1. patkim

    Redmi 1S - Network provided date time not working

    On my Redmi 1S phone with MIUI 8, Network provided date time option simply does not work. Though set, date just resets automatically to 1 Jan 1970. I can manually set it but the option to set it automatically as provided by network just does not work. I never noticed it earlier I guess when it...
  2. A

    Ms excel question

    Hi guys, I am trying to make a huge list of bar codes. what i want excel to do is when i enter a particular bar code i want the data associated with it to appear beside it automatically. is that possible? please help me figure this out its urgent. regards aby
  3. K

    Shut down closing the lid

    Hi Guys, What are the proper procedures to make the laptop shut down automatically when close the lid of the laptop?
  4. GhorMaanas

    Strange beeps and key-presses in laptop

    Hello! on my brother's laptop (HP DV6-7012TX), there's an issue since past few weeks. upon booting/rebooting it, continuous beeps sound (more than 15; as if some key is being repeatedly pressed). this issue is a bit random in nature, ie, if a cold boot, this thing happens as described, but if...
  5. P

    Belty - The automatic Belt

    The annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2015) displayed a remarkable product called "The Belty". "The Belty" is a unique belt specialized to adjust the fitting automatically as per your variation in waist size during the day. Imagine after a heavy lunch with the team you belt gets tighten...
  6. rickenjus

    PC's date changing automatically

    My computer's date is changing automatically whenever I shut down it down. What could be the possible reason and solution??
  7. ariftwister

    How to connect automatically in reliance netconnect

    Hi guys, I'm using reliance netconnect to download overnight.(unlimited at night only). So my problem is sometimes it disconnects automatically. So I manually have to re-connect. Is there any workaround for this to. Make it connect automatically after disconnection? Is there any mod version of...
  8. ramakanta

    Print Screen Key

    I want save Image in a specific folder automatically when press Print Scrn Key . How , ??? is it possible ???. I am using Windows 7 OS .
  9. G

    How to recover messages vanished automatically??

    Hello friends, I have been using Galaxy W since last year and changed a battery once. The new mpj 5000mah battery is awesome and I actually quite happy with my current stage. However, yesterday when I were about to dab on a message got from a friend, my phone suddenly rebooted automatically and...
  10. K

    Issue with tabs in Chrome

    Hi All, I have been facing some strange issue while using chrome. When i have multiple tabs opened, say like 10 tabs..if i close the first or second tab (or the tabs in the beginning), the some of the other tabs get closed automatically (mostly the tabs at the end). When i close a tab in the...
  11. S

    Sony W800a 3D settings help required !!!

    Hey Guys, Proud owner of a 47"W800a. Pretty pleased with it. Have done my custom picture settings on it :) I just have one doubt and need some clarification. When i activate 3D on my TV, the picture settings that i made while watching 2D contents changes automatically. Is this...
  12. harshilsharma63

    Firefox automatically deleting cache

    hi. As the title says, my Firefox cache is being automatically being deleted. I've disabled the "Clear cache on exit", removed Fifefox from CCleaner and all other system cleanup apps. I have a slow connection so I'm very much dependent on cache. Last time, It grew to 50 MB and then got...
  13. anandharaja

    Nvidia 320.49 driver problem

    hi, yesterday i updated driver to nvidia 320.49 version after that system hangs lots of time, and most of the time got error "nvidia display driver stops working and recovered automatically" any one facing this problem or only for me?
  14. U

    Can anyone suggest a good cooling pad under Rs 1000?

    My laptop heats a lot and it switches off automatically. I have a vaio CW series. Can anyone suggest a good cooling pad under Rs. 1000?
  15. Harsh Pranami

    For capturing screenshots per hour and automatically upload to e-mail

    Hi friends. Is there any freeware that automatically captures screenshots per hour and automatically uploads it to e-mail without the need for clicking. I need this to keep a check on the download progress when I'm in college attending my lectures.Thanks Edit: I came across this...
  16. ajayritik

    Software to automatically shutdown PC

    I need a software which can shut down automatically in night after a torrent completes or if I'm doing some installation of file copy. Any Suggestions will be appreciated.
  17. dharmil007

    Laptop Keyboard Problem

    Sony Vaio VPCM126AG. it has selection sort of problem. The problem persists in Windows as well as BIOS. What happens is : In BIOS, u need to select values using UP-DOWN Arrow Keys. So while the selection is stable on one value, it automatically goes UP-DOWN on every value. &...
  18. L

    Clockspeed changing automatically/Monitor remains Black

    This is my first post here. My PC configuration is as follows:AMD Phenom X6 1055T,MSI 880GMA-E45 motherboard,2*2 GB G-SKill 1600 Mhz DDR3 ram,GTX 470 with Cooler Master Extreme power 600 W power supply running windows 7 64 bit.Of the late many times monitor remains black when switched on...
  19. R

    Automatically Shutdown

    My Pc Shutdown Automatically after i press any of my keybored button.I am Sure that this is not a heating problem bcause i already checked it.please give me a solution.
  20. happy17292

    need a tool that can reconnect automatically

    is there any tool/software which could automatically reconnect to internet in case the connection is lost? so i could just turn off the monitor and leave my PC to download stuff for hours without checking network status every half an hour. i am using BSNL UE100 prithvi data card. and it...
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