1. J

    Cabinet help

    Hi Guys, Do anyone know what is the current price of Corsair Graphite 600T White Special Edition? and where can i buy it in bangalore?
  2. MetalheadGautham

    Urgent: Recommend Stable Mobile Internet in Bangalore

    I need a good dataplan for mobile internet. Main priority is decent surfing speed and stability of connection. Should be cheap. Datacard should be reusable or unlocked (so thinking of buying card separately) but not compulsory Budget has no cap because I have no idea how much I need to...
  3. C

    2G/3G SIMs for Phone/ Data for iPhone,Laptop & iPad in Bombay Bangalore & Nationwide?

    2G/3G SIMs for Phone/ Data for iPhone,Laptop & iPad in Bombay Bangalore & Nationwide? I have the following scenario: DEVICES & CONNECTIVITY: iPhone 4 - GPRS/Edge Connection - 2GB for 99/- Data Plan with Vodafone Postpaid Thinkpad Laptop w Win 7 x 64 bit - TataPhoton Plus for when out...
  4. arsenalfan001

    Packers and Movers - Bangalore

    Hi guys, Currently I am working in Bangalore and transferred to Kolkata (finally). Need to send my stuff via packers and movers (LCD TV / WM / Kitchen Utensils / books etc). Checked with 3 of them, got quotes of 4.5K + insurance, 6.5K+ insurance and 13.3K + insurance. I need your...
  5. kool

    Where to SELL my old Lenovo lappy in BANGALORE ? Lenovo3000 G530

    Hi guys, recently my frnd bought new SONY VAIO lappy :wink: because previous lappy's MB got burnt,:twisted: something like that. Now he wants to sell other parts. But dont know where to sell,he is working in Accenture Bangalore. Please anybody tell me any such place in Bangalore so he can sell...
  6. R

    Where to get ice cream maker in bangalore?

    Hi If possible please tell me where can i get an ice cream maker in bangalore?
  7. M

    is It wise to buy computer parts in Bangalore ?? pls help

    I m from mysore 140km away from Bangalore. Is it wise to purchase all hardware parts from Bangalore . . Do I get it cheaper Der, or shall I buy it Mysore only. . And can I claim warranty here also if I buy in Bangalore?
  8. S

    GolcchaIT reliablity , need help bangalore folks

    All bangalore folks out there please let me know how reliable is golccha computers for online buying , I need to buy a CM Sirus from there and considering it as an expensive item i just wanted to have a feedback regarding the safety of ordering the same from Golccha
  9. S

    career guidance

    i m from bangalore.. ve done BCA.. . planning to join MCA next year.. i want to know .. the eligibilities to be placed in campus ,,,... please help me
  10. mailshobhon

    Ipod classic from grey market in bangalore

    please suggest me any grey market from bangalore to buy an iPod classic 160 gb
  11. buddyram

    7 hours continuous traffic jam in Bangalore

    It was all due to the silly reason which caused havoc in the city traffic, quite surprisingly from the Lawyers association. The commuters had to survive from 11:30 AM till 6:30 PM in that deadlock! @Mumbians — this is not at par to your city but for bangalore this is too much!:-D Source
  12. C

    3D Production/Workstation PC for ~65k (bangalore)

    Newbie here.. Hi hi hi hi.. Im Chandan, from bangalore :-) I have checked the other buying advice threads, but felt that specific recommendations will help me a lot. I need to assemble a brand new rig for heavy 3D work and long hours of rendering. I have a strong desire to get an i7 2600k...
  13. Charley

    Vodafone Number Series in Bangalore

    Does any one know all the starting number series of Vodafone in Bangalore ?
  14. mailshobhon

    Want to buy a laptop in sp road bangalore...

    Recommend me some shops to a buy laptop in sp road Bangalore
  15. mailshobhon

    shop in sp road bangalore which can give the best price for the laptop

    which shop in bangalore sp road can give me the best price for hp dv6 6165tx and asus n55sf please reply
  16. S

    Nexus S in Bangalore

    Where can I get Nexus S in a store in bangalore? Or even websites (they are all out of stock). I saw some pages, but they won't have warranty, so I'm trying to get it locally.
  17. B

    LiteOn Drives in Bangalore

    Are LiteOn drives not being sold anymore? I've called some shops on SP Road and they said the company got shut down and there are no more LiteOn drives in production. Does anyone have any idea where I can these from in Bangalore? Thanks.
  18. iinfi

    Wireline broadband in Bangalore

    hi all could someone please guide me on a good broadband ISP in jayanagar area in Bangalore. i called airtel over 2 weeks back with constant follow-ups, but they dont seem to be interested. i was interested in their 4Mbps plan. does reliance provide wire-line broadband in Bangalore? which...
  19. RCuber

    Wireless KBD/Mouse Combo + Wireless Mouse

    Hi Guys, I need a wireless keyboard/mouse for my PC as well as a wireless mouse for my laptop. Please suggest for a budget of 2K for both. Currently on my way to SP Road Bangalore.
  20. K

    Need pc config for animation, rigging etc.....

    8-)Hello sir, I am kushal from bangalore. I want new and better config for animation filed ..Its very urgent I want buy in 2 days so please help me..... 1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types of...
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