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At a special event today, Motorola officially announced the Moto G - a mid-range smartphone designed to bring the acclaimed Moto X user experience to a lower price point. It's built around a 4.5" 720p edge-to-edge display that's covered in Gorilla Glass 3 for extra protection against scratches and drops. Motorola has even wrapped the insides of the Moto G with a water-resistant nano-coating.


Under the hood of the Motorola Moto G ticks a Snapdragon 400 chipset with a quad-core 1.2GHz Cortex-A7 processor, Adreno 305 GPU and 1GB of RAM. Sadly, it doesn't run the latest Android 4.4 KitKat version out of the box, but comes with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Motorola states the Moto G will get Android 4.4 KitKat in January 2014.

The main camera is at the back of the Moto G and is a 5MP shooter that does only 720p video recording. Below it sits an LED flash, while on its left is the phone's speaker. The secondary front-facing shooter is 1.3MP.

Motorola boasts that it has obsessively worked on the software side of the Moto G so that it's faster in answering and making calls and booting up. In fact, it says the phone is faster than the Galaxy S4 when it comes to those basic tasks. The Motorola Moto G also packs FM Radio.

Below the curved back cover lies a 1,950mAh Li-Ion battery. Motorola boasts an all-day long battery life. Compared to the iPhone 5s, Motorola says the Moto G flaunts a 30% longer talk time. Internal storage is just 8GB or 16GB with no microSD card expansion option.

The Motorola Moto G comes with an attractive $179 price tag for the 8GB version, while the 16GB variant costs $20 more. The phone launches today in Brazil and parts of Europe and will also be available in a dual-SIM variant. Motorola plans to launch the phone in a total of 30 countries, including the US and on 60 different carriers by the beginning of 2014.

The back of the Moto G is removable and Motorola provides a variety of colored backs including black, white, dark and light blue, pink, yellow and red. Other accessories include flip covers and colored protective cases in addition to JBL wireless speakers.

Coming to India in early 2014
And with that price tag when it comes, RIP Indian brands and crap samshit under 20k
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Nothing excited about this phone other than the colours and upto date Android OS. H/W wise the chipset is in line with Cortex A7 based ones from Mediatek. no expansion slot just kills the excitement.


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I dont think it will be available fully till feb .. they always procrastinate when it comes to india.. dont know what sundar pichai is doing there as android head

the way nexus 5 was overpriced here ... moto g might sit at 15k plus in feb/march it might not be the phone to get everyone excited..


saw this on

definately a tough competitor for xperia L.. if they do it right, they could hit the jackpot !!

Motorola has lifted the veil off its latest budget smartphone, the Moto G. The device brings with it a user experience found on the Moto X but on a budget. Starting off with the specifications, the smartphone has a 4.5-inch 1280x720p edge-to-edge display covered in Gorilla Glass 3. The insides of the smartphone has a water-resistant nano-coating making it hardier than most phones in its segment.

Under the hood of the Moto G we have the Snapdragon 400 chipset with a quad-core 1.2GHz processor, Adreno 305 GPU along with 1GB RAM. The smartphone runs on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean from the get go and Motorola says that the Android 4.4. Kitkat update will be available in January 2014. The rear of the smartphone has a 5MP camera and the front has a 1.3MP video-calling camera. A 1950mAh battery powers the entire package. Taking a leaf from the Moto X, the smartphone is available in a bunch of colours such as red, yellow, blue and more.

The smartphone will be available in two storage variants – 8GB and 16GB. The 8GB variant is priced a $179 (Rs. 11,300 approx.) and the 16GB variant is priced at $199 (Rs. 12,500 approx.). In India, Motorola will launch a dual-SIM variant of the smartphone.

On its official blog Motorola says that the smartphone will go “on sale this week in Brazil and parts of Europe and will be available within the next few weeks throughout Latin America, Europe, Canada and parts of Asia. It will be available in the US, India, the Middle East and more of Asia in early January. Moto G will be in more than 30 countries with 60 partners by 2014.”
The expansion slot is the real issue

And 179$ = 110300 inr
So if we buy online or locally then it will be around 10k so its a killer in the 10k segment and not in 20k


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Moto G costs around $199 for 16GB , while , Nexus 5 costs around $349 for 16GB.
Going by popular sentiments Nexus 5 will be around INR 30,000. so i think Moto G will cost somewhere between INR 18000 - 20000.


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A good buy for 20k budget considering it will be better than those local brands. Sammy is in danger here :-D


Re: Motorola Moto G is official with a 4.5" 720p display

The expansion slot is the real issue

And 179$ = 11030 inr
So if we buy online or locally then it will be around 10k so its a killer in the 10k segment and not in 20k

lol :lol:
its not that simple bro...
tax, customs, vat blah blah and it goes above 15k..
[MENTION=88006]sam[/MENTION] what say? worth buying?
I am planning to get one.

I am OK with that 8GB(even 4GiB) internal memory :D
All I want is ZERO lag while Browsing and doing simple day to day stuffs.
no gaming.
update - its available now read my review - *
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^^ Then it is More then Sufficient IMO. Snapdragon 400+ Andreo 305 is quite capable of day to day task and Motorola has confirmed the kitkat update for the phone in month of january it will be easier then IMO. Great Phone Feature Wise if pricing in india is bellow 20k then it will be great deal for sure
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