1. satyamy

    IIM MBA CAT 2009 Application form ?

    Sorry guys this is not a techincal question, but I need your help in this matter Can someone help me to get IIM MBA CAT 2009 Application form the last date to download the application form was 13th August 2008 but unfortunately I didnt know that The Last date to submit it is 5th September...
  2. B

    Errors !!! -> A rant about online application errors

    Is it just me or what? Been trying to do a simple task of booking tickets online with AirIndia, but the dumb application just refuses to work. Heres what it says: Post the errors you encounter right here and hope that they come across this page and do something about it (for their own...
  3. azzu

    SE application prob....

    iam unable to open applications and games in my se k790i its saying application failed when iam tryin to open it.... plz help me fast :(
  4. sganesh

    How to start writing GNOME/KDE application

    Hi I am interested in Developing /writing GNOME/KDE Application thro GNU softwares, ,i found Anjuta IDE found to be more applicable for dveloping GNOME application,but i found its much difficult to start with,PL help me in giving link for some sample programs?Pl share us your LINUX...
  5. saurabhpatel

    NEED : AVI Player and Music Plyer with Manual EQ for W950.

    My fiend has SE W950i, since he wanted a non-camera phone with good sound. (In case you are wondering why he bought that crap) Inspite of it being touted as a smartphone. there seems to be a dearth of apps for UIQ3. Regular .SIS files wouldn't run on it. The walkman application on SE W950i...
  6. gxsaurav

    Should I go for N73 ME right now or N82 Later

    Today a colleague in office bought a Nokina N73 ME for 13k. I saw the phone & it has Nokia Maps inbuilt. Now, as you all know that I have decided to go with Nokia N82 so far but since I am short on money, should I wait & go for Nokia N82 later or go for N73 ME right now....because physically I...
  7. D

    No Sound in Rear Speakers!!

    Hi I have a set of Creative Inspire 4.1 speakers. My rear speakers won't work in any application. When I swap rear speakers and front speakers then my front speakers don't work in any application. I've been thru the speaker setup wizard several times. I have front speakers in the green and...
  8. Roadripper

    Run32dll.exe and userinit.exe app error?

    Hi guys got a serious prob ia m tottally pissed off . Yest was updating spyware doctor and spybot and some sws.suddenyl i got a error sayin userInit.exe-Application error The application failed to initialise properly(0xc0000005).Click on OK to terminate the application. Same thin i got...
  9. s18000rpm

    Microsoft Preps to Unveil DirectX 11 Features

    Unlike DirectX 9, the DirectX 10 will not have a more than four year lifespan as Microsoft Corp. plans to introduce features of DirectX 11 application programming interface at the forthcoming XNA gamefest conference that takes place next week in Seattle, Washington. Moreover, ATI, graphics...
  10. praka123

    GUFW => Gnome's GUI Firewall utility!

    * ...and read complete article here: *
  11. G

    how to make win xp bootable dvd along with other application softwares & drivers

    i want to make a bootable dvd of win xp along with some device drivers and application software, but don't know how. so, please suggest me the procedure of it
  12. iMav

    Disable UAC per application [Skip UAC]

    I came across this application which allows to create a sort of White List of applications in Vista, eliminating the UAC prompt for that particular application. Download Source
  13. NewsBytes

    ‘Makaan Mobile’ – India’s 1st SMS-based real estate Mobile application announced the launch of ‘Makaan Mobile’, the country’s 1st SMS-based Real Estate Mobile Application which is aimed at enhancing the overall consumer experience for property sellers, People Group’s online property site announced the launch of...
  14. rajwansh2003

    Problem !!!!!!!!!

    I have two problem in my PC. Config. Windows XP prof. 1GB RAM,Core 2 Duo E4500,160GB HDD PROBLEM: At startup two problem shows on the screen says 1.This application has failed to start because PROPSYS.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem. 2...
  15. hansraj

    Require shutdown managing software

    Guys i am in search for software which can give me the option of shutdown/restart if my pc fails to get connected to internet or loses internet connectivity (due any reason). Also any application which can trigger off my desired application (batch file for shutdown), the moment internet...
  16. rameeze

    uninstalled application running

    I have uninstalled one application "wallpaper changer" but it still starts when i log on.pls help
  17. trublu

    Ubuntu start-up query

    How do i make an application run at startup in ubuntu 7.10?
  18. P

    Could Someone help???Urgent

    :confused: I've got Pentium D 2.8,2 Gb RAM,NVIDIA GeForce 7200 GS....The problem with my pc is that whenever i run full screen applications after a ten mins or so that application gets minized to the fact i could bring back back the application by clicking on ther minimized...
  19. Q

    Which data management application will help me.....?

    Which data management application will help me.....? i have a shop of foot wears... am looking to manage its stock by my pc.... i heard Tally is quite tough... so can any one tell me any other application.. which would be easy to handle. some one suggess oracle...... but i...
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