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  1. tamatarpakoda

    [Contest] Challenge #6 = I am a Gamer because...

    Perhaps you were drawn in because of the cool graphics, perhaps you started gaming because you were bored or maybe it was your true calling. Tell us what got you into this wonderful world of gaming and don't forget to attach an image of you playing Kung Fu Combat on your phone to qualify for...
  2. emailvarunchandak

    Attaching external Hard disk to desktop Permanently

    I have Seagate FreeAgent Go 250GB USB 2.0 external harddisk. I want this HDD to attach it to my desktop computer on permanent basis, like those SATA HDDs. I need to do this to dual boot XP(external HDD) and 7(internal HDD). One option is to attach it with a USB port and forget it. Second...
  3. bee

    jugaad required :D

    hey guys, the thing is im presently in a hostel those guys have given a port for internet via which we can connect our laptop or pc using a lan wire( thats what it is called i guess) now the problem is that i dont have a pc or a lappy for that matter i wanted to know that can something...
  4. Arnab

    NEED CLARIFICATION- for R9 290X with AMD X6 Procy

    Hello, One of my friend like to buy R9 290x . He is having Procy-AMD Phenon X6 3.20 ghz . Would like to know if He can Attach R9 290x without any hassel . as he might get Bottleneck . He is having PSU- Cooler Master 850 watt Silent Pro. No plan to Xfire
  5. B

    Can i attach my Ipad to a external HD ?

    hi, just got an Ipad and would like to be able to use my 1 TB external HD. is this possible as the Ipad does not have a USB port ?
  6. D

    Low budget Cooling solutions

    I have a Frontech Clone cabinet, recently i found out my 9600GT reaching temperatures of over 85C under load and idling at 75C. A friend advised me to get a 120mm fan and attach it to my cabinet. How, where (side/back) should i attach the fan? Will i get significant reduction in temperature?
  7. cray.x

    ubuntu 11.10 space problem.

    hello guys i recently installed the ubuntu 11.10 on virtual box, i alloted 8 GB of space to it earlier. now I'm running out of space! plz help and tell me how to resize it or attach a new hard disk to it! the host OS is Win 7 ultimate guest OS ubuntu 11.10
  8. B

    buying a dvd player

    hey guyz, i need to buy a dvd player for my mum n dad to gift on this diwali. my budget is >5k, please suggest me something good. also is there anything available to which i can attach my external hdd and play movies in it? if yes please i want this feature.
  9. buddyram

    WebCam Not Functioning

    my webcam has gone bizarre maybe. i cannot take the snapshot of myself in order to upload to the net like facebook or others. plz look into the attach file of the screenshot saying about adobe flash settings
  10. BlueShadow

    Sound card

    I have a intel E7500 G31/33 express chipset core 2 duo, asus P5KPL-AMIN motherboard, 2 gb ram i have an i ball booster 5.1 speakers . My question is which sound card can i use under a range of rs.2500 as I can attach only till 2.1 not more than that to my PC.:cry: also tell me that how can...
  11. S

    Help regarding modding a PS2

    I know its rather lame for this age, but since I never owned one, I have few questions: Are there different ways (available in India) to mod a PS2 slim Which is the best method and what is its rough cost and availability in say Palika Bazaar Is it possible to attach USB Hard Drive to a...
  12. Gollum

    Swype for s60 v5 (the most amazing way to enter text on your phone)

    I thorought this was only available on android. Its available for download on softpedia. With this your default nokia qwerty key pad will be replaced by a new and better looking qwerty and mini qwerty keypad.I'm trying to attach a screen snap but my browser is not letting me do that. This is...
  13. avichandana20000

    Question about upgrading RAM .

    Hi all, I have a system with the following configuration. Phenom ii X4 955 BE. Asus m4a78te 790gx (4x dimm , max. 16GB, DDR3 1600 (o.c.) / 1333 / 1066mhz, ECC & Non-ECC Unbuffered) Ram Transcend Jet Ram 2gb 1333(single piece) jm1333klu-2g Questions 1)Can I attach another 2GB 1333Mhz from...
  14. Red_Baron

    Need help selecting 22 inch LCD monitor

    Hi folks, I want to buy a 22 inch HD LCD monitor. My budget is around 10-12k, and major purpose would be gaming and movies. A monitor with HDMI ports would be nice since my GPU 9800 GT has two ports and I could attach my xbox 360 with it. Please suggest the brand and the model which would...
  15. P

    How to attach images ?

    I have read the instructions in FAQ on how to attach images and files. I uploaded an image from my computer and I can see the image icon just above the Manage Attachments button. The instruction says to click the arrow next to the Attachment icon but I cannot find the arrow or the Attachment...
  16. I

    i gt problem in C Program again !!! HELP ME PLS !!!

    How do you exchange or swap TWO (2) variables A and B with using a third or temporary variable? C program (Attach TWO (2) sample output for each program) JUST SHOW ME 2 EXAMPLE OF C PROGRAM
  17. go4saket

    2 Monitor,2 Keyboard, 2 Mouse on same CPU?

    Hi Guys! I have a XFX 8600GT GFX card installed in my computer which has the facility for attaching two displays. Is it possible to attach two monitors, two keyboard and two mouse so that two persons can work differently on each monitor using the same one CPU? Thank you.
  18. iMav

    LG to provide Insurance for Mobile Theft

  19. R

    how can i send attachments from mobile

    I have SE k750i>w800i fphone. I have also installed the java application of gmail. I was using that to send an attachment of the size of 39kb. But I was not able to do it. There is no option to attach files!!!. I went to the www.gmail.com and upon clicking the file attach link, nothing happened...
  20. P


    I got my new SE K750i. The phone is awesome, but I didn't like the earplugs.....is there any another option for those. Like can I attach earplugs of another SE phone. Which one is good option I can go for....?
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