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  1. prateek007391

    Bandwidth Limiting

    I have BSNL 512 Kbps unlimited Plans and my Network Map is as follow Router | Switch ------------------- Wifi Router ----- 2 LAPTOP + 2 Phone + PC6 PC1|PC2|PC3|PC4|PC5 It happens to me some time that One of the PC or Laptop uses most of the bandwidth, and it seems impossible to even open...
  2. banskt

    ISP in Bangalore

    Hi, I live in Yeshwantpur, Bangalore. I am using a BSNL Unlimited Combo Plan 1499. But I am facing certain difficulties: a) The LAN ports of the modem is not working b) Though mentioned unlimited, there is a catch :::: there is a bandwidth cap of 25GB beyond which the speed reduces to...
  3. T


    Well guys i was just thinking if i could restrict the entire bandwidth of our college to one single PC in the internet lab (may be mac binding or IP binding)!!!:idea: (Pls share any informational link also)
  4. Dark Core

    Need for a Software to Check the bandwidth

    Hai Guys, Finally I got my broadband connection BSNL Home Combo 500 Plus, :razz: For some reasons - I wasn't able to get the Portal-ID from the BSNL Officials, So can anyone recommend me a software to check the bandwidth [Freeware Preferred]; I have used a software before, but now I forgot the...
  5. A

    how to set up my website on the internet

    Hi ppl, i have designed a website using Joomla! but i have not much of an idea about web hosting and domain name and even the cost involved as well as the bandwidth plans.So it would be really good if some one whose already gone through this process ,please explain me these procedures in detail!
  6. A

    How to divide bandwidth equally between 2 comps?

    Hi, i have a "pronet pn-54wrt" router, i am sharing my tataindicom comnnection with my roommate, if 1 pc is downloading a heavyfile, then the second pc get very little bandwidth. is there any way in which both pc's can get equal share of bandwidth?
  7. C

    Best Web hosting Provider in Bangalore

    I want to host a website for my small company which deals with packaging. Can anybody suggest me best Web hosting plan from Bangalore. so how much bandwidth do i need then? Is this plan good? ( Follow the link below) http://www.bsnl.co.in/service/webhosting%20tariff.htm
  8. surinder

    BSNL broadband bottleneck

    Hello guys, I'm using Bsnl home combo 500c 2 Mbps ( 256KBps) plan from a year ago. But in downloading using u torrent even for multi torrents it never ever crosses 200 KBps while there is no uploading nor any other use of suppose to be remaining 56 KBps available. But if I use this remaining...
  9. stellar

    Networking Problem

    I have a ADSL line and have been networked it in connecting two PCs using a switch. The problem is whenever two PCs are used simultaneously connection becomes slow in one pc. When the other Pc is switched Off it becomes normal. Is there any way that i can control the flow of bandwidth to the...
  10. qams

    Automatic BSNL Dataone Usage checker

    You can check BSNL Dataone Usage Automatically, for , who use Dataone Broadband. U can Find Bandwidth meter too. http://www.shaplus.com/dataone/
  11. paroh

    Pirate Bay to be a pay site

    newly hired executive for The Pirate Bay has revealed that users will pay a monthly fee to access the soon-to-be legitimate site. Wayne Rosso, the former Grokster president and Mashboxx founder hired to head acquisitions for The Pirate Bay, wouldn't disclose pricing details in a CNet interview...
  12. rosemolr

    what Will be the cost to implimenta webserver in our home?

    Dear fellas, me and my couple of friends are planning to launch one site with domain name .com .everyone told me to host in some company or some other cheap website dedicated hosting providers.but still i want to know the cost to maintain a web server in our home including the...
  13. INS-ANI

    Which bandwidth monitor application?

    Guys, can you suggest me which is the most user friendly and power full desktop resident bandwidth measurement tool. My requirements are: 1) It should display seprate download/upload speed. 2) It should keep speed log on hourly basis. Even minute result will be good. 3) It should also...
  14. shaunak

    Advani's IT vision. 2 Mbps broadband for all!

    Quoting his manifesto: I just wish all manifestos were not fairy tales. :razz: Oh yeah, There were 2 spelling mistakes in the quoted paragraph. People who cant 'spell check' are out to set IT visions for a billion people. :lol: ;-) On a more serious note, Guys do go out and vote...
  15. A


    can i join two separate internet connection using two separate modems to increase the bandwidth? help me
  16. IronManForever

    Twitter Client for Windows XP..

    I want a nice free twitter client for Xp. I would prefer if it was a multi-protocol one. I want it to be low bandwidth friendly. Thanks.
  17. appu

    Hosting Enquiry

    Hi i have a nseries theme website http://nseries-themes.com/ which till a month ago i was using with joomla plateform but i wasnt happy coz the seo aspect in joomla is very poor and so i shifted to wordpress on 26. since then i have achieved lot of growth and just in the first month of using...
  18. blademast3r

    Software for bandwidth usage

    Hey guys.. I need a software which displays my daily bandwidth usage nd probably sits on the windows taskbar... need it so that i dont exceed my monnthy quota of bandwidth.. thanks..
  19. Sathish

    How to restrict bandwidth in Broadband..

    is any free utility or tweaks there for restricting bandwidth to my Broadband bsnl connection..?? it should be invisible to other users of my xp /ubuntu system.. i dont have LAN and this is only for my personal use.. pl help..
  20. huzaifa b arab

    [Networking Question] Is it possible to hog more internet bandwidth in Wifi?

    Is it true that P2P softwares like Limewire, ares, utorrent, kazaa, Vuze etc are capable of leeching more internet bandwidth than a pc is supposed to get? If yes is there any way to counter it? If not is there any way to get a greater share of bandwidth? Because whenever a guy at our...
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