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  1. debarshi

    Need Software suggestions for different requirements (Free preferred)

    I need softwares for 1. Monitoring my router network and bandwidth usage (I use Asus RT-N12LX)............. I currently use Networx, but it monitors my PC only and I cant monitor how much my bro' or my neighbour is sapping off my monthly cap. If possible I want to control the bandwidth...
  2. N

    Hardware or Software to share Internet Connection with bandwidth limitation

    Hi, In my office, I am have a BSNL broadband connection. I have a Wifi Modem. Few of us uses Desktop and laptop, some connects their smart phone too. Now I want to restrict bandwidth on shared connection, either by mean of hardware or software. Some one please help me to do it from...
  3. H

    Restricting speed through Wireless Router

    I have a BSNL DataOne broadband connection witth TeraCom (:oops:) wireless router. One of my neighbor shares the connection with me. The problem is that his laptop is ON most of the time and he is downloading something or the other, which restricts my browsing. Even after having a 4mbps...
  4. M

    "system" using so much bandwidth ? or is it a virus

    what is that "system" downloading ?? please help. is it some virus ? thanks in advance.
  5. RCuber

    Is cost of internet resonable in India?

    Let me start with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi which triggered this question of mine I had this question from a long time, and there are many members who are not satisfied with either their speed or their bandwidth allotted or the price they are willing to pay to the ISP for accessing internet...
  6. Desmond

    FUP-free ISPs.

    These are dark times, where every ISP screws us over by limiting blazing fast bandwidth to stone age speeds on downloading a fixed limited amount of data. Such FUP, are a capitalistic ploy of companies to save bandwidth, consequently distributing limited bandwidth to the consumers. This...
  7. MetalheadGautham

    Unlimited Weblog Hosting - eWebGuru vs Wordpress Premium

    A friend of mine needs a website for an app he is developing, and does not want bandwidth restrictions on the site, because of images, videos, etc he may be hosting. We initially thought of getting a wordpress.com blog and paying 99$ for wordpress value bundle (10GB Space, VideoPress, Custom...
  8. M

    bandwidth monitor

    is there a software where i can manage total bandwidth used by dividing the bandwith into 8 gb during day and 15 gb during night
  9. A

    Need application to control & prioritize internet bandwidth

    I need a software which can prioritize internet bandwidth. Whenever i am trying to download a file and browse at the same time, i will have wait until file gets downloaded or pause the download. if i forget to resume the download after browsing, it will be waste of bandwidth. if there is an...
  10. Desmond

    How to limit bandwidth of internet shared over WiFi?

    Hi, I have a Hathway 1Mbps unlimited connection, which is shared by me and my roommate. Since we don't have a wifi router yet, I connect my lap via ethernet and share it on Wifi using Windows default sharing option. Now, if I play online and my roommate simultaneously watches something on...
  11. meetdilip

    Bandwidth meter for Ubuntu

    hi, any good bandwidth meter available for Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat ? One with graph will be nice.
  12. prabhu.wali

    Headphone Festival 2011 in Tokyo October 29th, 2011 PICTORIAL (BANDWIDTH WARNING)

    Headphone Festival 2011 in Tokyo October 29th, 2011 PICTORIAL (BANDWIDTH WARNING)
  13. H

    Confusing data about hd 6770 and 6750

    okay...everybody says that 6770 and 6750 is the modified versions of the 5770 and 5750 respectively...but i get different data from these sites... AMD Radeon HD 6770 and 6750 spec sheets emerge, give NVIDIA cause for concern -- Engadget - This one says that 6770 and 6750 has 134 and 128...
  14. maverick786us

    Airtel is a cheater

    I recently upgraded my airtel broadband plan to 2MBPS. They said that with this plan there will be a download limit of 30GB per month and once it reaches 30 GB the bandwidth will reduce to 256KBPS. In my case the changes took place on 26th of July and on 5th Aug I received an SMS that my...
  15. TheMost

    " Limit reservable bandwidth " --> ??

    . Juz came across this .. Wanted to know what this is about .. What are the effects of this ... Will this really help to free some more bytes ?? Will this have effects on utorrent ??
  16. G

    Bandwidth usage

    I recently formatted my PC and have installed some new softwares on it. I found that my internet bandwidth usage is showing very high figures. I don't think I use so much of the bandwith and am feeling like some of the software I have installed is eating up the traffic. Is there any utility...
  17. R2K

    How much bandwidth do you use per month with plan

    i am using BSNL 750UL from 8 april 2011 to 30april DL for april : 51.83 GB Upload for april : 6.51 GB This month i have already used around DL : 52.27 GB upload : 24.94 GB So how much bandwidth do you guys burn per month on an average:)):grin:
  18. mohityadavx

    Share speed equally

    Me and my cousin are sharing Reliance 300kbps plan. We are using D-link 8 port switch. Everything is working fine but there is a problem. As my computer is downloading stuff from torrent day & night he complains of speed throttle. He just uses the net at night once he come from the office. Is...
  19. r4gs

    Bandwidth management

    Hi, Need some help. I've got utorrent running automatically whenever my PC runs. The problem is that whenever my mom or dad browse, they forget to pause it, or if they pause it, they forget to resume the torrents. Is there any software which will automatically restrict bandwidth to...
  20. patkim

    suggest a web camera

    Wish to buy a web camera. I have max 256 Kbps internet connection Which are the better options for me? I am not looking for very high resolution / bandwidth as such. Thx
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