1. R

    Power Bank

    I want to buy a power bank of around 10,000mah battery. my budget is 1000-1500. i am confused between samsung 9000mah and advent m400 power banks. please suggest me which should i go for. Is advent a reliable brand?
  2. ssdivisiongermany1933

    [Complaint] Infibeam not refunding

    I ordered a memory card on 20th june 2014 but there was pricing error and it was cancelled on 3rd july , I didn't get refund till yesterday so mailed them , this I got in reply Thank you for contacting us for refund of the Order Id 13******. We are always happy to assist you. With...
  3. mrinmoy

    Portable charger under 3K!

    Suggest portable charger under 3k with capacity above 8000 mAh. It should have good efficiency and long lasting battery. Please give review if you are using any. I have selected some 1. EViO EUP - 13000-M13000B 13000 mAh Power Bank 2. Lapcare Power Bank Superimo 12000 mAh 3. Yoobao YB-6014...
  4. toad_frog09

    Mobikwik. Fraud and Deceit.

    I have been a regular internet user since last 5-6 years, and an avid online shopper since last three years, trusting my money with websites that have never let me down. This one website, has given me headache and pains that can compensate for all my good experiences turning me...
  5. 1

    [For Sale] [Mint] Solar 10000 MAH Power Bank 2 USB Output

    Model number and details: Solar 10000 MAH Power Bank For all Mobile Phones, Tablets, MP3 / Mp4 players, PDA, PSP, etc. Date of purchase: 30/12/2013 Reason for sale: Extra. Warranty details: No Warranty as this is Imported stuff. Expected Price: 2500/- each Location of Seller: NaviMumbai Shipping...
  6. Ronnie11

    Portable Power Bank for Mobile phone

    Hello people, so i need a portable power bank for my phones. Smartphones as we all know have poor battery life and while travelling, i always cant seem to find a charging point to charge my phones. So am looking for a portable charger with capacity of about 7500mah or more. My primary phone...
  7. prehistoricgamer

    Banking & Freelancing Info needed

    To start off, I just landed an internship in my field of choice. It's been almost 15 days in to the job. I'm 22 years old. I still do not have a bank account. Yeah. I don't :-) Why? Because I didn't have the need for one until now I guess. I have zero knowledge of how banking works. As of...
  8. eggman

    Anyone experienced in buying home from a Builder? I lost one reciept..need help!

    Hi I have bought a house from Prestige Builders in Bangalore. It is bought on 24 installments (some by me , some by loan). Some of the previous installments have been paid by the bank. The bank sends the check to the builder and we get the receipt . Today I realized that for the October...
  9. patkim

    Fee for i store registration??

    I was wondering if there is any fee for registering with apple itune store? Registration requires you to enter credit card and billing details, though it also mentions that the card will be debited only when you make a purchase. To my surprise just after entering these details, I got SMS alert...
  10. P

    Which one's the best? Bank Account : Savings with Debit Card and Internet Banking

    Hey, So I was planning to learn the Banking Process (the basics) and need a new Bank Account for LONG-TERM use. I know how to make online transactions and use DC/CC online. Have used Amazon,Flipkart,ICICI,Infibeam,IRCTC. Location : Mumbai. I am 21,studying. Here are my...
  11. M

    How to withdraw balance

    Okay guys just tell me about this: I have recently made an account at Skrill. I have added my SBI bank account by adding its swift code and my account number. Now the bank's been added in the list. Now can I withdraw funds directly into my SBI bank account? Or is there anything else I would...
  12. anuragsinghh

    hey guys in which bank should i open my account for steam and origin

    i'm going to open a account in a bank but i'm really confused because my main motto for this account is for purchasing games from steam , origin , game4u and flipkart etc so what do i need for this ? credit card or debit card or both ? and how can i get these from my bank , so guys please share...
  13. MetalheadGautham

    Oldest Private Swiss Bank Pleads Guilty in US Tax Evasion Case

    Source: Oldest private Swiss bank pleads guilty in US tax evasion case Interesting read. I hope India sees something here and follows up with its own action.
  14. S

    Suggest a Good Credit Card Against FD

    Please suggest a good Credit Card against Fixed Deposit. Also suggest these with regard to Bank and Credit Card: A credit card which has the lowest interest rate on EMI/Products purchased online/retail purchases. A Bank which should give highest interest rate on Fixed Deposits. And ya,Credit...
  15. debarshi

    Portable Power bank for Xperia P

    Hey, Can you suggest a good power bank (for charging portably) for my Xperia P within 2200 Mhz at a budget of 1.5k I am going on a trip in December, and might need an accidental charge, given the huge power usage of Android phones, and extra camera usage ;) Suggestions with links to buy...
  16. Jaxx89

    Which Power Bank to buy for mobile phone???

    Looking at portable chargers/power banks for my Samsung GS3 I've shortlisted a few but am really confused as to which one would be the best to buy. Portronics Charge X Mobile power bank Portronics Powerpack 4000 Cooler master Choiix C-2021-K1 Anker Astro 5600mAh Heavy gaming/video viewing on...
  17. H

    Help needed to develop an android app

    Hey friends, I am developing an finance organizer android app, which will read bank sms and add transaction based on these sms. For optimizing the code i need to know all type of msgs bank send for bank,debit card,atm,credit card transaction etc. so i need these msgs and you can help me by...
  18. vamsi_krishna

    [For Sale] Nikon MH-61 Charger + EN-EL5 Battery

    Nikon MH-61 Charger + EN-EL5 Battery Expected Price: Rs 1,000 (Open for reasonable negotiation) Time of Purchase: Somewhere in 2010 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No. Lost. Reason for Sale: Lost the camera soon after I bought these. Been biting...
  19. kool

    how DIY: External battery emergency charger for mobile/tab :|

    Guys, I've read many times on snapdeal, flpkart about Callmate POWERBANK mobile charger. Callmate Power Bank 2200mah Price in India, Buy Callmate Power Bank 2200mah, Reviews & Features, Callmate Mobile Accessories - which charge ur mobile on the move. But these are costly...
  20. funskar

    80 account holders lose Rs 20 lakh to hackers

    Courtesy hackers of savings bank accounts, around 80 account holders have lost approximately Rs 20 lakh so far. This became known on Saturday when police registered a criminal case at city police station. Police said amounts were withdrawn from branches of State Bank of India and State Bank of...
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