1. Zangetsu

    Windows 10 Svchost eating bandwidth

    Hi Guys, I have Windows 10 Home edition installed. and facing a problem with svchost.exe. Its always eating 90% of my internet bandwidth :( I also tried disabling BITS and Windows Update service but still it starts in Background and keeps downloading data at full speed. Never faced such...
  2. TechnoBOY

    Starry's CEO on building a new type of wireless ISP

    After making a noble attempt at bringing wireless television signals to the internet (and failing), Chet Kanojia is now trying to offer broadband internet wirelessly. How poetic. His new company, which launched this morning, is called Starry. It uses high-frequency millimeter-wave technology to...
  3. rohitshakti2

    Monitoring PC bandwidth & speed

    Hi I am using Win 8.1 and am using MTNL BB, Delhi. Sometimes when i download videos, I get speed upto 125 kb/ps but when sometimes nothing in download is working but the sites open very slowly. So how or what application can show me what is eating my bandwidth? regard
  4. Ricky

    Whats your monthly bandwidth usage --- (condition applied)

    Hi, There are already few threads about this kind of topic but I am actually curious to know about your monthly bandwidth usage if you are not into "Torrent" downloading at all with occasional Youtube videos.. For me I live happily with in 10GB limit when its 24/7 on and I don't just...
  5. Harsh Pranami

    Finding out bandwidth hogger

    So me and my flatmates share a broadband connection through router. Before subscription we all came to an understanding that no one will download data during day time in order for others to surf web without any problems. But since past few days someone has been secretly downloading and I can't...
  6. M

    Some Malware Eating My bandwidth/Data Plan Voraciously..

    I have Vodafone 3G Dongle.I recently notices that a 3G pack 0f 99 rs. having 300 MB data is not lasting more than 3 days. when i checked control panel of vodafone application software bundled with dongle, it showed that data is getting emptied at the rate of 1 MB per half minute , even when...
  7. S

    uncapping programs

    how bandwidth uncapping programs work to increase bandwidth of cable broadband. is there any risk involved in it?
  8. madzeus

    torrent bandwidth problem

    HELP needed...!! Please take a look into the picture.The download of the process is at the speed much less than what system consumes. Have tried installing a couple of bandwidth monitors, even used resource monitor for windows 7. Can someone help
  9. Cyberghost

    How to know a SATA cable is 6 Gbps?

    Hello Digitians Today I got a Seagate 3 TB HDD . It doesn't comes with SATA cable. So I went to a local computer shop and bought a powerless SATA cable worth Rs.30. I want to know this SATA cable can provide 6 Gbps bandwidth (sata 3). If don't how to knew a SATA 3 cable from its look and also...
  10. ariftwister

    svchost.exe is consuming high bandwidth

    What is the svchost ? is it necessary ? Should i block it through firewall ? I am using limited bandwidth. And this consumed nearly 288 MB so far. How can i stop it ?
  11. sanny16

    Is there any difference in download speed between wifi and ethernet?

    Which is better to use - a wifi or ethernet connection for internet? Where do i get maximum bandwidth?
  12. Chetan1991

    Need software for complete bandwith monitoring and control

    Hi everybody. I use Idea netsetter for internet access and it costs Rs 250 for 1GB. At such rates I cannot afford to let Windows 8 waste away bandwidth in the background. It isn't setting the connection as metered connection either. Is there any application to monitor bandwidth usage, with...
  13. Harsh Pranami

    Broadband like plans on gsm??

    Hi friends. Is there any gsm provider that provides broadband like plans?? I mean most of them provide 3.6mbps or 7.2mbps 3g plans but the bandwidth is limited. Or Otherwise there is a speed cap after certain data use. Is there any provider that provides unlimited bandwidth @512kbps or @1mbps...
  14. 047

    help me limiting download speed for other users in a home network

    Hi, I want to ask if anybody knows how to limit the bandwidth consumption of a home network/wifi. Actually i have 4 members in a house who share same wifi connection. I just want to allocate limited amount of bandwidth to each user so that one user can not monopolies other user by consuming...
  15. R

    QoS Configuration - Help needed!

    Hey guys, So like I'm trying to configure QoS on my Airtel Beetel 420 BXI and not much is given about the settings for this one on the net. Also, tried calling airtel, no use lol. Basically I want to limit the bandwidth per local IP. I heard we can do it with the help of QoS. So if I got 2...
  16. RCuber

    How many computers do you have at home?

    Simple Poll. How many desktops or laptops do you own in your house? This topic came to my mind when going through the bandwidth usage thread, most of the users usually stated from their PC's POV, at my house, my dad uses a lot of bandwidth too, so this topic came into my mind :) I have two...
  17. blademast3r

    Horrible issue with ALL airtel broadband connections (must read if you want to apply for Airtel)

    This is a very serious issue that ALL Airtel broadband users will face that will make their broadband useless. Here is the issue. When the usage of bandwidth goes below 80% they will start spamming you with "Airtel Smartbytes" which is some stupid on demand bandwidth increase service where you...

    Restrict Bandwidth per MAC or a Brand New ADSL+ ROUTER

    Hello, this is my current setup- a BSNL Dataone adsl modem(ut-300r2u)+ D link dir 600(wireless 150) devices connected -1 laptop,1 tablet,3 phones,and a pc (planning to buy samsung led 6030 too.8-)) My current problem 1) Range is too short -modem is in the master bedroom hence no range in...
  19. RCuber

    FedEx Has More Bandwidth Than the Internet

    well I believe buying a disc is faster than downloading the same game :D How FedEx Has More Bandwidth Than the Internet and When That'll Change
  20. S

    Help to monitor Network Bandwidth

    Hi all, I want to monitor the bandwidth used in the network in my office. I have an unlimited internet connection with FUP of 5 GB. The modem is connected through USB of one computer which shares the internet connection with the other systems (sharing is not through a wireless modem, etc)...
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