1. S

    DBMS mini project topic

    I need to do a mini-project on DBMS. I need to design, implement, document and demonstrate a working database-system application. Need suggestions about interesting topics and good books to learn DBMS.
  2. sling-shot

    Suggestion for Android application developers

    Recently I have bought my first Android device in the form a Sony Xperia ZR. I have been using its in-built Notes application. The good points regarding this are : [1] It has a widget that does not occupy the full screen. It occupies may be around 1/4th of the screen area of this phone. This...
  3. D

    Nokia for Windows Phone developers, DVLUP.

    Well Nokia is now encouraging windows app development.. I recently came across a link to their new developers program which goes by the name of DVLUP, and is basically fr windows app developers & Students.. DVLUP program gives points and rewards to Windows Phone developers, bt interestingly...
  4. M


    On which factors, the usage of Ram by an application depend?
  5. Harsh Pranami

    Catalyst control centre: Host application has stopped working

    Just after booting into win 8 I'm getting this error "Catalyst control centre: Host application has stopped working windows is collecting more information about the problem". I think this has got to do something with win 8 since I didn't get any such errors in win 7. This only began after I...
  6. Ricky

    Security Flaw in Android - lets hackers ‘take over’ and ‘control’ 99% of device

    Found this one, I think worthy enough to be src: Massive Android flaw lets hackers ‘take over’ and ‘control’ 99% of Android devices (updated) | VentureBeat
  7. S

    Data base preference for network based C# windows application

    I'm planning to develop a C# widows based application for an academy. The academy will have different instances of application running in different machines. The database should have shared access. All the application instances can do update, delete or insert. I've not done any network...
  8. T

    I am looking for a quick review / Suggestion / Idea about my .Net C# Application.

    Dear all TD Members, I am looking for a quick review/Suggestion/Idea about my .Net Application and it’s Interface. This is Demo Software (Some features are disable from this Demo Version). I also want to test this app in different Operating system, so Please Download this software in...
  9. ITTechPerson

    broadband by cable operator - login application not working

    Myself is using a broadband service provided by local cable operator at Siliguri (Cyberoamclient). log in application is not working everyday when I try to run it for the 1st time. If I connect a data card to my laptop, the application runs !!! I have checked in task manager - if I set...
  10. speedyguy

    Help: Java Application Development

    Hi, I am presently starting from scratch to create an application that would call a perl scrip and the perl script in turn would perform some informatica commands via unix shell script (not important if you did not understand this at this point). So basically, I need to have a UI (to be...
  11. G

    is there any ios application for auto call record? please suggest i need one

    hello friends is there any ios application for auto call record in apple iphone i really need .....doesn't matter wherther it is paid application or free
  12. sujeet2555

    Window live Messenger Error 8007007e

    My PC Config; Processor: AMD Phenom X4 9650 Memory: 4096 MB DDR2 Graphics :NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Motherboard : ASUS M3A78-EM Rev. X.0x Disc :Seagate ST3500418AS 500 GB SATA II Windows : Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit i have installed window essentials 2012 (wlsetup-all.exe). it...
  13. HorrayforPeePee

    Nokia E63 not installing any application

    Hey guys, i have a very old Nokia E63 cell phone maybe around 3 1/2 year old, i did many installation even tried the hellox2 on it, i have recently encountered a problem, its not installing any application, i tried to uninstall other application but i get error, what i should do? I'm afraid of...
  14. M

    What is Real application cluster?

    I want to know about Real application Cluster. Can anyone tell me about RAC? Thanks in Advance.
  15. Vyom

    Getting "MOM.exe - .Net Framework Initialization Error" at system startup in Windows 7

    I have recently switched from Intel Pentium 4 to AMD E350 processor APU. I get the following message every time I start my PC running Windows 7: MOM.exe - .Net Framework Initialization Error To run this application, you first must install one of the following versions of the .Net Framework...
  16. Cilus

    AMD Radeon RamDisk

    Guys, another software based Ramdisk implementation from AMD to fasten the application performance. By teaming up with software manufacturer DataRAM, they have created a simple, easy to use solution called Radeon RAMDisk which essentially sections of a portion of memory as a secondary drive...
  17. S

    Any Android Application Development Section??

    hey guys, is there any any Android Application Development section here on Forum???? i have some queries related to android development!!!
  18. IronCruz

    Android Application

    I need help regarding an android application on COLLEGE. I'm developing an app for my college as my engineering final year project. The app will be similar to THIS. But I'm not able to explain my project coordinator, that how this app is useful than official college website? Can you please tell...
  19. D

    Game in fullscreen mode suddenly minimizing

    this is my second post in this forum..i am been having some issues lately. whenever i play a game on my windows PC , it suddenly minimizes it seems that the culprit is an application in the background whic randomly shows up for some microseconds. so i can't find out the app causing this...
  20. P

    Mobipocket reader stopped working

    Since the past 2-3 days mobipocket reader 6.2 for the desktop has stopped working. When i click on the icon it doesnt open. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application but still the same problem. When i checked the mobipocket website the link for the download of the application was...
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