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SMPS Failed - New SMPS for Budget PC


Broken In
I Have been using an Antec VS450 SMPS for my PC build (using for 5yrs).
PC Specs are - Pentium G4400, MSI H110V MB, HDD (160GB, 500GB & 1TB), DVD Drive, ATI 7700 Firepro Graphics card.
Now my Smps is not working (When switched ON, it OFF's within 5 seconds). Checked with a Frontech spare SMPS, system is working.
Should I service the Antec SMPS or purchase new; Also suggest budget models with Longterm reliability. I had thought of Coolermaster (COOLER MASTER MWE 450 MPW-4502-ACABW SMPS) or Corsair (Corsair VS450 450W Power Supply CP-9020170-UK). Purchase will be Online (Amazon or Primeabgb)

My PC usage - Browsing, Movies, Games (Civ 5, CS:GO, Battlefield 3, GTA4)


Antec doesn't make VS450 ? Is it VP450p or Corsair VS450
Don't buy Corsair VS450. Wait for PSU experts, Dont have any idea about this price segment.


Broken In
Thank All :thumbs:. Just purchased CoolerMaster MW450 from Primeabgb, since the backup smps was not working properly. Fitted the smps, now system is working fine.
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