1. K

    Back up feature

    Hi Guys, I have Windows7 ultimate. How to check and confirm whether Windows (Partitions like C:/ D:/) manual or automatical BACK UP has been set up or not by? Your step by step procedures? Any Windows whole automatic back up enabled as default in Windows7?
  2. hdsk.23

    [Want to Buy] Digit 2013, 2014 pdf disc and possible 2015

    Hi All, Wow its nice to be back. Its been long time I have read the Digit magazine. I left India about 3 years back. Is it possible for anyone to sell the PDF's for 2013 and 2014. If possible for 2015 too. I hope its legal to post this here. If not sorry digit I didn't knew that :P...
  3. R

    Need to buy Gaming Mouse + Keyboard Combo

    Hi All, Currently i am having Logitech G105 Keyboard and G400 Mouse. The mouse after four year giving single click to double click issue. I want to replace it immediately. Any good gaming mouse to replace G400. Budget 2k The keyboard(G105) is started sticking and hard to press. To...
  4. V

    32 inch LG LCD problem....

    Hello Friends, I have a 5 year old 32LD550 LCD TV from LG. I have not used it much (approx 10 hours per week). 2-3 days back the screen started flickering and now the TV does not start. There is no picture/light on the screen nor on the bottom indicating that the TV is on. Just a blue light is...
  5. S

    Big Billion Day coming Back.

    Big Billion Day is Coming back, Don't know if this time it would be a genuine sale or would be the one like previous year(still debatable if it was a scam or no,but for me it was a scam). I'm also wondering that will the consumers get warranty on the products since last years sale there...
  6. K

    Need help in choosing ups

    My current ups(numeric600va) ups is not giving back up.while gaming if the power cuts it shuts down immediately,I need a ups for my rig,i need atleast 10min back up,my max budget is 5k. Thank you
  7. mikael_schiffer

    My USB HDD cannot be detected, but shows in Device Manager

    My HDD is Western Digital 1 TB My brother used the HDD in someone else computer, and thats when it stopped "functioning" Brining it back home, i put it in my PC. It cannot be detected by My Computer The LED Light is blinking, and i can feel the vibration of the HDD Here are the screen shots...
  8. G

    Bengal going the Kashmir way?

    Seems likely that instead of fighting back, Bengali Hindus will soon migrate from Bengal, like Kashmiri Pandits did.
  9. braindead

    Meizu M2 note

    I got the M2 note just a few days back and this is my attempt to let others know the experience of a normal users usage without going into benchmarks and other similar things which other tech sites have done so much better. The M2 note is the follow up to the famous M1 note with some...
  10. Vyom

    Unable to boot into PC. Fan keeps spinning and stopping in loop

    So finally it happened. My worst nightmare. After I came back from 4 day break, my PC fails to boot. I have described the problem before too.. And I will quote the same here: Today the same problem happened again. PC was not booting. Then when it booted, I was able to do tasks originally...
  11. nac

    Help: HTC Explorer

    Dropped the phone and now it's touch (cracked) is not working. I can able to turn ON/OFF the mobile. HTC sync is also not working. PC is not detecting the device (I guess I am using the right version 3.3.63). I am trying to back up the contacts, messages and all. Any help would be appreciated...
  12. Psychosocial

    What up?

    So I kinda had a history on this forum. I used to be active from, I think, late 2008s-2010. I was so active over here that even after about 4.5-5yrs of inactivity, I still have an average of 1.45 posts/day. I had a pretty (in)famous rep on this forum. Man, its so good to be back here and look at...
  13. sling-shot

    BSNL hijacking internet again?!

    Yesterday at around 12pm or today morning 00am I was just browsing on my mobile Firefox. There were at least 5 - 6 tabs were open hence I had not seen the last few tabs. After reading the early tabs when I arrived at the last 2 I noticed that they were actually addressed and...
  14. @

    ebay seller takes revenge on cheating buyer, by beating **** out of him

    Sometimes you have to do wrong to set things right : india It's reddit. so he could be lying too, no way to verify this story. But... man. This story is terrifying.
  15. isenberg

    Getting back to college after 2 years gap

    Hello guys... I passed out of college (XII) in 2013... I got into good govt. college for I had to drop out due to illness... now after 2 years, I want to go back to finishing my in cse... but I haven't been doing any studying in these last two years... I think I have...
  16. ajayritik

    Need to fix the Back Port of SATA DVD ROM Drive

    I have a SATA DVD ROM Drive. Due to frequent removing of the Data cable which is connected to the back end of the DVD Rom drive some of the pins from the back of the DVD ROM drive have come off. Is there anyway to fix the back port of the DVD ROM drive?
  17. D

    [Want to Buy] $5 Paypal

    Lemme know by pm if you're willing to sell $5 paypal. Post me your phone number and name too. I'll pay you back via mobile topup or purchase you anything worth $5 . Thanks p.s I could have purchased it myself, but paypal is not accepting my sbi or pnb debit card.
  18. Flash

    Residents in Germany cover walls with superhydrophobic substance that splashes your pee back at you

    Tired of the drunken revelers who use their streets as one big public urinal, the residents of St. Pauli, the party quarter of the German city of Hamburg, have decided to fight back in a novel way. A St. Pauli community organization coated numerous walls throughout the quarter in...
  19. Vyom

    Dell 19" Monitor showing strange white flickering lines

    I am using a Dell 19" monitor: 1909W tbp since many years now. Today suddenly while in the middle of browsing white lines started to flicker. I got worried and shutdown the PC. Tried to change the cable from HDMI to VGA. Lines still persisted. Then I tried using the monitor on my secondary PC...
  20. patkim

    Tata Photon Plus - Too slow.

    I have Tata Photon Plus that I use occasionally in Mumbai / Pune area. It has taken me back to old days of 56kbps modem (even worst). Lot of times all I see is ‘Waiting for’ or ‘Resolving host’ etc in browser status bar!! Suddenly one fine moment they load (full or incomplete) and again back to...
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