ug2....nd i won the races rachel gave me...all but one ::: drag.. I cant figure out how do win this one...if i increase the engine blows...if i dont, then i am left behind nd ultimately every1 else completes d race, while m stuck!!!! I am running a mazda...
  19. gaurav_indian

    Anti-Obama protesters arrested in Bangalore

    Anti-Obama protesters arrested in Bangalore * I dont think they have brains.
  20. U

    The Reality of State bank of india - Review of horrifying service quality

    The simple rule i understood from my experience with SBI is that : " Keep your COOL even if the SBI officers abuse you, insult you or harass you. Coz friends they have birth rights to do so and learn the fact that its not theirs but your fault that you opened your account in their bank. Never...
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