1. ankush28

    SG Grand 2 announced

    Samsung has announced the new Galaxy Grand 2 smartphone that features several improvements over its predecessor . To start off, it features a new design that is similar to the new Galaxy Note 3 with a stitching pattern around the faux leather back. On the front is a new 5.25-inch LCD with a...
  2. mitraark

    Google Play enable background data

    I disabled Background Data a few days back for Google Play somehow, I can't turn it back on. On Google Help it was written, Go to accounts and sync, turn it on from there. I did not find any option there, not even in the Gmail account options.
  3. ZTR

    Moto G discussion thread

    Coming to India in early 2014 And with that price tag when it comes, RIP Indian brands and crap samshit under 20k
  4. S

    Just got new pc ,need help in setting it up

    Hi everyone I have just got a new pc with the configuration i7 4770 asrock z87 extreme3 corsair gs700w seagate 2 tb zotac gtx760 2gb corsair vengeance (2x4gb) 1600mhz,9-9-9-24 lg dvd writer dlink pci wireless card cooler master haf912 I am ready to install windows and drivers but...
  5. Theodre

    Demonoid will come Back!!! Rebuild in progress...

    The (in)famous semi-private torrent tracker Demonoid is showing life after the site went offline because of a series of events that occurred in last year. The site is at the moment showing life and says that the website will come and the team is on a rebuild. It is unknown at the moment whether...
  6. A

    [Complaint] Corsair RMA

    I had recently RMAed my Corsair CX500v2 which blew up under mysterious circumstances after only 6 months of purchase. The RMA people ( Kaizen ) accepted the part and said they will be sending a replacement in 4-5 days. I waited.. and waited.. and got the Corsair CX500v3 after around 15 days...
  7. abhi_10_20

    [Query] LCD monitor flickering - needs a service?

    I have a Samsung 2233SW monitor. It's been like more than two years and was working very good. Just a few days back, it started flickering - say once in 5 seconds, it blacks out and comes back right away - and this is at regular intervals. I connected it to my laptop and saw the same...
  8. G

    Best Torrent Client

    I've used Ares Galaxy for some months now. (The only one I ever used). It was simple & constantly fast (as fast as my ISP speed) but Its stopped working sometime back & I don't have a clue. I tried uTorrent but its super slow. Too much fluctuations in DL speed. What do you recommend ?
  9. S

    Urgent PC requirement for Home Multimedia Use

    I just sell my 06 years old system and now I am going to purchase a new system in next week , so help me in getting a good config for home. 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not...
  10. sumonpathak

    Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS MEKA G1 Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard Review

    A keyboard is an important part of a good computer system and as such it has gained immense importance in the recent times. We have seen more and more companies taking interest in this niche and coming up with new products. Today we have one such products in our lab.. Presenting the...
  11. K

    suggest me whether to change my inverter battery for APC HOME UPS

    hi everyone, having an APC BI850SINE home ups connected to EXIDE IN1500PLUS inverter plus lead acid battery. bought 2.5 years back, serving we three people well upto last week. Now when power goes off, ups backs for 2-3 minutes and gets switched off. tried filling battery with...
  12. Skyh3ck

    [For Sale] big Size Master Carrom Board

    SOLD I wish to sell my big size carom board bought two years back, the carrom board is in excellent condition, only for local buyer, come and check personally. 1. *Model number and details: Carom Board 2. *Date of purchase: 2 years back 3. Reason for sale: No time to play carom as busy with...
  13. M

    Inverter for min. 4 hours backup

    I am looking to install an inverter at my home to run the following appliances: 1 Desktop, 2 fans, 2 tubelights. As we have power cut in Pune for almost 5-6 hours, I need an inverter which can give me back up of at least 4 hours. My budget is maximum 25k. Please suggest me a good combination...
  14. N

    UPS problem?

    Hello friends After a lots of advice and discussion in this forum, I finally got my PC, thanks to you all. Now when I was watching a video, the current went off and the PC restarted. What seems to be the problem? Does my old UPS(3 years) is not providing enough power for back...
  15. Subro

    My new Seagate HDD is dead

    Hello guys, your help is required at the earliest. About a month back, I purchase a Seagate 1 TB external HDD from flipkart. The HDD was working perfectly but 10 days back, while I was watching a movie from HDD, suddenly the movie stopped & HDD was no longer showing on laptop. I tried...
  16. R

    Laptop not booting. Help!

    Okay, I'm not sure whether to post this here, but since the problem is in a laptop, I thought it would be okay. A friend of mine bought a Dell Inspiron 15 about a week or so back. It worked perfectly back then, but today it got stuck in the boot screen. When he starts it, it shows the boot...
  17. ssdivisiongermany1933

    [Query] How to create RMA for APC back UPS RS 600

    How to create RMA for APC back UPS RS600 , last year I purchased APC back UPS RS600 but now its seems to be not charging and don't give back up at all , goes down in just 1-2 minutes earlier it used to give backup for atleast 15-20 mins APC website ,iam not able to create RMA , how to...
  18. A

    [Query] Antec Warranty! Is it impossible to avail?

    Hey guys, I have Antec Sonata Silent Pro along with Antec 500W PSU. Bought 2 years back from theitdepot[dot]com. 5 days back the PSU got faulty and I contacted itdepot guys be email. Till now there is no reply on the email even after sending 3 reminders. I called them and they said Antec has...
  19. D

    Nexus 4 accessories

    Since it is quite mandatory to buy a screen guard with every touch screen phone and a back cover with every nexus 4 due to its "unique" back, and also a pair of earphones/headphones(IMO they are not given with the phone). I am making this thread so that N4 users can post their accessories that...
  20. rhitwick

    Demonoid is back!

    Guys, Demonoid is back. check it here My log-in credentials are working, check if yours too...
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