1. ithehappy

    How to repair and restore registry files if missing?

    I think while trying to clean up space for the C drive I have messed up with some registry files for sure, some might have been deleted. Today I was playing Fifa and some other basic games and PC froze twice and rebooted once. It's freezing for other simple tasks too. So I think it's better to...
  2. K

    Any cloud developer here ?

    hii everybody I am very excited today . I got my first major project as a developer. Also i am bit nervous and confused too.:-? The reason is that client want me to deploy application on cloud :-x . Ok i have developed many web applications and small projects .i have used frameworks...
  3. S

    Adobe photoshop cs4 crashes at start up

    When I start Photoshop CS4, it crashes & it shows the following - Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: Photoshop.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 48d3882e Fault Module Name: AdobeOwlCanvas.dll Fault Module Version: Fault Module...
  4. cooljeba

    For newbies : writing your first windows 8 metro application

    In this tutorial we will see how to create your first Windows 8 Metro app. For example we will code a simple "Hello Name" application. This application will ask for a name and print the same with a greeting. This is a very basic tutorial and it requires no previous coding experience. You will...
  5. RCuber

    Internet Explorer 9 Crash issue

    I was trying out Tor and Ultrasurf recently and a strange problem has started with Internet Explorer 9. I am not sure which one I used first, but one of the proxy app but it caused a BSOD. After the system restart I didn't bother to look into the proxy apps again. recently I had to use...
  6. cute.bandar

    How to password restrict my PC

    I need something that restricts access to my computer in the following way: Unless a password is entered only 1 webpage on any one browser can be used. No other application should be accessible; the browser should not be allowed to be closed. Basically I want my system to be in lockdown, so...
  7. soumya

    5.1 sound problem from applications..

    I am using the onboard sound chip Realtek for my 5.1 creative speakers. The problem is that when I am going in the control panel, sound options to check the sound, every speaker is giving sound. But when I am using an application like winamp, wmp, or ie for that matter, sound is only coming as...
  8. ParaXite

    Question related to Single and Multi Core

    Most applications today use just one core of the CPU like older games and some software etc. So if an application cannot use the processing power of all the cores and uses just one core then will an old Pentium processor @ 3 GHz run that program faster than a i7 @ 2.2 GHz? Remember I'm...
  9. J

    Facial Recognition Software needed

    This summer holiday I am making a Java application in Netbeans for my Informatics project for class XII. C.B.S.E requires us to have a back-end and an front-end in the applications we make.The back-end in my case is MySQL and front-end Netbeans 7.1.1 I intend to make an application that uses...
  10. M

    Suggest Best Open Source HRMS Application

    Hello All, Can any one tell me some best opensource HRMS system that can be used in a small office with employees from 50-100. I googled and found OrnageHRM but the installation of this application is very tough. I tried more than 7 times bt cant install it on on my webserver, howevr it...
  11. S

    [APP]Free SMS sender for Anroid...!

    [APP]Free SMS sender for Android....! Free SMS messaging for Czech, India and other countries with cool themes. Application sends free SMS messages via web gateways/pages to numbers in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and India, including the possibility of cheap worldwide messages. Features...
  12. A

    'Application not installed' Error Android

    I have an application's .apk file when i installed that apk directly it ran well. Later i opened that apk in winrar and replaced an image file in drawer-hdpi folder, when i try to install this new apk file it gives me 'Application not installed' Error. I even tried signing the new apk still...
  13. coolpcguy

    Square Enix's Game Dev contest - India

    SQUARE ENIX Game Development Contest India 2012
  14. S

    Courses after ASP.Net

    Hi guys, Currently i m pursuing course. I had knowledge of C#.Net and C. Please suggest some course, I should do after completing I like to develop database related windows and web application. Thanks.
  15. M

    Benchmark Software For Red-Hat

    Hai Friends.. Am using oracle enterprise manager 5.0 (redhat nash version 5.1), i need to check the cpu power by benchmark softwares, am using tomcat and flex application, so first without running my application i need to test the cpu, and after i started my application i...
  16. G

    OOPS Interface use?

    Hi i am really confused about application of interface in object oriented programming.I have some code in C# which i am working on and there are instances where the original coder uses interface and i am not able to grasp why? I understand abstract class as it is used to implement something...
  17. T

    Php mysql for desktop applications

    Hello everyone, I have been looking around the web, to collect information about using php-mysql for desktop application. i have searched the web and done it more thoroughly in this forum. I have collected things of interest and many things remain that I need to know. What I came to know...
  18. P

    Resolution Problem in Hp Mini 110

    Is there any way to increase the resolution of Hp Mini 110 ? I need higher resolution for running a specific application ... Any chance of getting a resolution available in 14' screen ?
  19. H

    About : Android favorites option

    actually in our project there is an option of favorites. what i want to do is i want all those applications that has been visited several times to be in favorites. for this im going to use shared preferences. i have thought having a counter i will increment that counter everytime a...
  20. H

    How to generate keystrokes for use by any program?

    I need to make an application which will run in the background but send keystrokes to the application which is presently in focus. e.g - When system time is 11am, it will send keystrokes to write 11AM in the application which has focus. Sending keystrokes just as if those keys were pressed...
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