1. G

    mobile LCD replacement in bangalore

    I am having coolpad note 3 and LG g2 with broken LCD, Can any one please where should I replace the LCD panel. I am looking for economical solution. where should I go sp road or raja market or some where else. please suggest
  2. Sarang\m/

    Looking for a Pc from 60-70k

    Hello, Looking to build a Gaming PC in India, Bangalore. 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: It...
  3. M

    GTX 1070 - Bangalore - Best service?

    Planning to get a GTX 1070. As long as the card is not too loud and does its job, I'm fine with anything. My main concern is durability/life AND after sales service. I have heard bad things about MSI. So the decision comes down to: ASUS Gigabyte Zotac Asus has a listed the service...
  4. A

    Where to build a rig from in Bangalore???:thinking_NF:

    Hello Digit World Need to build a power rig for Audio and Video editing in Bangalore ASAP Thinking about i76700K with 32GB RAM and not so very concerned about GPU presently as I'm not an avid gamer but do realise the power having a GPU do my rendering, gives me. Suggest me a mobo which...
  5. krishnandu.sarkar

    How is package of 9L for Bengaluru?

    Hi Guys, To tell you the truth, I'm facing a situation where I can't reach to any conclusion. It's being like taking a hard decision for me. Currently, I'm based in Kolkata and working in an IT MNC Company where my package is around 6.3L which after increment of this year would become atleast...
  6. akhilc47

    Reliable pc hardware shops in bangalore

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend any pc hardware shops in bangalore where I can get all the hardware at a reasonably low cost. I heard there are a few good shops at SP road, any names? Thanks
  7. 9


    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? Ans: Gaming PC. Ill be running games like GTA 5, Fallout 4, Assassins Creed Syndicate 2. What is your overall budget? If you can extend a bit for a more balanced configuration, then mention this...
  8. C

    Air purifier for a small house (1BHK ~500 sq feet) (Bangalore)

    Hi, I am looking for a air purifier for a small house (Bangalore). The major requirement is to clear out allergens and dust mites. My current budget is 15k. Planning to buy by Jan, 2016. I have looked into few model for Philips, but reading the reviews i am worried about after sales service and...
  9. A

    Help buying Gaming PC in Bangalore

    I have 0 experience in Computer Hardware and cannot smell a scam even if it were close to my nose :-D I finally have the money but I don't want to risk it, so I am asking here. I've found this decent config here: gaming pc But does anyone know how reliable Golccha IT guys are? Or even...
  10. jkultimate

    ACT Fibernet. BANGALORE. New Connection

    Hi guys, planning to stay in Bangalore for next 2 years from Feb 2016 although not sure. Heard about ACT fibernet and their plans seems to be awesome. I want to know the cost of getting a fresh new ACT Fibernet connection in Bangalore with WIFI modem. Now planning for 1999 per month plan as...
  11. Sarang\m/

    WIreless internet in bangalore

    Hey guys. I recently shifted to Bangalore and I have some queries. Which is the best wireless internet connection in Bangalore which gives reasonable data as well? I need it mainly for online gaming. I can't get a wired connection as I stay in PG. I can spend up to Rs.1500. a month. Thanks
  12. N

    Budget 40 inch TV

    Budget: Around 40k Brand: Sony/Samsung/LG Size: 40 inch minimum Features: Full HD, screen mirroring, WiFi not mandatory Make: 2015 Most importantly should last atleast 10 years Friends based on above requirements please suggest me a good TV of 2015 make. Planningto but this month end...
  13. rhitwick

    Amazing murder plot, a true possible Sherlock Holmes villain

    THe more I read about this man's conspiracy details, I get amazed. Such planning and! Bengaluru Techie, Arrested for Hoax Calls, Says He Killed Wife: Police Gokul?s five-year plan to do away with Anuradha and Jose - Bangalore Mirror (read in details here) So, I'll...
  14. RageshAntony

    Please suggest a shop in bangalore to buy and assemble a new pc....

    Please suggest a shop in Bangalore , Karnataka to buy and assemble a new PC .... The shop must have : 1) 100 % genuine and newly packed parts 2) Price must be low as possible 3) Must have stock for all models of computer components as possible (atleast for largely used models of...
  15. T

    Moving to bangalore in search of a Job?

    Hi guys, I am a digitian since 2003. Digit inspired me since i was in 7th standard in school to opt for Information technology as a career.Completed my Engineering in 2011 but made a mistake that since i did not have 60% percent in class 12th ( I missed by 10 marks) , I did not get opportunity...
  16. d6bmg

    Good reliable and cheap shops in bangalore

    Please guide me about good reliable and cheap laptop stores in Bangalore. Shop name would be helpful....
  17. F

    3G dongle for use in Bangalore

    Hello Friends I m using MTS Mbalze postpaid 3G plus 999 plan. Recently I have been downgraded from 40Gb plan to 15GB day + 15Gb night plan. I m planning to shift to any other data provider. Please suggest the best option available in Bangalore. Monthly Budget: Rs 1000-1500 Data Required: Min...
  18. Charley

    Is ACT Fibernet best ISP in Bangalore

    Is ACT Fibernet the best ISP in Bangalore?
  19. R

    Good Packaged drinking water in bangalore

    Sorry coudnt find any other location to post this After moving to Bangalore i find many packaged drinking water but some of their packing look trash, and scared to buy So if you are staying here in bangalore kindly suggest good packaged drinking water Railway 1ltr water cost 15rs...
  20. R

    best training institute for java-j2ee in bangalore

    Hi folks, Can you please tell me which is the best training institute with best faculty for java-j2ee in bangalore? Thanks
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