Welcome to my First Build:D


My first build guys :cool: im so proud of myself :p.
Firstly i thank this TD community and all the members for everything,just few months back i never new something like this existed.

Back in nov 2012 i started this tread PC Rig 50-55K Bangalore asking for a config.
I thank the following member for looking into my request:

i ended up purchasing on 4 march 2013 (my b-day :-D) from SP Road Bangalore.
all form Ankit Infotech ,the guy der was kinda nice.

2Gigabyte B75 D3H3,950
3G.skill 1600Mhz 8GB kit3,900
4WD blue 500GB2,963
5CX 500V23,150
6ASUS optical drive1,050
7Dell S2240L8,600
8NZXT Tempest 410 Elite4,500

With 5.5% Tax ,Total 41,000
GPU will get in a week.

GPU-Sapphire 7950 Vapor-X

I assemble it my self,only faced problems when installing the PSU.
i must say the tempest 410 elite is just awsm:razz:,and the monitor is sexxy :D
any ways thank you once again and here is the pic,will upload more soon.





and also my sister gifted me a Razer deathadder 3.5g
More Pictures
*i.imgur.com/2YT6CrRl.jpg *i.imgur.com/BdzcvrBl.jpg
*i.imgur.com/xS8j1yxl.jpg *i.imgur.com/PD0o3r7l.jpg
*i.imgur.com/qm2EYPBl.jpg *i.imgur.com/YBoXjujl.jpg
*i.imgur.com/BDEKKKMl.jpg *i.imgur.com/7Y2Su7sl.jpg
*i.imgur.com/9476ICol.jpg *i.imgur.com/1fqwVMPl.jpg
*i.imgur.com/oeigq8Gl.jpg *i.imgur.com/p0giyeul.jpg
*i.imgur.com/iRK4Uy9l.jpg *i.imgur.com/YoM6Hiel.jpg

CPU Benchmarks
CPU Idle-
CPU load-
Prime 95 stress test for 5 min

More pics and GPU and may be benchmarks soon :D
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Cyborg Agent
Great rig. Congrats dude.
Happy gaming !!

PS: That keyboard could do with some cleaning.


Thank You all :-D and thank you for u wishes best b-day ever :D
im getting a HD7850 2gb OC sapphire@13,900rs im fine with this card will oc a little more to 1050Hz.
btw guys hard drive is showing 465GB.
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Hardcore Gamer
Congrats to your purchase!!

My 1 TB shows 931 gb
seagate model
i think the reason will be Manufactures Counting 1000 MB as 1 TB
and we count 1024 MB as 1 tb
so the equation is
*weak in maths*:|
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