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  1. S

    bandwidth limitations

    hi..can anybody think of any trick how to limit the bandwidth usage.. today it may be of most useful trick.
  2. ashfame

    challenge for u guys

    i hav a 128kbps shared net connection which fluctuates from 2KBps to 30KBps. sometimes even 2-3MB is downloaded in few sec. i guess my net provider doesn't hav any good software for distributing bandwidth. can something be done that i will get good speeds more than my plan speed(16KBps)...
  3. H


    Anobody will suggest me the website to check ISP's speed. Through google uncle help I checked so many websites, get the varient results. I asked our ISP engineer he told me that all the website are hosted in US or other country. So plz tell me INDIAN based webiste for the bandwidth test...
  4. din4204u

    dual channel problem.....help required

    i m having a amd sempron 2400+ cpu installed on a gigabyte ga-7n400-L1 motherboard with 2x256 mb twinmos ddr400 ram sticks. my problem is:- i have installed ram sticks in proper slots and with every permutaion and combination possible.but sisoft sandra doesnt show any difference in memory...
  5. A

    Help Me

    I'm not a smart guy for this field and I need some help from the community. Right now our free image hosting site uses about 30gigs a day of bandwidth and has about 3gigs of images hosted on the server. Yesterday I installed a bandwidth recording function to use mod_rewrite to pipe all of the...
  6. S

    ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter

    Hello friends, I have created a small bandwidth meter which will show the bandwidth consumed for the current session, day and month. Currently it has got only few features, will be adding more later. You can download it from www.shaplus.com/bandwidth-meter/ regards ShaPlus
  7. ashfame

    its good but how it can

    I use P2P Bear Share software. I hav a 128Kbitsps net connection but it can download data more than the bandwidth. Sometimes it touch even 300Kbitsps. how is this possible. if ya know kindly tell me
  8. T

    Lan and internet sharing querry

    We have a LAN in hostel connecting 9 PC. My first querry is how can we communicate over LAN without using any software i.e. is there any in built command or function in windows XP through which we can send messages to each other. My second question is i want a proxy software to share internet...
  9. Akshay

    Where is my bandwidth going?

    I use gprs connection to connect to the net. DU Meter shows my speed as 3 - 10 KB/sec whereas Opera 9 shows d speed as 0.5 - 1.5 KB/sec. There are no updates in process (NAV, ZA and Windows Updates are not taking place). In this case which application is eating into my already mearge bandwidth?
  10. Quiz_Master

    How to Use Your Bandwidth Wisely...

    This is my newest tutorial... Well its more like tips than tutorial... Almost all users of this forum use Broadband. BroadBand comes with a monthly data tranfer limit. So here is Tips to save ur bandwidth. 1.) When you are not chatting close your IM. They cause pop-up ads. It is also...
  11. saurabh.sauron

    Download problems.

    Can anyone suggest a really good download manager that really increase the speed of downloads and not just talk about its efficiency? Bandwidth is 128 kbps.
  12. A

    Connection Monitering

    Is there any tool available that will let me monitor the source and destination of all Inbound and outbound traffic from my system ? And also how much of the bandwidth each programme accesing the internet is using? For example. suppose i am using Yahoo Messenger...is there any tool that will...
  13. J

    Need some LAN software

    Hi all, I'm currently looking for two applications. One, a LAN chat software. I've tried many of them, but they don't seem satisfactory. I just want to hear your opinions about which one is the best. The second app is something to monitor the LAN connection. I already have a bandwidth...
  14. go4saket

    Page size problem in this Forum...

    Hello Friends! As to what I have noticed, every page in this forum is of about 250 to 300 KB whereas in many other forums, the page size variates in about 50 to 100 KB. Can someone tell me why is there such a difference in page size, as this bib page sizes exploites the limited bandwidth in...
  15. A

    Bandwidth limiter

    I want to know if there is any software by which I can limit the bandwidth speed in use by an account? I have dataoe broadband, and I want to excercise more control over usage by other memebers. Like can any software make the 256kbps run at 56kbps or so?
  16. Choto Cheeta

    DU Super Controler (who wants to control bandwidth)?

    DU Super Controler have any of u guyess tried this tool?? we use it in our cafe... its the only tool that i found which can run to control bandwidth usage in clint with out haveing a server... check the screen shot then u will understant what i am talking... all other bandwidth...
  17. mario_pant

    Dataone Bandwidth calculator just got better....

    today when i was just looking to redownload the dataone bandwidth calulator from shaplus.com/dataone i was lucky as it had just been updated..... and......*drumrolls* this time there is an optin to exclude free usage data and also to exclude non-free data transfer... it has made my life a...
  18. J

    Bandwidth limited??

    Godaddy offers 25 GB bandwidth limit for just 4$, but what exactly is bandwidth limit? :?: :(
  19. R

    What is Bandwidth?

    Hi, WHen we speak about broadband or GPRS connection Bandwidth is more important. But i have a confusion that what actually Band width is meant> If i use internet to chat using yahoo messenger , and browse for one hour per day, then total how much band width i will use? Is it same as the size...
  20. A

    How to keep an eye on internet speed in lan

    I have 3 computers in lan. one having win Xp as the internet server. and the other 2 access internet through this server. Is there any software by which i can keep an eye on the bandwidth shared by other pc in lan.
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