1. aaruni

    Bomb Blast in Bangalore

    A low intensity bomb blast from an IED took place in Church Street near M.G Road, Bangalore. Two injured, a woman in critical state, and a man. Source We were just in the area in the late noon.... Damn we were shocked when we switched on the TV to this news.
  2. Desmond

    [Breaking] Person beaten up by police in public in Bangalore, strapped to pole.

    A guy posted this on /r/india about four hours ago. Ppl from bangalore, What happened to this guy? : india Rumor is that this guy raped someone and the police did this. No comments from the police so far. Pics might be graphic: This was tweeted to the Commissioner of Police Bangalore...
  3. gagan_kumar

    unlimited broadband provider in bangalore

    hey i wanted to know about which all broadband providers which offer really good deal are there in bangalore......... required speed : download:2mbps upload:512kpbs+ budget: 1500Rs/- per month max plz skip ACT,airtel and for the love of god don't even mention the name of BSNL...
  4. C

    [For Sale] Gaming desktop in Bangalore

    Hi Guys, So I need to sell my desktop since I am going back to college and need a laptop. I would prefer to sell the entire system as a whole but will sell individual components if no one takes the entire PC. I own games like BF3, Dota 2, CS:GO , FIFA 14, CIV 5 etc. If you are in...
  5. A

    I want to send cake online to my brother in Bangalore

    I want to send cake online to my brother in Bangalore on his birthday. Problem is that he will be on travel, on his birthday. He will be in Bangalore for just 2-3 hours before leaving for Malaysia. So I am looking for a reliable professional website which delivers cakes, flowers in Bangalore...
  6. A

    suggest best institutefor ccie in bangalore

    suggest best institute for ccie in bangalore . i have visited two ccie training institute in bangalore networks home and acit . i am confused which course to join ccie security or ccie collaboration and which institute to join . please help me to join into good institute
  7. R

    Magnetic Fan Filters

    Im looking for a Magnetic 120mm Fan Filter, i stay in bangalore.
  8. webgenius

    Where to buy winter cloting for USA in Bangalore

    I and my wife have to travel to USA for cuple of months. We'll have to travel pretty soon, and hence planning to purchase winter clothes for both of us this weekend. Please recommend places in Bangalore where I can get good winter jackets that can withstand the low temeperatures in USA. The...
  9. R

    BF4 Game backup bangalore

    BF4 taking 120+ hrs to download can someone send me a backup,i can also collect it via ext hard disk. PM me if u stay in bangalore Pls help! thank you
  10. Katalyst

    Gamers Meet with Cooler Master in Bangalore

    We are having a Gamer's Meet in Bangalore this weekend. Cooler Master will be showcasing some of their best gaming peripherals. You will also get to experience some product which are yet to be released in India. Also, NVIDIA will give a small talk about their technology. We will have some small...

    vmware certification @ bangalore ->need feedback

    hi, im looking to take vmware certification from bangalore, do any of you know any authorized vmware training centr? currently im looking at vepsun,but its not an authorized centr.(got most reviews in g+) is it mandatory to do training from a vmware certified institute?also do any of u ppl...
  12. Darth Vader

    [Query] TP Link Service Center in Bangalore

    My TPLink W8961ND wireless router is not working. It was bought in chennai. Let me know who provides warranty for TPlink in Bangalore .
  13. G

    44 charred to death as Bang-Hyd volvo bus catches fire

    Source Feel sad for those people.Most of them were software guys and students. :| Kindly avoid Jabbar and Diwakar Travels next time.Bunch of idiots.
  14. Renny

    Positive Experience Bangalore - Fittness equipment

    URL of product: PROTONER IRON GYM EXTREME DOOR CHIN UP BAR PUSH UP BARS DIPS SIT UPS AB STRAPS | eBay Date of purchase : 24/08/13 Tracking ID / Order ID : X Source: Jalandhar Destination: Bangalore Courier used : FedEx Praise / Complaint details : A missing screw. Delivered in 3 days. No...
  15. Harsh Pranami

    Info needed regarding spectranet broadband in bangalore

    Guys, I'm really in need of a broadband. Many thinkdigit users suggested to go for spectranet as it has no fup and offers very low pings. Two days ago I called their customer care and they told me that they offer service for apartments and societies only. No individual houses. If I were to apply...
  16. Renny

    Software/Testing course in Bangalore?

    Which is the best institute to join to learn testing in Bangalore? (Heard good things about qspiders)? Also a good institute to learn core java, javascript? PS - Placement assistance must be GOOD!
  17. P

    suggestions for a DSLR

    Hi All, I would like to learn Photography and I'm looking to buy a DSLR. What's your budget? 20K to 25K Camera type? DSLR Body Style? Doesn't Matter! How much zoom do you want/expect? Don'r know Do you care for manual exposure controls? I'm a noob, I don't know what it...
  18. H

    Residents of Bangalore, please help

    I will most probably moving to Bangalore from next month. I will be enrolling in a course at the CDAC Knowledge Park ( [The institute is just beside the Baiyappanahalli Metro station] I was overjoyed when I saw that there is an EVDO connection in Bangalore. I need to...
  19. Vintech009

    Best BB Connection In Bangalore E-City

    Hi all. I stay in Bangalore Electronic City and in need of Bb connnection. 1. The bb should be unlimited 2. Speed should be above 2mbps. My budget is 1.5k to 3k. I heard lot about ACT BB so does it offers connectivity in our area. Regards
  20. G

    Will Bangalore have to be evacuated by 2023?

    Indeed a wakeup call about water scarcity. Source:Firstpost
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