1. W

    Woman runs into glass door, bleeds to death

    Source: Kerala: Accident waiting to happen? Woman runs into glass door, bleeds to death | Kochi News - Times of India
  2. B

    [Want to Buy] Solar powered power bank

    Hi Guys, It is summer time and electricity cuts have started in my area. I was looking for a power bank and I found some power banks which charge when kept under the sun. There is no reputed brand making the same. So, my query is anyone tried these solar power banks? I am skeptical to order...
  3. vedula.k95

    Buying advice.

    Was too confused where to post so posted here,I don't exactly need a new phone advice but I am here in search for charger,I have a Ipro 10400 mAH power bank but I have a shitty low AMP charger which powers my phone like a turtle. I want you guys to suggest me which is the best high AMP phone...
  4. harshilsharma63

    Need Faster Charger For Mi 20000 mAh Power Bank

    Hi, I just bought a mi 20000 mAh power bank. Currently I only have a single charger - my Moto G 2nd gen charger rated at 5 V/550 mAh output, which iobviously is ridiculously slow to charge this power bank. The product manual/specifications suggest - 9 V/2 A or 12 V/1.5 A charger for fast...
  5. Shah

    Any Digitian from Kolkata? Seeking a small favour

    Hey guys, A scammer from Kolkata is misusing the photos of some guy to scam people online. This guy seems to be working in television media. I have uploaded the pics of him here and here. I'd like to inform him about the scammer and the misuse of his photos. I have scammer's address, bank...
  6. V

    Bank Exam Coaching Centres in Chennai

    I applied for IBPS Clerk 2016 Exam,i need to join Bank Exam Coaching Centres in Chennai, so suggest anyone best coaching institute to me
  7. vedula.k95

    Suggest a power bank Budget:700+-200.

    Hello forum, as the title states I am in need of a power bank but I couldn't decide which one to go for,that's why I posted it here.Devices which I am gonna plug in on it are Redmi Note 3,LYF jio Hotspot phone. Location:Bhubneswar and Jamshedpur,so please suggest those brands which has a...
  8. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions on power bank for price around Rs 600

    I need a power bank for one of my friends who has redmi1s. Budget is not more than Rs 600. Can someone suggest a good model.
  9. S

    Power Bank for one plus one

    Hi guys, Please suggest me a good power bank for my one plus one phone within 2k budget.
  10. I

    Skin4Gadgets come up with one of a kind Power Banks

    Source: Mobile Skins Online - Laptop Skins, Tablet Skins, Mugs Online in India Skin4Gadgets, one of the first few organizations to offer customized skin decals have come up with power banks which you yourself will design. Skin4Gadgets lets you select from a set of designs using which you can...
  11. sohan_92

    Power bank within 1.5k

    Hi, I need a decent power bank for my father's smart phone (Samsung Grand Prime). Any suggestion would be much appreciated. Open to buy from online and Local stores.
  12. Desmond

    Iran asks India to clear $6.5bn oil dues in 60 days

    Source: Iran asks India to clear $6.5bn oil dues in 60 days - The Times of India
  13. sling-shot

    Apps refusing to run on rooted Android phones - Fed Mobile today

    I was alerted to a new Federal Bank Android mobile application which I promptly downloaded and installed. But on startup it refused to run citing my phones rooted status. I have never had any other bank application say this. I have SBI, HDFC and ICICI happily running in the same phone...
  14. anarchy0x

    Buying a Power Bank

    I currently have Xiomi Redmi Note 4G since a few months In some months, I'll buy a new mobile. Of course, I can't say for now which one it'll be. So please suggest me a decent Power Bank, considering my current mobile & future buy. I think max budget would be 1.5-2K but it's not a hard & fast...
  15. A

    suggest Good Power bank ...

    Hello I want to buy good power bank , Where can i find one ? Should I purchased online or from shop? Which should take ? Suggest me
  16. jackal_79

    Suggestions For A Power Bank

    Hi, I have recently bought a LG G2 Mobile and now i am looking for a good power bank for charging it as i travel a lot. I have previously not thought a bout buying one so not familiar with what to look for. Here are my requirements: 1) Should be able to charge at least 2 devices ( One being my...
  17. harshilsharma63

    Suggest a power bank

    hi, I want a power bank for Moto G. The Mi 10400 mAh is out of stock so I need to know an alternate. Thanks :)
  18. Chetan1991

    [Require] Tutorial on creating a 5 - 10W LED light that can be powered with a power bank

    Hello everyone. I just bought a 10400mAh Xiaomi power bank and thought it would be nice if I could illuminate my room with it, in addition to charging my phone. Considering it provides 2A current at 5V, I am assuming it can run a 10W (P = IV) LED light (correct me if I'm wrong.) But I have...
  19. saikiasunny

    Power Bank in < rs 600

    Hello guys. So i need a power bank for my zenfone 5. was looking for xiaomi ones but OOS everywhere. Was specifically looking for 5200 models. I only heard about the xiaomi models and don't know much about other brands. Any suggestions guys for a bank which is reliable and economical.
  20. S

    Where can I get a bank ATM locator?

    Where can I get a bank ATM locator?
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