Data base preference for network based C# windows application

I'm planning to develop a C# widows based application for an academy. The academy will have different instances of application running in different machines. The database should have shared access. All the application instances can do update, delete or insert.

  1. I've not done any network based application. Anybody can give any useful link to where to start with ?
  2. Which database would give max performance with all required features i said for this scenario ?

In a simple google , i did not get any much answers on this. Everyone is having different opinions on the database choice.
MS Access : We can use as shared folder - But I'm not so comfortable with Access
SQL Server Lite : I've used this in previous project. But this is having sharing issues based on comments.
MySQL : Is it possible ??

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It's been a couple of years since I've touched .NET but from what I recall, if you've decided on a network-based architecture, the WCF framework is the best way to go.

As for a database, SQL Server Express 2012 is free and allows for a database size of 10GB. If your DB size is expected to be higher, you can interconnect multiple databases in SQL Express to get around the 10GB limitation or you can use MySQL or whatever else.

Also, if you don't like dealing with database stuff directly, you might be interested in the Entity Framework ORM that will hide all the dirty work from you and will let you focus on just C#. (You should be familiar with LInQ, though).


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Considering everything SQL Server Express best suits ur requirements

and what you are trying to develop is not a network based application, Just DB wil reside on a different machine, Ideally you shouldn't t face any issue as machines will be on same lan, if you dont get connectivity just ask n/w admn to open port 1433
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@Champ is right. This isn't really a network based problem. You simply have one database server speaking to many client machines.


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That's right. Use SQL Server. That's what generally used with .NET. You can also use SQL Server Express which has limitations as already said by @Champ above.

By default SQL Server Express Editions have network access locked for security. You can unlock network access easily from SQL Server Management Tools.

Check this out Enabling Remote SQL Express 2008 Network Connections on Vista - Beth Massi - Sharing the goodness - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
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