1. iittopper

    need to buy bf3 premium - no account , credit,debit etc

    Alright folks i need to buy battlefield 3 premium@ 1499 . I have 10% discount also so will get it @ 1250 :-D . But i am a student , 18 years old who do not have bank account , atm card nothing . I cannot ask my parent because i want to buy with my own money and dont want to tell them . Any...
  2. D


  3. MetalheadGautham

    Best Bank for Net Banking and Fund Transfer

    I have a Canara Bank Savings Account for regular use and salary. Liked it because of the number of ATMs everywhere and instant SMS alerts for money credited into account, money debited from account (both via ATM and Debit Card). Problem is they are looting people for online transactions @ Rs...
  4. cute.bandar

    onlinesbi: transactions get updated in how much time?

    I am trying to add my bank account to paypal. Paypal sent a mail saying they have made 2 deposits in my bank account on May 16th. but I checked my net banking account and there are no transactions there. Does anyone have any idea as to how much time does it take for onlinesbi to update show...
  5. mohityadavx

    Can anyone pay for me via paypal

    Hey! I need to make a payment of 26$ via paypal can anyone do that for me? I am willing to make the bank transfer to your account in advance. Thanks!
  6. mohityadavx

    Paypal payment blocked

    Paypal Payment I am constantly getting this error on a Paypal transaction. I used my uncle's HSBC credit card. "The card you entered cannot be used for this payment." Can anyone here make a Paypal payment for me of 57$ I am willing to do bank transfer in advance.Please its a software I...
  7. ithehappy

    How to Bank Wire money to USA?

    Hey guys have purchased a product in eBay, the seller is from Texas, US and I will wire him. I thought it was an easy process and I will be able to do that from my Axis Bank a/c easily via online but I can't. Anyone knows how can I do that? I have two days left. The amount is within Rs.1 lac...
  8. sam9953

    Old Hindi Songs CD 1970's (6 Volume Pack)

    Item name: Enchanting melodies Date of purchase: One year back Reason for sale: Not using it anymore Warranty details: No warranty available Expected Price: Rs 50 per CD Location of Seller: Rohini, Delhi Courier: Yes, using DTDC Shipping charges: As applicable Payment methods: Cash, Bank...
  9. V

    Close encounter at midnight !

    Encounter at midnight!! N an early morning encounter on Thursday, five persons allegedly involved in two daring bank robberies in Chennai was shoot dead in a ‘encounter’in a gunbattle with the city police at Velachery in the early hours of Thursday. The suspects were identified as Chandrika Rey...
  10. Sarath

    Some Credit card related queries

    [SOLVED] Some Credit card related queries " Can CC capacity be increased by transferring funds into it before end of billing cycle?" Well I will be talking about two components here and to avoid confusion they are: My Mom's ICICI Credit Card My own HDFC Debit card Pretext: I need...
  11. ax3

    Need a Bag ! ! !

    i need a bag just as shown in "bourne supremacy/identity", red bag which he picks up from the bank ... anyone what that bag is called & where can i get it ???
  12. suntex

    1GB Hosting Space + 150GB Monthly Bandwidth+ Unlimited Emails

    1GB Hosting Space + 150GB Monthly Bandwidth+ Unlimited Emails = Rs.100/mo SunShell™ Hosting specializes in budget shared as well as reseller hosting since the end of 2006. With our high performance CloudLinux powered hosting, you'll get sufficient speed for your every site hosted on our server...
  13. kartikoli

    Help me decide between AXIS , YES and HSBC bank

    Need a suggestion for bank account my brother have been given a choice of 3 banks [yes, axis and HSBC bank] from his employer and we have no branch close to my house also all ATMs are far situated as well so we need to decide on a bank which gives following features or al-teast few less or...
  14. zacfx05

    MB that supprots GEN3 tech that wont make abig hole in the pocket

    This is for guys who doesnt want many connection features like 14 usb ports on their motherboard, and want to buy a new MB now... but still like to buy something future proof without breaking a bank.... BIOSTAR TZ68K+ Maximum PC | Biostar: No Worries, Our 6 Series Mainboards Fully Support...
  15. Sarath

    New Bank account; which bank to choose?

    I have recently started buying a few games online but am doing transactions in the 90's style of going to the bank and making a deposit. I want to take advantages of the NEFT transfer facilities and debit card shopping that is becoming the norm these days. Hence I have decided to open a bank...
  16. lywyre

    Please Help - IRCTC Failed Transaction

    Hi, I booked a ticket today on the IRCTC for travel from Erode to Katpadi on 21-10-2011. After the payment to ICICI, I got the confirmation of the transaction from the bank, but the IRCTC site's session timed out and the transaction is listed in the failed transactions. I know that IRCTC will...
  17. rahulbalmuri

    Cooler Master GX550W PSU

    COOLER MASTER GX550W PSU(DEAL IS CLOSED) Model Number: RS-500-ACAA-E3 Type: Intel Form Factor ATX 12V V2.31 Date Of Purchase: 4th August (No Bill) Warranty period: 3 months used only(Infact 3 days i used it.. 3 months it was packed aside), so 4.7 yr warranty left Expected Price: Rs 3500...
  18. P

    Fifa 11 for ps3

  19. socrates

    HDFC hacked, bank claims vulnerabilities fixed

    See HDFC hacked, bank claims vulnerabilities fixed
  20. ithehappy

    Urgent...Have a query regarding Ebay transaction

    Hi, I've sold a product successfully on Ebay and the buyer has confirmed the payment. I've been given a PaisaPay ID that I've received my payment but I can't see it in on my bank a/c. Do I need to provide the Shipping details first? My first time with Ebay, that's why confused. Thanks...
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