1. S

    No display :(

    Hello... Few days back i post an thread ''Need replacement'' of my motherboard (G965) for old Core2Duo E6400.. So, i bought Gigabye G41-Mt-S2.. as i didnt have much choice here in Guwahati.. :| Few days back i got an graphics card which looks like new from my brothers friend XFX 5750...
  2. pratyush997

    Is there Any Back Lit keyboard for ASUS Laptop

    Hello Guys, I want to know Is there any Chick let Back lit Keyboard Available for Asus K43SA-VX041D Laptop ...
  3. windchimes

    Dell Studio 15 Problem

    Hi guys, I am using a DELL STUDIO 15.Since a week or more my laptop goes to sleep all of a sudden or if I tilt the monitor or move the laptop in certain cases. On a couple of occasions it just restarted rather than getting back from the sleep mode. What is wrong here?? Any idea? Want to...
  4. GhorMaanas

    Front Panel for Xonar DX

    Hello ! i have a xonar dx installed in my system. i use a 5.1 speaker system, as well as 5.1 headphones (roccat kave), and stereo headphones, but to change between them, i've to everytime play with the wires at the back of the cabinet on the xonar's back panel. so i was thinking whether do we...
  5. S

    How Can I get My Data Back?

    I have a 250 GB. Segate Portable Hdd. It has 225 GB of data. Last week when I plug in computer, (PC was virus infected) all my data folders got invisible and it showing a Window folder in it. It is also showing 232 GB of Capacity and All 232 GB of space showing as a free space. But, It has 225...
  6. Garbage

    Android and Linux re-merge into one operating system

    Source - Android and Linux re-merge into one operating system | ZDNet
  7. R

    Please help me to get a proper degree.

    Hi everybody, I have done a three year dilpoma course from a polytechnic way back in 2004-07.56% is what I have got.Then I took this foolish decision of not doing Btech(mainly because of my high percentage, parents also were not that much interested) and did MCSE and CCNA and wanted to pursue...
  8. clmlbx

    Which UPS to buy?

    Now after long 6-7 years my UPS has Died now need to buy New one ASAP. so give me some Quick suggestions. Config is in my Signature + router & speakers Back up time As much as possible. Budget is 3K around
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