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  1. hcp006sl

    looking for a bandwidth monitor software (Linux)

    I am looking for something like Bandwidth monitor pro which would work on Linux (FC4) for my DataOne connection. Is there any?
  2. N

    Bandwidth moniters, Download managers.... For Fedora

    Which is the best Bandwidth moniter in Linux that helps us to see how much data has been downloaded and uploaded through a broad band connection? Which is a best download manager for Linux as DAP in win?
  3. H

    Bandwidth Measurement............. Help needed

    Hi Guys...... I am using Data One Broad band connection from BSNL. I need to calculate my bandwidth usage every month.. is there any particular software to check my bandwidth usage???? Can any one help me???? Looking forward for ur reply....
  4. A

    plz help me with network blues!!

    My local isp provides me internet thru lan and had promised me togive the speed of 48kbps in the day and 128 kbps in the night . But during the day it wurks fine bt a night there is no substantial increase in the speed.when i talked to him regardin the issue he told mr that at night he leaves...
  5. drgrudge

    List your favourite firefox extensions...

    Well FF is know to have additional features, with the help of extensions..., list the best extensions which u use... mine best five (although, i use more): * adblocker * gmail notifier * chatzilla * bandwidth meter * bugmenot
  6. K

    which is the best free webhostinr service available ?

    I am planning to host a website for which i need to know which are the best free webhosting services available ? can u please tell me a list of such available services ? my preference is for high bandwidth, no forced add and good control panel.
  7. K

    Pictures Hosting Website

    Hi Ppl I remember an article on DIGIT few months ago havin reviews of photos storing websites online.. I need a website where I can store maximum pics, no bandwidth limit and can also share with friends.. some1 plz look up that issue and tell me..
  8. K

    Windows uses 20% of your bandwidth! Get it back

    A nice little tweak for XP. Microsoft reserve 20% of your available bandwidth for their own purposes (suspect for updates and interrogating your machine etc..) Here's how to get it back: Click Start-->Run-->type "gpedit.msc" without the " This opens the group policy editor. Then go...
  9. Z

    WindowsXPSP2: QoS >> Limit Reservable Bandwith

    i am using winxpsp2...before this i was using xpsp1 and initially just xp...as i understand there is a component in winxp called QoS...although i am not much aware of what it is for, but i guess it has something to do with monitoring services & its installed by default ( i may be wrong)...it...
  10. saROMan

    Speed Up Internet

    I hav resently braught a new POstpaid conn from BSNL .... SO the prob is in the task ba it shows that connected at 115.2 kbps but in reality when i d/l some thing it shows only 3/4 kbps /sec ....so is some thing wrong w my PC/Connection? is there any way i can chern out more bandwidth from...
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