IaaS [Cloud Computing] Course, Jobs & Future


A friend of mine completed his BTech in ECE & is in Software Testing field from two years. Now he's planning to switch to Cloud Computing. He got suggestions from friends to go for IaaS since he is from ECE. Moreover he isn't interested in development also.

Know any good institutes in Bangalore ?
His main concern is about future of cloud. Is IaaS Manager [etc] secure job ?

he cannot learn on own, so institute suggestion is needed. How is IIHT, B'lore ? They charge 1Lakh rs

He also sent an email to a prof, here's the summary :

I am planning to learn CLOUD COMPUTING, so I need information and some suggestions from you.

Which module is good in the followings ? Which has the better future ?
1. IaaS
2. PaaS
3. SaaS

I have completed my engineering in Electronics and communication, so many people are suggesting me to learn IaaS. What would you suggest for me.

Would be helpful if you suggest any good institution which offers the course Bangalore.

I had visited IIHT few days back in Bangalore, They will provide following facilities,
1. Have their own Data Center and providing IaaS to few of the IT industries and colleges in Bangalore.
2. Will put student on their real project to learn practical stuffs.
3. 150 hours of internship in any of the IT industry with which they have collaboration
4. 6 months experience certificate.

I have 2.5 years of working experience in Software Testing, now I am planning to switch to cloud.

So Please suggest me which way has bright future.

I don't know how much it is true about IIHT, so if anyone here studied at IIHT, please reply. Thanks a lot !
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