1. subratabera

    How to replace T'cend pd of Kolkata in Bangalore w'out bill

    Hi friends, I purchased a T'cend 4gb pendrive in Kolkata 3 months ago and now it is giving me write protect error. I've tried each and every method to repair the pd but all in vain. Now I'm in Bangalore and dont have the bill. Can it be replaced here? If yes, please help me to replace this...
  2. dd_wingrider

    Any Shops In Bangalore To Buy iPhone Accessories

    If someone knows any shops in Bangalore where you can get iPhone accessories like screen protector and cover etc. please let me know. I tried looking on net, there are few good ones, but i would like to try one on iPhone before buying. I am ordering the Invisible Shield, but want to look out...
  3. E

    Phone between 15-20* K

    Guys I am planning to buy a new phone. The once on my list are HTC P3300 Nokia 5800 XpressMusic LG KP500 (Hope these are available in Bangalore) Is there any known problems with these or would you recommend any other phone. Thanks
  4. subratabera

    Want to buy a portable HDD

    Hello friends, Please suggest me a good portable HDD with >=320 GB space, which can withstand some drops and it must be USB powered. If possible please tell me the latest price in Bangalore and some reliable shop where I can find it as I am new in this city. My budget is 5000 Rs...
  5. rajhot

    Univercell reliable?

    Guys planning to get N82 from univercell next week. Is it reliable? Place : Bangalore.
  6. D

    Suggest a place to buy hardware in Bangalore

    I am building a new system and I recently moved to Karnataka. So, I don't know where to find best deal for this stuff. please suggest me place in Bangalore where I can find all of these components at reasonable rate. BTW, my system config is given below. Intel C2D E8400 Asus P5Q Mobo...
  7. vinit suri

    Laptop Sticker in Bangalore

    HEY guys can sm1 tell me where one can get good laptop stickers or laptop skins in bangalore???
  8. naggregate

    Unique Web Portal

    Hey guys! First off, before you all get at me for being a newbie here, let me tell you that I am not. I just changed my username from 'nagarjun_424' to 'naggregate'. Who am I? I am a 19 year old student and developer from Bangalore and I run my own IT company called Clique Start. Here is...
  9. blademast3r

    Where do i get code breaker or swap magic from?

    Hey guys im lookin to buy an original codebreaker or swapmagic disk here in bangalore...does ne1 kno any place?? nd price?
  10. iinfi

    Bangalore IT event loses online identity

    Bangalore IT event loses online identity did this happen bcoz they didnt renew the domain?? or can the cyber squatter gain access to the domain controls even whn the domain is active?
  11. K

    Where's a good computer parts shop in Bangalore?

    I've newly settled in Bangalore. I plan to build a PC, and need to buy components. Can you suggest a trustworthy shop with a good collection (Q6600, Ausus PQ5 Pro, ATI 4670, Western Digital 640GB, etc. are what I have in mind)? I'm not familiar with the current market, so can you guys tell me...
  12. rajhot

    Screen protector?

    Where can i get a screen protector for my Laptop(Dell M1530) in bangalore? Please mention the price also?
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