1. pacificb0y

    Woman cons 84 with fake ISRO offer letters

    BANGALORE: A 23-year-old electronics engineering graduate has been arrested for allegedly faking the electronic signature of Isro chairman K Radhakrishnan and conning 84 college students after promising them jobs in the organization. She had earlier failed an Isro job test. Shradda Saswathi...
  2. V

    [For Sale] cooler master hyper 212 evo

    date of purchase : march 2012 reason for sale : got new cooler warranty : expired expected price : 1500rs negotiable location : bangalore if you are interested in buying come to my house and collect the item. No mailing or anything. I am lazy.
  3. H

    Buying SimCity

    Apparently, Simcity is not available in India for online ordering. Is there a place I can goto in Bangalore to buy it? like a retail store... thanks ~N
  4. R

    Welcome to my First Build:D

    My first build guys 8-) im so proud of myself :P. Firstly i thank this TD community and all the members for everything,just few months back i never new something like this existed. Back in nov 2012 i started this tread PC Rig 50-55K Bangalore asking for a config. I thank the following member...
  5. avichandana20000

    IT place of hyderabad ... URGENT

    I am currently in Hyderabad at MANIKONDA... need to know where I can find the IT components like S.P. Road in Bangalore or Lamington road in mumbai or Chandni Chowk in Calcutta
  6. Charley

    Sell Old Books - Where ?

    I want to sell my old BBM & MBA text books. Where should I sell it ? I'm in Bangalore Is there an online site which buys old books ?
  7. gagan_kumar

    need help for buying a mobile phone in bangalore

    i need to purchase karbon A30 in bangalore can anyone help me telling where can i purchase it??
  8. Sarath

    Bangalore Club

    List of TDF members from Bangalore :) We can discuss the latest happenings in the city or anything for that matter here. You might want to add your name to the list below in case you would like to participate in a meetup or just to give attendance here. Enter you name here >...
  9. H

    Rock Band for PS3 in Bangalore

    hi, Im planning to a buy the Rock Band set for PS3 in Bangalore...any suggestions where I can get it. Tried looking at flipkart but its not listed there. Thanks ~N
  10. P

    Where to buy Nokia N9 in bangalore?

    I want to buy a new nokia n9 in bangalore. Price should be around 20k. Thanks
  11. R

    Place to buy pc peripherals in Bangalore

    which is the best place to buy PC components in Bangalore?? Anything closer to whitefield will be better. Highly appreciate the shop details.
  12. R

    Replacing HAF 922 with CM690 II advanced

    Hi All, I moved to Bangalore from Hyderabad and I would like to take my pc to bangalore now. I will be travelling in a train and now the "bigger" problem is to carry my huge cpu (HAF 922) along with a 24" Samsung monitor and also my heavy UPS alongside. Hurdles faced - 1) Size is huge...
  13. B

    Query on smart card driving licence.Need help from anyone in bangalore.

    I took my driving licence from bangalore 6 yrs back.I left bangalore sometime after that.Recently only I came across the news that smart card driving licence has been introduced in karnataka in the year 2009 and all DL holders have to switch to smart cards within 2 years(i.e.2011).But I have not...
  14. R

    Mobile Insurance Service Providers

    Hello, My brother recently purchased Samsung S Advance phone (he already lost a Motorola Defy on 6th day of purchase in Bangalore) and he want mobile insurance but he can`t find any Mobile Insurance Service Providers. please suggest some insurance providers.
  15. shayem

    [Want to Buy] A 5850 oc edition

    Hi all, I want buy a HD 5850 OC edition graphics card. Like the MSI TF II but any make will be ok for me. Bangalore or Kolkata buyer will be preferred, cause I can check and buy. So if anyone want to sale let me know. Thanks
  16. ajayritik

    Trip to Bangalore

    Hi guys, I'm planning for a three day Trip to Bangalore this week. Wanted to check with guys from Bangalore out here as to which is the best place to stay I mean location and any hotels? Also planning to travel to Mysore for a day. Thanks, Ajayritik
  17. @

    IaaS [Cloud Computing] Course, Jobs & Future

    A friend of mine completed his BTech in ECE & is in Software Testing field from two years. Now he's planning to switch to Cloud Computing. He got suggestions from friends to go for IaaS since he is from ECE. Moreover he isn't interested in development also. Know any good institutes in...
  18. P

    hp 2005ax - shops in bangalore

    hi, i plan to buy a hp 2005 ax today. can anybody help me with shops in bangalore which are reliable and where i can get a good deal.....? thanks in advance....
  19. X

    BSNL EVDO Locations in Electronic City, Bangalore

    hi. I am planning to get a BSNL EVDO postpaid connection. Prior to getting the connection, I need to check signal availability. The CC / Phone exchanges dont have demo cards for the signal check <tried Hebbagodi / BTM / Electronic City exchanges today> Anyone using the EVDO connection...
  20. V

    Best Custom PC assembler in Bangalore ??

    Hi all, does anybody know good and knowledgeable PC assembler in Bangalore. I am getting my new gaming PC parts from different places, few from outside india also. Now I do not want to take a risk with these costly parts by assembling myself. So could anyone suggest a good place with...
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