1. nareshkumaran

    SMPS Failed - New SMPS for Budget PC

    Hi, I Have been using an Antec VS450 SMPS for my PC build (using for 5yrs). PC Specs are - Pentium G4400, MSI H110V MB, HDD (160GB, 500GB & 1TB), DVD Drive, ATI 7700 Firepro Graphics card. Now my Smps is not working (When switched ON, it OFF's within 5 seconds). Checked with a Frontech spare...
  2. V

    RX 480 or 1060?

    Budget for the whole PC is ~60k excl monitor. 1. What is the intended use for this graphic card ? Gaming or workstation work? (Name few Games or applications are you going to run) Ans: Gaming- Overwatch, CS:GO, 2. Which Power Supply do you have? (Be EXACT while naming the company and...
  3. S

    CPU Cooler at 4k

    Hi Guys, I have the following RIGs i7 4790 GA-H97-D3H 2x8GB DDR3 1866Mhz Kingston HyperX BCM94630 PCIx1 Card for Wifi/Bluetooth Antec VP 650M PSU Antec GX900 Cabinet 1x240GB Chiprex SSD 2x1TB WD Blue Stock Intel CPU Cooler Now I need to buy a CPU cooler for the above RIG. the max budget is...
  4. S

    Suggest a Cabinet

    hi, am looking for a atx case with 90degree graphics card mount. Have a cooler master hafxb evo but dont want to cut out the side panels. something on the lines of deepcool genome without the watercooling. will be willing to go in for a clean look like the antec p280, if available.. but not...
  5. Vensanga

    Need new PSU

    My Seasonic S12 II 520 has died recently and I need a new PSU, I checked the local market and they have Corsair CX500 for Rs. 4700 and Antec VP500 for Rs.4000. I don't play games anymore so I sold my GPU as well so I won't need much. Please suggest from the two listed. 1. Corsair CX500@4700 2...
  6. ranjitsd

    Should i Upgrade From BP 450 for RX 480

    I'm Planning to buy RX 480, My current Rig is i5 4460, Zotac 750ti, Antec BP 450. Will BP 450 will be enough for RX 480 or should I upgrade :confused_NF:
  7. ComputerUser

    Skylake or Haswell?

    I will be upgrading my old rig soon and I am confused as to whether I should choose Skylake or not. I want to future-proof it but it seems a little costly, not to mention the availability of the parts. My budget is 25000-30000 and I will be changing only the core stuff so I made two configs -...
  8. HE-MAN

    [For Sale] Sapphire R9 280x and Antec VP550P V2

    1. Model number and details: Sapphire R9 280x and Antec VP550P V2 (sold) 2. Date of purchase: feb 2014 3. Reason for sale: upgrade 4. Warranty details: yes both under warranty GPU has been rma 1 time. 5. Expected Price: 14,500 6. Location of Seller: Nagpur, Maharashtra 7. Shipping : buyer...
  9. mohit9206

    Suggest a cabinet in a budget of 2-2.5k

    I have seen a few models online like Antec VSK4000, Antec X1-T, CoolerMaster Force 500, CoolerMaster CMP 250,NZXT Beta Evo,etc. Doesnt matter if its mini tower or mid tower as long as it fits all my standard sized components.I forgot to add that my mobo Gigabyte H61 has only usb 2.0 front...
  10. H

    Which Cabinet Circle CC 830 or Antec GX 300?

    Hi All, My current config is listed in my signature. Want to buy a cabinet, short listed Circle CC 830 Red for Rs. 4000 and 3 years warranty and Antec GX 300 for Rs. 3500 but with no warranty. So should I get the circle or the antec. Regards, hawx
  11. S

    PC config for my new Gaming cafe in Mumbai

    I am planning to open a new gaming cafe in Mumbai. The following is the Config I have been offered by a company - CPU - i5 4th Gen GFX - Inno3d Nvidia 750ti 2gb Ram- Zion Gaming series 8gb Mb- Biostar B85. PSU- Antec BP 450 Chasis - Antec x1 HDD- Hitachi. The total cost is coming...
  12. RageshAntony

    Corsair Builder Series CX500 V2 500W PSU vs Antec VP550W Power Supply (VP550P).Which is best ?

    I am building a new PC .. I confused between Corsair Builder Series CX500 V2 500W PSU and Antec VP550W Power Supply (VP550P).. My config is .. Processor Intel Core i5 4440 Motherboard Gigabyte B85M-D3H Memory Corsair Vengeance 2 x 4GB 1600MHz Graphics Card ASUS GRAPHICS CARD GTX...
  13. H

    Which PSU?

    Hi All, My config is as below, Processor-Core i5-4570 Mobo-Gigabyte GA-Z97-D3H RAM-Kingston Fury HyperX 4GB x 2 HDD-Seagate 80GB(7200 rpm)+WD Blue 1TB(7200)+1TB Seagate external portable drive powered from Mobo Graphics Card- either GTX 960 or GTX 760 based on feedback from digit forum No DVD...
  14. RageshAntony

    Do the Gigabyte GA-H81M-S1 able to support the 2 fans (front and rear fans) on Antec X1-T cabinet ?

    I am building a PC. I selected Antec X1-T cabinet . I have 1 front fan and 1 rear fan. I selected Gigabyte GA-H81M-S1 Motherboard. But this MB have one 1 system fan header. What does it means. ? Can if connect that 2 fans on the cabinet on the motherboard. ? If not , what can i do ? Can I...
  15. S

    sufficient power supply for xeon 1246v3 and quadro k620 and asus B85M-G

    I am assembling a PC whose configurations are as stated: What wattage of PSU will be efficient? I have heart Antec is more power efficient, so suggest like that.
  16. jkultimate

    [Complaint] "ANTEC PSU" Thanks to my digit friends, who helped me to get ANTEC warranty

    First of all let me thank you all who helped me to get my PSU warranty. Story :-D yeah, a small story in fact. I decided to move on from generic PSU as it showed some issues and more over I was planning to get a new GPU. So as usual I started a thread here and got finalised in Antec...
  17. Hrishi

    Corsair VS550 compatibility concerns!

    So I was in hurry and I bought Corsair VS550 without checking actual reviews for gaming builds. I did see that similarly priced Antec PSU , but I though Corsair ones were better . :facepalm: . Didn't realize that the one I was buying is the most basic one from Corsair. Any ways , so my...
  18. rakesh_sharma23

    ANTEC GX900 Case Review

    ANTEC GX900 Case Review Today we are going to take a close look at the ANTEC latest addition to its range of PC gaming case the Antec GX900. Following the Antec’s most successfully case GX700, the new GX900 is also a mid-tower Military-style chassis supporting ATX and m-ATX form factor...
  19. R

    Antec BP450PS 450W Power Supply Review

    INTRODUCTION Antec recently expanded their BP series with the addition of the BP 450 and the BP 550. The BP series is essentially their entry level line of PSU and mainly cater to office/daily computing type of systems. There have been many attempts by a lot of companies to make an impact on...
  20. V

    UPS needed for my PC

    I am planning to buy UPS for my PC M config i3 2120 dh61ww 8gb ddr3 1333 gtx 750ti 2 gb ddr5 antec vp 450p smps My old UPS was numeric 600va i have shortlisted to tthe following ups( Since my budget was 4.5k at max) Luminous 1000Va Ups (Double Battery) Luminous 1000Va Ups (Double Battery) -...
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